The Top 20 Minecraft 1.14 Seeds for March 2019

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Seed: -231010552205573

Coordinates: 44, 26
Biomes: Mesa, Desert

Very close to spawn, you will see two desert temples located near the mesa biome at coordinates 105, 55 and -455, 215. Each temple holds four chests full of treasures:

  • 1x golden apple
  • 3x diamond
  • 1x gold horse armor
  • 1x iron horse armor
  • 2x gold ingot
  • Enchanted Book: Multishot
  • Enchanted Book: Blast Protection II
  • Enchanted Book: Bane of Arthropods V.


That is all for this month's top seeds selection, but be sure to come back for another batch of the top 20 Minecraft seeds next month here at GameSkinny.

Published Feb. 27th 2019

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