FFXIV Titan Hard Mode Fight Guide

Titan Hard Mode guide for Final Fantasy XIV.

Since there are a lot of people on Titan Hard Mode right now I figured it'd be best to skip right to that in my A Relic Reborn quest guides. I will continue to put out the other guides as well but this is the hardest of the fights in the quest line. Due to my recording software I used being really bad I currently have no game footage of my own for this fight, but I found a good guide on YouTube.

A Bit of Preparation

Titan is unlike the other fights. It is really difficult to survive this fight unless your gear is on point. At minimum you need full Amdapor Keep gear with an Ifrit weapon to do this fight. Garuda's weapon is recommended but not necessary. if you have less than 3200 HP odds are you won't get invited to a group for Titan. It's possible to do this fight with less health but it makes it harder on the healers. Make sure you bring appropriate food. if you are unsure what food you should be using, take a look at the food guides Ashley has listed in her guide list. Finally make sure you have voice communication set up, it makes the fight so much easier.

The Fight Itself

Party Build

There are primarily two party builds you will see for this fight. Both builds will consist of only one tank. The variances are in the number of healers and DPS. There is a three healer method, that only works if you have fully decked out DPS, otherwise Heart Phase will be impossible. Then there is the more standard two healers and five DPS, this method is a bit harder on the healers but in the long run the safer version. If you can, try to have at least one Monk and one Bard in the party, Monk for Mantra and Bard for the MP song plus constant damage.

Phase One

Depending on the quality of your DPS there are two methods for phase one. I will be covering the safe method. So basically after everyone is buffed and uses their food, the tank will pull Titan straight back to the north side of the arena. Once in position DPS will auto attack Titan to build the Limit Break meter to at least 1/2 complete for the first bar. At which DPS can start full DPS on Titan, however save your buff cooldowns until after Titan uses Geocrush. Titan's skill rotation is as follows for this phase.

  • Landslide: A straight line attack with knockback which after phase one will almost always knock those it hits off the map.
  • Tumult: A map wide AoE that as the fight progresses adds additional hits to the attack. Healers must be on point in the later phases keeping everyone topped off before this move hits.

Those moves will cycle until Titan uses Geocrush at approximately 85-90%. Geocrush is an AoE that is single hit doing massive damage. the best place to stand is in the dark brown area on the map, just inside the thick red outline. That outline marks what area gets removed from the map. The arena gets smaller and the rock bumpers that saved you from getting knocked off by landslide are gone at this point. Generally for Geocrush all members will stack on the tank for quicker AoE healing. If the group has a Scholar the Scholar generally throws out the big damage mitigation shield as well.

Phase Two

After the first Geocrush Titan enters phase two changing his skill rotation mechanics. For this phase Tiran only gains one additional skill for the rotation.

  • Weight of the Land: Commonly refered to as plumes due to the Ifrit attack Radiant Plumes. This skill leaves circles randomly on the ground, the best way to avoid it is to start moving as soon as you know it's due. Getting hit by one does between 1800-2400 damage, getting hit by two is instant death for almost any job.
  • Landslide: Same as previous phase but now will knock you off the map.
  • Tumult: Starts to add additional hits during phase two.

At around 65-70% Titan will use Geocrush again. Skills will continue the above pattern until Geocrush. Geocrush will do the exact same thing it did the previous phase nothing different.

Phase Three

Phase three adds several new mechanics to the fight. The rotation has increased in length and also has certain variations. The "bomb" rotation is the biggest addition to the phase.

  • Landslide: No Change.
  • Weight of the Land: No Change
  • Clock Bombs: Otherwise known as bombs. There are three variations of the bombs for Titan. They always go in order but only one version per skill rotation. The order of the bombs is as follows
  1. Spiral: First bomb spawns somewhere on the outer circle, this will be the first one to explode once it explodes run to the location it had been. watch for landslide, it usually comes about halfway through the explosions.
  2. Corners: Several bombs spawn in the middle leaving only the cardinal directions empty. Melee can stand on Titan's right leg to not lose DPS as long as Titan is positioned properly. If Titan is to close to the middle just run to East or West and wait it out.
  3. Rows: This is the trickiest version the way the rows set up is random. It generally puts the center row up first. You always want to position in the row that was set up last. Unless the row is on the tank you will position yourself on the middle rock so you can move right or left to avoid the incoming landslide. If the last row spawns North then it's about luck more than anything. The only thing I suggest for this is to position right behind Titan when the tank faces Titan West. When Titan turns to the rest of the group move West to avoid Landslide. For all versions of Row Bombs once Landslide goes off run towards where the other rows were previously.
  • Landslide: No Change
  • Weight of the Land: No Change
  • Gaol: commonly refered to as cage or rock. This traps someone in a rock, during Phase three only it is safe to break the rock immediately. From phase four onward it is always followed by a landslide so wait to see where the Landslide goes. When you break the rock immediately Esuna the person who was in it.
  • Tumult: More hits but otherwise the same.

These will repeat until you drop Titan to 50%. When Titan goes invulnerable that's when he is preparing to jump for phase four. Remember that the bombs are different during each rotation, though generally you won't see Rows until phase 5.

Phase Four

Commonly refered to as Heart Phase. This is a DPS race, if you don't break the Heart after one full skill set it's a wipe. Of note is, while you will break the first Gaol that Titan does after watching for Landslide, you will leave the second until after you shatter Titan's Heart. You must immediately break the person out at this point though because they will die during the AoE if you do not. The rotation for this phase is pretty basic.

  • Gaol: Break and Esuna this one. Watch for Landslide.
  • Landslide: around 4 seconds after Gaol is used so be careful when breaking the Gaol.
  • Weight of the Land: Be ready to dodge plumes if you were in the Gaol.
  • Tumult: Melee Limit Break. This is probably the best time to activate. Healers be on point.
  • Gaol: Ignore this one until Titan's Heart is shattered but then break immediately.
  • Landslide: Just don't get hit.
  • Weight of the land: Dodge and continue DPS

You have approximately four seconds from that last Weight of the Lands to break the heart. If you fail it's a wipe, if you succeed break the Gaol and prepare for the last phase.

Phase Five

I like to call this the survival phase. Other than having to dodge things the DPS intensive portion of the fight is done. It is now all on the healers to keep everyone alive. If you die in this phase unless it's a clutch hit to down Titan there is no point in getting back up. Tumult will progressively increase the number of hits it does. Mountain Buster is added to the rotation, and Landslide is combined with the Bombs in the rotation.

  • Mountain Buster: A massive frontal attack that should never hit anyone but the tank. Healers heal the tank back up immediately. Tank should try to mitigate this damage if possible.
  • Tumult: As usual very painful, DPS should start popping their defensive skills during Tumult now.
  • Weight of the Land: Be in motion before the circles spawn so you are able to dodge this attack easier. It's better if you are spread out when this attack is due otherwise the circles stack and if you fail to dodge you're dead.
  • Clock Bombs + Landslide: Spiral stand on the far side from the safe rock. When dodging Landslide run to the rock that spawned first it should be gone by the time you get there. Corners should have plenty of space to dodge Landslide. Rows is no different than previously described.
  • Mountain Buster: No Change.
  • Weight of the Lands: No Change.
  • Gaol: Wait to see where Landslide goes before breaking the person out and then Esuna them.
  • Landslide: Avoid.

This will repeat until either everyone is dead or Titan is dead. If you have any lag you will not survive this phase. That's pretty much it. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns leave a reply below and I will get back to you. This fight is really stressful, don't rage if you don't get it on the first try, I've been trying over 30 times now and have yet to get him down. For more guides please check my all encompassing list of guides.

Published Oct. 3rd 2013

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