Infinite Warfare: Zombies in Spaceland Survival Guide

Want to dive into the new zombie mode but not sure where to start? We've got you covered with all the survival strategy you need!

Tired of Infinite Warfare's lackluster basic multiplayer and already beat the campaign a couple of times? Zombies In Spaceland's waves of increasingly difficult enemies offers the game's high point, and is well worth checking out either solo or with a cadre of friends online.

Poof up your hair with a full can of hairspray, pull out your David Hasellhoff posters, and get the neon glow sticks ready as we show you how to survive Infinite Warfare's zombie mode!

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Basic Infinite Warfare zombie strategy

First and foremost if you are playing solo, buy an Up'N'Atom auto-revive item immediately and always keep one on hand! Zombies In Spaceland is essentially impossible for one player without the ability to get back up after you go down.

At $500 you can buy one right off the bat, or if you are confident in your skills, upgrade your gun in the first round and then buy the auto-revive on round two or three after you've saved up some money and unlocked the first wall.

In the early waves, there are two different basic kill strategies: you can either earn more money in the first levels by shooting zombies in the chest repeatedly and then go in for a melee kill, or you can save your ammo (and spend less on resupplying) by only doing head shots since there are so few zombies milling around and there's time to aim.

Either way, be sure to fully repair each barricade and shoot at the zombies before they break through so you don't get overrun.

When you get enough kills, don't forget to activate your special Fate And Fortune Card abilities (by pressing LB and RB at the same time on Xbox One) that give temporary bonuses like bonus grenade damage or faster barricade repair.

Fate And Fortune Card Selection

Using Terrain To Your Advantage

Always be on the lookout for power switches on the walls in each area of the Spaceland park, as they open access to new areas, turn on machines, and overall increase your options at hand for surviving a coming zombie wave.

After turning on the switch in the opening area's office, be sure to unlock the "Pardon Our Space Dust" wall to access the park's central thoroughfare. As you earn more money, always unlock these walls as you come across them. You want more room to maneuver so you don't get stuck by the zombie horde with nowhere to run.

In the central connecting area, before doing anything else be sure to grab the N3IL robot head on the food cart and give it back to the robot's body so you can start in on his challenges. Completing these randomized challenges offers bonuses like summoning your very own David Hasellhof to fight by your side.

As you open new areas, always be on the lookout for traps at the various amusement park rides that can be used to help you thin the hordes.

The Chromosphere ride for instance sucks zombies into a swirling vortex when turned on, while the crocodile trap will slam closed and crush zombies you lure underneath the slamming teeth.

Unlock Upgrades

Of course you can buy new weapons scattered across the park as you earn money for kills and repairs, but there's plenty of other ways to upgrade your '80s character so you don't get mauled by a horde of zombies.

Just as important as an auto-revive is to visit the Tuff 'Nuff machine located in the Journey Into Space area of the park. For a small fee, this increases the amount of damage you can take before going down, which is critical in later waves as more powerful opponents begin to spawn.

You should also invest the time to find the hidden Pack-A-Punch projection room and upgrade your current gun's damage for $5,000. Finally, be sure to pick up those green, red, and yellow Souvenir Coins when they randomly drop from zombies, as they can be used to buy turrets and other defensive items to watch your back.

Spend Some Money, Stay Alive!

That's all you need to know to survive your first few rounds of Zombies In Spaceland and get on finding all those hilarious Infinite Warfare zombie mode Easter eggs. Let us know if you have any other tips and tricks up your sleeve we should be trying out!

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Published Jul. 11th 2017

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