Mario Kart Tour Guide: How To Get More Rubies

If you need more rubies in Mario Kart Tour, be ready to hit the track and settle in for a lengthy grind!

Like any freemium mobile game these days, Mario Kart Tour uses several different forms of currency for unlocking new drivers, accessing additional courses, and leveling up your existing karts or gliders.

The more rubies you have, the more pipe pulls you get. That means you will have a bigger roster of drivers for using on favored courses. Want to get more rubies in Mario Kart Tour as quickly as possible?

Let's take a look at your options so you can either get to the grind or decide if you want to pull out your wallet and skip all that.

Earning Mario Kart Tour Rubies Quickly

You're probably wondering about getting more MKT rubies fast, without dropping any money or spending a ton of time grinding races.

There are a number of online generators for Mario Kart Tour rubies and coins out there like iFreeGames. These sites are of wildly varying quality, however. Some are just flat out malware/ad spam sites, while others actually work if you're willing to go through the process of downloading extra apps.

To get your free rubies, you need to connect your account name to the generator service, then download several apps or watch a string of ads, after which the currency is popped into your account.

We recommend caution here, though, as Nintendo may start banning accounts that use these services, and an upcoming patch might prevent the current crop of generators from working at all.

If you aren't willing to take that route, here's how to get rubies the old fashioned way, although it will take either a time or a money investment:

  • Buy them outright at the store with real-world money
    • ($1.99 for 3 to $69.99 for 135)
  • Open tour gifts after unlocking every second cup by earning stars in the previous cups

  • Level up your account by getting higher scores in each track and receive coins or rubies as a reward

  • Finish in a higher tier of the ranked cup at the end of each week
    • For info on raising your tier works and the full breakdown of ruby and coin rewards, check out our guide here.

Note that having a subscription makes it much easier to get rubies through most of the above methods.

For instance, having the $4.99 a month Gold subscription provides extra item tickets when you open tour gifts, and using item tickets unlocks tour challenges, which in turn offer more rubies.

Found any other sure-fire ways to earn rubies quickly? Let us know your method in the comments below, and we'll see you on the track!

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Published Oct. 14th 2019

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