A List Of FFXIV Guides

A listing of all my Final Fantasy XIV guides to date with entries for my future guides as well.

A listing of all my Final Fantasy XIV guides to date with entries for my future guides as well.

Looking back at all my Final Fantasy XIV guides I felt it was time I organized them. This post will serve to list out all current and upcoming guides I have on Gameskinny. I would like to thank Ashley for the idea, as she just did a list for her guides as well.

What I Cover

I generally cover the story quests, dungeons, trials, and hunting logs within the game so anything that is related to those items will likely be posted on at some point by me. If tradecrafts or gathering is more your thing check out Ashley’s list. I currently only have one guide planned to come from gathering.

Launch Guides


Now to the actual lists. I’ll start with my story line guides for the normal mode versions of Ifrit, Titan, and Garuda:


Other than the two final story dungeons and the trial battles I also plan on writing guides for all the dungeons in the game. Currently I’ve only covered Amdapor Keep but I will list all of the dungeons below.

Hunting Logs

I approached my hunting log guides a bit different. For tier one I cover the starting city which encompasses all classes that start there. For the remainder of the tiers I will be doing them based on the class/job. I currently only have two of my hunting log guides finished but more will be coming soon.



The only thing that currently fits under this section is my Relic Quest progression guides. This is actually a pretty long quest line that not even I have completed yet. I personally am stuck on Titan, but many people get stuck a bit earlier. I won’t relist the Amdapor Keep guides in this section because I already have them up above.

A Realm Awoken: Patch 2.1 Guides

In this section I’ll have links to guides from patch 2.1. This includes: Crystal Tower, Pharos Sirius, Copperbell Mines Hard Mode, Haukke Manor Hard Mode, Extrem Primals, Moggle Mog, Ultima, and new quest guides. I may also cover PvP and housing, I haven’t decided on those yet.

Crystal Tower

This section will be for Crystal Tower, the first real raid of FFXIV. (post 2.2)


Here I will add links for the new dungeons.

Through The Maelstrom: Patch 2.2 Guides

Defenders of Eorzea: Patch 2.3 Guides

Dreams of Ice: Patch 2.4 Guides

Before the Fall: Patch 2.5 Guides

Random Guides

Event Guides

The first set of Event guides that I’ll be writing are the Lightning quest line guides. I’ll do a separate guide for each chapter.

Crafting Class Quest Turn In Guides

I’m also starting a new series of guides on crafting. This series will focus on class quest turn ins.


I’ve also posted a few miscellaneous guides to leveling and what not. While some of these have outgrown their purposes new players may still find a bit of use out of them.

If I add anything that isn’t currently on the list I will also add it on here. Anything on here that currently does not have a link means it is currently in work and not posted yet on the site. As I finish more guides I will link them on here so check back frequently. If there is any guide in particular you’d like to see done that’s not complete yet, or not on the list, leave a comment below and I’ll try to get it up as soon as possible.

About the author


Currently an unpublished author working on multiple full length novels 3 of which being a 3 part trilogy. Also an avid video game player with a penchant for MMOs.