Elden Ring: How to Find Jar-Bairn and Complete Their Quest

A new NPC in Elden Ring, visit Jar-Bairn in Jarburg to complete their questline with help from this guide.

Elden Ring’s patch 1.03 added an NPC named Jar-Bairn, a loveable little jar native to the village of Jarburg, one of the nicest places in the Lands Between. If you never find its location, it stays that way. The instant you arrive and start Jar-Bairn’s questline, everything goes pear-shaped fast because the Tarnished are nothing but bad news for Elden Ring NPCs.

Here’s how to find Jar-Bairn, complete their questline, and ruin their life in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Jar-Bairn and Complete Their Quest in Elden Ring

Step 1: Head to Jarburg

To start Jar-Bairn's quest, head to the Artist’s Shack in Liurnia of the Lakes.

The path down to Jarburg is near the Liurnia Tibia Mariner, southeast of Carian Study Hall, and where Iron Fist Alexander was trapped the second time. Look down the cliffside, and you’ll see a long set of platforms leading down to a Site of Grace. Jump down them with or without Torrent and pick up the Grace.

Step 2: Speak to Jar-Bairn

Jar-Bairn sits on a house stoop in the northwest portion of the area. Speak to them, and they’ll ask if you want to be the new Potentate. Say yes to disappoint them the first time, as your hands are too rough to be Potentate of Jarburg.

Step 3: Rest at the Site of Grace, then Speak to Jar-Bairn Again

Jar-Bairn’s quest is straightforward and mainly involves speaking to them, sitting at the Jarburg Site of Grace, then returning to talk some more. They’ll eventually ask you to pick some flowers.

Step 4: Pick Some Flowers

Jarburg is jam-packed with crafting material plants, so when asked, run up and down the area picking all the flowers you can hold (read: as many as there are). Rest at the SIte of Grace again.

Step 5: Show Jar-Bairn How Well You Pick Flowers

Flowers picked with care, return to the Site of Grace to rest, then speak with Jar-Bairn. They'll mention how well you pick flowers, and not much else.

Step 6: Progress Diallos’s Questline, then Return to Jarburg

After merrily picking flowers for Jar-Bairn, their quest won’t advance until you progress Diallos’ questline to the end of his time at Volcano Manor.

Once he’s left, following your hunting of the first two Volcano Manor targets, return to Jarburg to see that Diallos has taken up the humble task of caring for the peaceful jars who live there. Speak to him, then return to the Jarburg Grace.

Step 7: Travel Anywhere Else or Advance Time

Leave Jarburg once Diallos takes up shop there, use the Pass Time command at a Site of Grace several times, and return to the village.

Step 8: See the Consequences of Your Existence

After a few in-game days pass, Jarburg will have been ransacked, with Diallos laying in the middle of the village dying. Speak to him and either tell him he protected the other jars or crush a dying man’s final moments by saying he’s a failure. Be a good person to properly progress the quest. Head back to the Jarburg Site of Grace and rest.

Step 9: Talk to Jar-Bairn at Diallos’s Corpse

Jar-Bairn will be fiddling with Diallos’s Corpse, saying they want to be like him. Return to the Site of Grace.

Step 10: Speak to Jar-Bairn on the Stoop and Give Him Alexander’s Innards

You will need to complete Iron Fist Alexander’s questline and have Alexander’s Innards in your inventory. Talk to Jar-Bairn until the option to give them Alexander’s Insides pops up.

Provide the gruesome token to the young jar, and they’ll say they’re heading off on a quest of their own and aren’t likely to see you again.

Step 11: Rest One More Time, and Visit Jar-Bairn’s Location

After one more rest at the Jarburg Site of Grace, Jar-Bairn will have left as they said they would. In their place will be the Companion Jar Talisman, which increases the damage and effectiveness of thrown jar and pot items.

Whether we’ll meet Jar-Bairn again is unknown. Perhaps their quest will see more progress in a future patch.

Now you can be sad again, having completed Jar-Bairn’s questline in Elden Ring. Check out our extensive walkthroughs for Ranni's quest and Fia’s questline before you go, and bookmark our Elden Ring guides hub for more tips.


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Published Mar. 29th 2022

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