Bound By Flame Guide: Warrior Skill Tree

Check this guide out for everything you need to know on all the Warrior skills in Bound By Flame!

The Warrior is a physical-based, two-handed weapon skill tree in Bound By Flame. It boosts all attacks and skills with two-handed weapon and the Warrior Stance. Like Ranger, Warrior works well with the Pyromancer skill tree to augment your fighting style, but is great on its own.

If you like swinging big weapons, breaking through enemy armor, and feeling like an unstoppable tank, then the Warrior skill tree is for you! If you'd like to see other guides and tips on Bound By Flame, please visit the Master Guide List.

This guide will cover everything about the Warrior skill tree including:

  • Warrior Skill List - Every skill in the Warrior tree and what they do.
  • Suggested Skills - Tips on what skills to look at and suggestions on what to get first.

Warrior Skill List

There are four tiers of the skill tree: Novice, Amateur, Expert, and Master. Each requires a certain number of points to reach the next tier and you start with Novice already unlocked. 

  • Amateur requires six points in the Warrior skill tree to unlock.
  • Expert requires 12 points.
  • Master requires 24 points.

Reaching these tiers unlocks new skills to use points on. There are five total skill lines: Powerful Attack, Circular Attack, Vitality, Guard Break, and Parry. You must put points in the skill lines to unlock skills in the higher tiers of the tree.

Each skill has three levels to upgrade. After unlocking each tier, you can put points in equal to the number of the previous tier. For example: If you put two points in a skill and unlocked the next tier, you can only put two points in the next skill. Once you put three points in the previous skill, you can put 3 points in the higher skill.


Powerful Attack

  • Heavy Weapons Mastery
    • Level 1 - Damage from heavy weapons +10%.
    • Level 2 - Damage from heavy weapons +20%.
    • Level 3 - Damage from heavy weapons +30%.
  • Force of Impact
    • Level 1 - Ability to interrupt with heavy weapons +10%.
    • Level 2 - Ability to interrupt with heavy weapons +20%.
    • Level 3 - Ability to interrupt with heavy weapons when you critically hit +50%.
  • Rage (Also requires Circular Attack skill line)
    • Level 1 - Triggers Rage mode each time an enemy is killed. Health regeneration +2 per second for 5 seconds.
    • Level 2 - Ability to interrupt +5 for the duration of Rage.
    • Level 3 - Interruption resist +5 for the duration of Rage.

Circular Attack

  • Whirlwind
    • Level 1 - Charging time for Assault -25%.
    • Level 2 - Interruption resist while charging Circular Attack +5.
    • Level 3 - Lets you turn during Circular Attack.
  • Tornado
    • Level 1 - Radius of effect +1m.
    • Level 2 - Interruption resist +5 for the Circular Attack.
    • Level 3 - Ability to interrupt of the Circular Attack +3.


  • Vitality
    • Level 1 - Health regeneration in combat +0.50 per second. (Warrior Stance only)
    • Level 2 - Additional Health regen outside of combat +0.50 per second.
    • Level 3 - Additional health regen under 30% health in combat +2.00 per second. (Warrior Stance only)
  • Stability
    • Level 1 - Interruption resist +2. (Warrior Stance only)
    • Level 2 - Interruption resist +4. (Warrior Stance only)
    • Level 3 - You get back up faster when you fall to the ground. (Warrior Stance only)
  • Resistance
    • Level 1 - Resistance to poison + 20%. (Warrior Stance only)
    • Level 2 - Resistance to magic + 15%. (Warrior Stance only)
    • Level 3 - Physical resistance + 10%. (Warrior Stance only)

Guard Break

  • Violence
    • Level 1 - Ability to interrupt +5.
    • Level 2 - Chance of critical hit +20% (Ability to interrupt is 100% with a critical hit.)
    • Level 3 - Critical hits knock over weak enemies.


  • Improved Parrying
    • Level 1 - Parries attacks from the side.
    • Level 2 - Parries attacks from behind.
    • Level 3 - Faster recovery after parrying.
  • Parrying Mastery
    • Level 1 - You have more time to counter-attack.
    • Level 2 - Chance of critical hit on the attack following a successful counter-attack +25%.
    • Level 3 - Chance of critical hit on the attack following a successful counter-attack +50%.

Master Skill

  • War Cry
    • Level 1 - Damage, ability to interrupt, and interrupt resist +50% for 10 seconds. Also affects allies.
    • Level 2 - Health regen +2 per second.
    • Level 3 - Duration of effect +5 seconds.

Suggested Skills

A Warrior fights at close range and takes more hits than the other fighting styles. This means you should increase your survivability early on to help with the later levels.

  • Vitality is required if you want to go far as a Warrior. You should put points in this early for the health regen and many resistances it gives.
  • Parrying is important. Put at least two points in Improved Parrying early on so you can parry from any angle.

  • Powerful Attack is the first attack skill line to max for sure. It gives a great damage increase and high ability to interrupt.
  • Work on Circular Attack to unlock Rage.

That covers everything on the Warrior skill tree. If you want tips and guides on anything else related to Bound By Flame, be sure to check out the Master Guide List.

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Published Jul. 10th 2018

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