FFXIV: What We Know About Eureka Orthos Deep Dungeon

It's been years since a new Deep Dungeon has been introduced to FFXIV, but Eureka Orthos is set to change that with Patch 6.35. Here's what you need to know.

Deep Dungeons are unique pieces of content in FFXIV that introduce roguelike elements as either a solo player or team navigates through dozens of floors. It's been years since the game has had a new Deep Dungeon, with the last, Heaven-on-High, being introduced with Stormblood. Finally, players will have the chance to explore a third deep dungeon, Eureka Orthos, which is being added with Patch 6.35. Here's everything you need to know. 

When is Eureka Orthos Getting Added to FFXIV?

At the time of writing, Eureka Orthos currently isn't in FFXIV, but it will be added with Patch 6.35, a sub-patch for 6.3. Patch 6.3 released on January 10, 2023; typically, the sub-patch releases roughly 1-2 months later. Square Enix hasn't announced a date for 6.35 yet, but it will likely release sometime in early-mid March. 

As soon as Square Enix announces an official date for Patch 6.35, we'll make sure to update this article with the proper details. 

How to Unlock Eureka Orthos Deep Dungeon

While we don't quite yet know where you'll find the starting quest for Eureka Orthos, Square Enix has provided some of the prep you'll need to do in order to access the Deep Dungeon, so you can get a head start. Here are the three key requirements,

  • Complete the main scenario quest Endwalker.
  • Have a Disciple of War or Magic at Level 81.
  • Complete up through floor 50 of The Palace of the Dead.

How to Unlock Palace of the Dead

The first two points are self-explanatory, but it's possible you may not have unlocked The Palace of the Dead Yet. The first Deep Dungeon can be unlocked by undertaking the quest "The House That Death Built," which is found in New Gridania (X:12.0, Y: 13.1). Simply follow the questline, and you'll shortly unlock the dungeon. 

With some work, you can make it to floor 50 entirely by yourself, or you can matchmake with other players to make it easier. The dungeon's difficulty will adjust based on how many players you enter it with, so don't worry about that. 

Once Eureka Orthos has been added, we'll update you with more details on how to find the quest that unlocks the dungeon. For more guides on Patch 6.3, you can check out how to unlock the Euphrosyne Alliance Raid, how to get the new Blackjack mount from Final Fantasy VI, or how to unlock Mama Automaton.


Published Jan. 13th 2023

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