Stardew Valley - How to Get the Mayor's Shorts

Ever wonder what it would be like to lose your shorts? Well, thankfully you don't have to. But, the mayor of Stardew Valley does! Here's how to get his shorts.

There are lots of fun little things to collect in Stardew Valley, and the Mayor's purple shorts are one of them. But getting this particular piece of clothing has a lot of players stumped, as their location isn't quite obvious when you first get the quest to pick them up. 

How do you get the Mayor's shorts? The answer is simple, so long as you're good at making friends -- and this quick guide will help you out!

How to Get the Mayor's Shorts in Stardew Valley

The shorts you seek are in Marnie's bedroom. But you can't just walk in there. Oh no, my friend. You must first beguile and charm Marnie into believing that the two of you are best buddies. 

You can do this by collecting Sweet Peas (or a variety of other treats). Sweet Peas can be found by foraging for them in the Summer, or you can grow them from Summer wild seeds. 

Once you've collected your Sweet Peas, give them to Marnie. In return, she will trust you. It also helps if you build your friendship to level 2 by doing all of the missions that she assigns you. 

After that, she'll let you in her room, where you'll be able to find the shorts! 

That's all there is to it! Good luck befriending Marnie, and in all the rest of your Stardew Valley adventures! If you need more help with the game, check out the rest of our guides as well:

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Published Jul. 5th 2017

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