Ghostwire Tokyo: Where to Find All Relic-Hunting Nekomata Vendors

Wondering where to find all of the relic-Hunting Nekomata in Ghostwire: Tokyo? Here are their locations, including complete lists of wares and rewards.

Relic-Hunting Nekomata are special vendors in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Whereas the cat yokai at convenience stores sell arrows, Talismans, and food stuffs, these shopkeeps sell things like Magatama, emotes, camera filters, and outfits. Nekomata also pay large sums of Meika for the Relics you find across the map, locking even more collectibles behind their requests for them as secondary rewards.

This Ghostwire: Tokyo guide will show you where to find all 13 Relic-Hunting Nekomata across Shibuya. It's worth noting that you'll want to seek out their locations, too, because they can mark Relic locations on your map, speeding up the process of hunting them down. And once you find a Nekomata vendor location and interact with them, you can fast travel to them at any time. 

Since much of the map remains behind fog for a majority of the game, it's not until after you truly start clearing all of the Torii Gates in Ghostwire Tokyo that you gain access to the entirety of Shibuya. There's a very specific path to follow well into Chapter 3. 

It's likely you'll run across a small handful of these Relic-Hunting Nekomata by means of simply exploring the open-world of Ghostwire: Tokyo. This guide is meant more as a companion for your travels, helping you find Relic-Hunting Nekomata you haven't yet bumped into.

Note the numbers in parentheses next to each Relic name in a Nekomata shop denote how many you have versus how many they seek for the reward. For example, (0/1) means you need one of a specific Relic, but do not have one for the single reward; (2/3) means you have two of three Relics needed for a single reward.

Once you select a Relic name in a Nekomata shop, a yellow circle will appear on your map denoting its general location, and its shop entry will be marked as "active." Once you have the required number to turn in, the entry will turn green.

Where to Find All Nekomata Vendor Shops in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Doll Fanatic Relic-Hunting Nekomata Location

You can find the Doll Fanatic Relic-Hunting Nekomata 73 meters southeast of Namihara Shrine in the northern portion of Shibuya — or 94 meters southwest of the Kirigaoka Restricted Area. The Nekomata shop stall is wedged between a brown apartment building with a Damascus Sporting Bar and a white-brick apartment building with a Baku shop. 

Doll Fanatic Nekomata Relics and Rewards:

  • Maneki Neko (1): 10,000 Meika.
  • Daikon Mandrake (3): 9,900M.
  • Three Wise Monkeys (1): 3,300M.
  • Kibori Kuma (1): 5,200M.
  • Small Wooden Dolls (1): 7,800M.
  • Shisa Statues (1): 7,800M.
  • Japanese Doll (1): 8,800M.
  • Tanuki Statue (1): 3,600M.
  • Akabeko (1): 4,000M.

Request Rewards:

  • Complete 3 requests: Riot Division Shorts.
  • Complete 6 requests: Astral Beads.
  • Complete all requests: Amefuri music track.


  • Bow and Arrow emote: 8,000M.
  • Funeral for My... music track: 9,500M.
  • Riot Division Tech Pants: 9,800M.
  • Leather Shoes (Plain Toe): 7,800M. 

Playful Relic-Hunting Nekomata Location

The Playful Nekomata shopkeep can be found 70 meters south of Kirigaoka Shrine. It can be found in a park in the shadow of the Kirigaoka Water Tower, an area you'll visit during Chapter 3 looking for an apartment building; the Nekomata stand is just west of the water tower and has a big, red octopus jungle gym inside it. 

Playful Nekomata Relics and Rewards

  • Kendama (1): 3,250 Meika.
  • Kite (4): 16,000M.
  • Hagoita (1): 4,800M.
  • Tin Goldfish (1): 3,800M.
  • Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle (1): 1,800M.
  • Paper Crane (1): 1,200M.
  • Model Minivan (3): 3,600M.
  • Hanafunda (1): 4,980M.
  • Marbles (1): 2,250M. 
  • Temari (1): 5,300M.
  • Super Shinji Sticker (1): 560M.

Request Rewards:

  • Complete 3 requests: Self-Defense Beads.
  • Complete 6 requests: Toryanse music track.
  • Complete 9 requests: Kagome Kagome music track.
  • Complete all requests: Shabondama music track.


  • KK's Investigation Notes 05: 100,000M.
  • Katashiro emote: 8,000M.
  • New Age music track: 9,500M. 
  • Time Displacement music track: 9,500M.
  • Riot Division Tech Jacket: 12,800M.

Weapon Nerd Relic-Hunting Nekomata Location

The Weapon Nerd Nekomata vendor can be found 47 meters northeast of Noto Shrine. Their shop is below the raised highway that runs north to south through the area; it is up against the western wall of the highway on a small two-lane road across from a bicycle parking area. There is a payphone right next to the Nekomata shop. 

Weapon Nerd Nekomata Relics and Rewards

  • Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (Replica) [1]: 11,000 Meika.
  • Ame-no-Habakiri (Replica) [1]: 12,000M.
  • Japanese Sword (1): 16,500M.
  • Naoe Kanetsugu's Kabuto (1): 17,900M.
  • Shuriken (5): 50,000M.
  • Jitte (1): 5,600M.

Request Rewards:

  • Complete 2 requests: x2 Exposure Talisman.
  • Complete 4 requests: Safari Hat.
  • Complete all requests: Riot Division Logo T-Shirt.


  • Hannya Finger Snap emote: 20,000M.
  • Hand Seal Purge emote: 8,000M.
  • Dawn of the City music track: 9,800M.
  • Glasses (Half-Rim): 12,800M. 
  • Formal Suit: 20,600M.

Archeology Relic-Hunting Nekomata Location

The Archeology Nekomata can be found on the southwestern edge of the Tatsui Shrine complex. The vendor shop is up against a storefront by the well and a yellow backhoe. 

Archeology Nekomata Relics and Rewards:

  • Shakokidogu (1): 12,200 Meika.
  • Jomon Pottery (1): 22,000M. 
  • Yayoi Pottery (1): 18,000M. 
  • Haniwa (1): 16,000M. 
  • Dotaku (1): 11,500M.
  • Dokyo (1): 12,800M. 
  • Kane'ei Tsuho (1) 8,500M.

Request Rewards:

  • Complete 3 requests: Towel.
  • Complete 5 requests: Safety Helmet.
  • Complete all requests: Astral Beads.


  • Magatama: 130,000M. 
  • Spiral music track: 9,800M.
  • Knit Cap: 8,000M.
  • Glasses (Rimless): 12,000M.
  • Convenience Store Uniform: 11,000M.

Japanophile Relic-Hunting Nekomata Location

The Japanophile Nekomata can be found 150 meters northeast of Utagawa Shopping District. It is on the western side of the highway that runs north-south in this area, on the southwestern corner of an intersection of a two-lane road and a smaller one-lane alley road. It is against an eight-story, red-brick building across from a Fujiya Mart. There is a payphone booth directly in front of the Nekomata shop and a taxi parked in the street.

Japanophile Nekomata Relics and Rewards:

  • Randoseru (1): 13,000 Meika.
  • Model of Tokyo Tower (1): 3,330M. 
  • Black-Rimmed Glasses (1): 26,500M. 
  • Magazine w/ Free Handbag (1): 1,480M.
  • Marimo (1): 3,680M. 
  • Pig Incense Burner (1): 3,200M. 
  • Model Restaurant Food (1): 6,800M. 

Request Rewards:

  • Complete 3 requests: x2 Stun Talisman
  • Complete 5 requests: Kabuki emote.
  • Complete all requests: Sumo Stomp emote.


  • KK's Investigation Notes 03: 100,000M.
  • Two-Handed Jutsu emote: 8,000M.
  • Theory of Eternity music track: 9,500M.
  • Sunglasses (Black): 9,800M.
  • Zori: 2,300M.

Musical Relic-Hunting Nekomata Location

The Musical Nekomata can be found 118 meters southwest of Utagawa Shopping District. It is in a small shopping area in a neighborhood barely north of the larger two-lane road that bisects the area east to west (the road that cuts directly in front of the steps leading down to the Utagawa Torii Gate). The Nekomata shop is at the base of a four-story, white-brick apartment building next to a Fujiya Mart. There are three white vans parked in close proximity.

Musical Nekomata Relics and Rewards: 

  • Kagura Suzu (1): 9,800 Meika.
  • Shamisen (1): 9,800M.
  • Furin (1): 2,200M.
  • Horagai (1): 9,400M. 
  • Biwa (1): 13,900M.
  • Wooden Fish (1): 6,800M.

Request Rewards:

  • Complete 3 requests: Astral Beads.
  • Complete all requests: DailyNinja & FujiyaMart music track.


  • KK's Investigation Notes 02: 100,000M.
  • One-Handed Jutsu emote: 8,000M.
  • We are Ninja Exorcists music track: 9,500M.
  • Modern Coat: 12,000M.
  • Suit Pants: 8,800M. 

Nostalgic Relic-Hunting Nekomata Location

The Nostalgic Relic-Hunting Nekomata can be found on the eastern edge of the Hirokawa Shrine complex. Its shop is near the eastern entrance on the right side. You should come to this area near the end of Chapter 2 as part of the critical story path.

Nostalgic Nekomata Relics and Rewards:

  • Bubble Era Folding Fan (1): 1,990 Meika.
  • Model Supercar (1): 1,200M.
  • Model Frilled Lizard (1): 5,000M. 
  • Model Axolotl (1): 4,500M. 
  • Loose Socks (1): 12,500M. 
  • Gara-Kei (1): 1,980M. 
  • Portable Cassette Player (1): 7,800M.

Request Rewards:

  • Complete 3 requests: x2 Stun Talisman.
  • Complete 5 requests: Sunglasses (Khaki).
  • Complete all requests: Riot Division Art T-Shirt.


  • Magatama: 130,000M.
  • Talisman emote: 8,000M. 
  • Under the Water music track: 9,500M. 
  • Glasses (Silver): 9,800M. 

Occult Relic-Hunting Nekomata Location

You can find the Occult Nekomata in the central portion of the Onten Shrine complex, across from the Omikuji and "convenience store" cat yokai. The Nekomata shop is just before the stairs leading down to the road on the southern side of the Shrine. 

Occult Nekomata Relics and Rewards:

  • Film Camera (1): 13,200 Meika. 
  • Cursed Videotape (2): 4,200M. 
  • Haunting Photo (1): 4,800M. 
  • Ghastly Knife (3): 24,000M. 
  • Inugami Mummy (1): 12,000M. 
  • Straw Doll (2): 4,000M. 
  • Taxidermy Crow (1): 900M. 
  • Red Shoes (1): 5,100M. 
  • Unsettling Plushie (1): 4,200M. 
  • Hu-mutt Mummy (1): 9,800M. 
  • Tsuchinoko (1): 31,000M. 

Request Rewards: 

  • Complete 3 requests: x2 Exposure Talisman.
  • Complete 6 requests: Night Vision camera filter.
  • Complete 9 requests: Thermographic camera filter.
  • Complete all requests: Tinfoil Hat.


  • KK's Investigation Notes 06: 100,000M. 
  • Hand Seal emote: 8,000M. 
  • Visitor — Prototype music track: 8,600M.
  • Glasses (Square): 8,600M.
  • Long Coat: 18,000M.

Artsy Relic-Hunting Nekomata Location

The Artsy Nekomata can be found 57 meters north of Yashin Shrine. Its shop is on the southeastern corner of the city block between Yashin Shrine and Morite Shrine, just on the southwestern edge of the large pedestrian bridge that connects to Shibukei Shopping Center and Shibuya Station. The Nekomata stand is near a convenience store and payphone.

Artsy Nekomata Relics and Rewards: 

  • Sharaku Ukiyo-e (1): 18,000 Meika. 
  • Utamaro Ukiyo-e (1): 18,000M.
  • Hokusai Ukiyo-e (1): 17,500M. 
  • Portrait of a Spirit (1): 4,900M. 
  • Reiwa Placard (1): 2,019M. 

Request Rewards: 

  • Complete 2 requests: Illustrated camera filter.
  • Complete all requests: x3 Katashiro.


  • Magatama: 130,000M.
  • Fire Weaving emote: 8,000M. 
  • The Other Side music track: 9,000M. 
  • Glasses (Boston): 8,900M. 
  • Three-Quarter Sleeve Shirt: 1,200M. 

Handicraft Relic-Hunting Nekomata Location

The Handicraft Nekomata is likely the first you'll come across in Ghostwire: Tokyo, and it can be found 36 meters northeast of the Shiroyama Shrine complex, just outside on the stone-walk pedestrian full of vendor stalls. This Nekomata is just to the right of the steps that lead into the Shrine area in this location (near the payphone on the northern side). 

Handicraft Nekomata Relics and Rewards:

  • Daruma (1): 2,800 Meika. 
  • Lion Mask (1): 4,000M. 
  • Kenka Kiseru (1): 4,500M. 
  • Onigawara (1) 3,800M.
  • Kokeshi (1): 3,980M. 
  • Kazarigoma (1): 5,200M. 
  • Sensu (1): 7,800M. 
  • Soroban (1): 2,500M. 
  • Tetsubin (1): 5,500M. 
  • Tortoiseshell Comb (1): 10,000M. 
  • Uchide no Kozuchi (1): 8,800M.

Request Rewards: 

  • Complete 3 requests: x3 Katashiro. 
  • Complete 6 requests: Cap. 
  • Complete 9 requests: Jersey. 
  • Complete all requests: Jersey Pants.


  • KK's Investigation Notes 04: 100,000M. 
  • Wind Weaving emote: 8,000M. 
  • Travels music track: 9,000M. 
  • Cool Biz: 7,000M. 
  • Skinny Jeans: 18,000M. 

Antique Relic-Hunting Nekomata Location

The Antique Nekomata can be found 95 meters south of the Sakano Shrine or 70 meters west of the Mitake Shopping Arcade Landmark on the same two-lane east-west road. The Nekomata stand is attached to a four-story white apartment building on the street side, next to an Incident Homes shop with a white/yellow sign. A green taxi has rear-ended a green van nearby. 

Antique Nekomata Relics and Rewards

  • Incense Burner (1): 9,800 Meika. 
  • Inro (1): 5,400M. 
  • Pocket Watch (1): 12,000M. 
  • Kai-Awase Shells (1): 7,800M. 
  • Koimari Dish (1): 14,8000M. 
  • Bizen Ware (1): 12,000M. 
  • Daguerreotype Camera (1): 15,500M. 

Request Rewards: 

  • Complete 3 requests: Fox's Window emote. 
  • Complete 5 requests: Self-Defense Beads. 
  • Complete all requests: Fox Mask. 


  • Hebinari Shrine — Prototype music track: 9,800M. 
  • Tokyo Tower —Prototype music track: 9,800M. 
  • T-Shirt: 1,000M. 
  • Shorts: 1,800M. 
  • Loafers: 3,400M. 

Luster-Loving Relic-Hunting Nekomata Location

The Luster-Loving Relic-Hunting Nekomata can be found 81 meters southeast of the Kuo Shrine; it's on the outside southern side of the Shibuya Kagerie Retail Complex. The Nekomata shop itself is facing the complex with its back to the road; there is a rather large pileup of vehicles nearby and a separate white moving truck crashed into a light pole. 

Luster-Loving Nekomata Relics and Rewards: 

  • Golden Tea Bowl (1): 13,400 Meika. 
  • Shachihoko Statues (1): 8,500M. 
  • Bottle Gourd (1): 4,800M. 
  • Oban (1): 43,000M. 
  • Kanzashi (1): 10,000M. 

Request Rewards: 

  • Complete 2 requests: Fingerless Gloves. 
  • Complete all requests: x3 Katashiro. 


  • KK's Investigation Notes 01: 100,000M. 
  • Water Weaving emote: 8,000M. 
  • 2036 music track: 9,500M. 
  • Cargo Shorts: 6,800M. 
  • Canvas Sneakers: 6,000M. 

Netsuke Collector Relic-Hunting Nekomata Location

The Netsuke Collector Nekomata vendor can be found 115 meters southwest of the Kamio Shrine or 75 meters south of the Shibuya Stripe Tower; the shop itself is on the eastern side of the road leading south from that tower. The Nekomata vendor is on the sidewalk facing a row of apartment and business buildings; there is a Freshmoth Burger next door, as well as a green bus and white compact car in the street. 

Netsuke Nekomata Relics and Rewards: 

  • Rikishi Netsuke (1): 9,600 Meika. 
  • Kappa Netsuke (1): 10,000M. 
  • Tengu Netsuke (1): 12,000M. 
  • Nurikabe Netsuke (1): 13,000M. 
  • Oni Netsuke (1): 24,000M. 
  • Zashiki-warashi Netsuke (1): 10,000M.
  • Karakasa-kozo Netsuke (1): 13,000M. 
  • Rokurokubi Netsuki (1): 13,000. 
  • Kodama Netsuke (1): 11,000M. 
  • Ittan-mome Netsuke (1): 15,000M. 
  • Azukiarai Netsuke (1): 11,000M. 
  • Kamaitachi Netsuke (1): 12,000M. 
  • Chochin-obake Netsuke (1): 13,000M. 

Request Rewards:

  • Complete 4 requests: Glasses (Round).
  • Complete 8 requests: Riot Division Tech Shoes.
  • Complete 12 requests: Cinematic 2 camera filter. 
  • Complete all requests: Self-Defense Beads. 


  • Lift Cat emote: 100,000M. 
  • Ghostwire Tokyo music track: 12,000M. 
  • Retro 2 cmarea filter: 10,000M. 

Finding all of the Relic-Hunting Nekomata shop vendors in Ghostwire: Tokyo is just one of the first steps to finding all of the collectibles in the game if you're trophy or achievement hunting. There are still Music Tracks and Voice Logs to find, among others. Head over to our Ghostwire: Tokyo guides hub for more helpful content.

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