Elden Ring: How Find Diallos & Complete His Questline

Follow the foolish Diallos throughout Elden Ring and complete his questline with the help of this guide.

Poor Diallos can’t catch a break during his questline in Elden Ring, and his bad luck, foolishness, and general naivete will see him to a predictable fate. His quest isn’t the most challenging in the game, and to complete it, all you have to do is progress through Volcano Manor.

This Elden Ring guide will lead you through each step of Diallos's questline and tell you the rewards you'll receive at the end.

How to Complete Diallos's Questline in Elden Ring

Before you can begin this quest, you must get to the Roundtable Hold. Do so either by encountering Margit, the Fell Omen, or reaching any area outside Limgrave and speaking to Melina at a Site of Grace.

Step 1: Speak to Diallos at the Roundtable Hold

The first time you reach the Roundtable Hold, Diallos will be standing near the doorway to the balcony. Exhaust his dialog about his servant Lanya, then continue progressing the main Elden Ring story either past Stormveil or directly to Liurnia of the Lakes.

Step 2: Meet Diallos at Lanya’s corpse in Liurnia of the Lakes

In the southeastern portion of Academy Gate Town, you’ll find Diallos grieving over Lanya’s body. He’ll mention he’s looking for the recusants responsible, say his family mantra, then return to the Roundtable.

Step 3: Speak to Diallos Again at the Roundtable Hold

Return to the Roundtable, and Diallos will be back where he was before. Speak to him, exhaust his dialog, and he’ll mention he’s headed to Volcano Manor. Gp there next.

Step 4: Join Volcano Manor and Speak to Diallos in the Drawing Room

True to his word, Diallos will now be a member of Volcano Manor and, as such, will be waiting in the Drawing Room once you’ve joined as well by speaking with Tanith. Exhaust his dialog here, then go after the two Volcano Manor bounties from the letters you get on the table nearby.

Step 5: Kill Old Knight Istvan and Rileigh, the Idle

Take up both tasks from the Letter from Volcano Manor items received off the Drawing Room table and kill Old Knight Istvan and Rileigh, the Idle. Their locations will be automatically marked on your map. 

Defeating these NPCs will cause Diallos to become depressed when you return to the Manor and see him again. Exhaust his dialog here as well.

Step 6: Progress Jar-Bairn’s Questline

Make your way to the wonderful village of Jarburg. There, progress Jar-Bairn’s questline, ruining their life in the process. Eventually, Diallos will show up to care for the living jars there. He can’t seem to succeed at anything else.

Step 7: Pass Time Until Someone Ransacks Jarburg

Leave Jarburg and pass time at any other Site of Grace until three or four full days have passed, then return to find the place in shambles. Diallos will lay dying near the shack you last saw him at, and he’ll ask if he protected the jars well. Be a good person and say he did, then rest at the Jarburg Site of Grace again.

Step 8: Wait until Jar-Bairn Consumes Diallos’s Body

After resting at the Jarburg grace, Jar-Bairn will go over to Diallos and say how they want to be strong like him. Rest at the Grace again, and Diallos’s body will disappear, leaving his mask, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, and a Numen’s Rune.

That’s the end of Diallos’s quest in Elden Ring. Like most NPCs, he ends up dead, and your reward is a piece of his gear. There aren’t many happy endings in FromSoftware games, sadly. Check out our guides for completing Fia's questline and completing Ranni’s questline for more on Elden Ring's endings. Be sure to keep our Elden Ring guides hub handy, too, as there’s plenty more there to help you through the Lands Between.


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Published Mar. 29th 2022

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