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Alan Wake 2: Where to Find All Koskela Brothers Television Commercials

The Koskela Brothers television commercials are peak entertainment in Alan Wake 2. Here are the locations for all six.

Not only will you meet Ilmo and Jaakko Koskela as you play through Saga Anderson’s chapters, but you’ll also see them bantering on the big (little) screen. Here’s where to find all Koskela Brothers television commercials in Alan Wake 2

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All Koskela Brothers Television Commercials in Alan Wake 2

From Alex Casey Lunchboxes to wooden dolls for Nursery Rhymes, Alan Wake 2 is overflowing with collectibles to find. And the nice thing about the Koskela Brothers commercials is that they don’t require much work on your end. 

To collect the videos, all you have to do is walk into the area where they’re playing. Personally, I like interacting with the television and watching the entire thing. It’s a nice comedic relief between all the jump scares, especially since this pair never fail to make me laugh. I can still hear them saying, “We have bolt cutters!” in the first one I found. And if ever you want a rerun, you can view them in Saga’s Mind Place. 

If you’re missing a particular one, you can navigate to them quickly using these links:

All Koskela Brothers Television Commercial Locations in Alan Wake 2

Adventure Tours

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Chapter: Return 1 — Invitation 

Head to the sheriff station’s break room during Saga’s first chapter, and the Adventure Tours commercial will be playing on television. While you’ll naturally go to this location to perform an autopsy, exploring the various rooms is optional. This commercial is missable if you progress too far into Return. 

Coffee World

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Chapter: Return 3 — Local Girl 

At the start of chapter 3, Saga embarks on a solo journey to Watery, leaving Casey and Alan behind. When you exit the back room, go to the Lodge’s lobby, and the Coffee World commercial will appear on the mounted television. Unlike Adventure Tours, I’m sure this one is impossible to miss since you can only leave the Lodge through the front entrance at this point in the game. 

Ahma Beer

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Chapter: Return 3 — Local Girl

You need to make one detour before heading to Watery in this chapter. Go back to Oh Deer Diner. The moment I walked in, this commercial was added to my collection, but you can still view it on the mounted television. In it, the brothers are promoting Ahma Beer, a traditional Finnish lager to “bring out your inner wolverine.”

Parade Floats

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Chapter: Return 3 — Local Girl

After the cutscene when you enter the Lighthouse Trailer Park, enter the trailer across from Tor and Odin. I travelled here after passing through Coffee World, and it’s important to note that exploring these trailers is optional (aside from Saga’s). So it can be easily missed. Once you enter, the commercial plays automatically like the others. You’ll hear about the various uses for floats, which will definitely seem fitting once you progress to the chapter’s end. 

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Bright Falls Blend

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Chapter: Return 5 — Old Gods

Once you reach the Valhalla Nursing Home, go into the rec room, which is located near the entrance. With this one, you’ll notice a familiar thermos makes an appearance, and you might feel the need to brew your own mug of coffee after watching. 

Return Review

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Chapter: Return 8 — Deerfest

This commercial is found after Saga’s point of no return, so make sure you’ve done all her optional objectives, such as completing Nursery Rhymes, finding Alex Casey Lunchboxes, and interacting with Mayor Setter’s campaign posters. To tune into the Koskela Brothers Book Club, go to Oh Deer Diner again, and you’ll get to hear Ilmo’s thoughts on Return. Though I have to admit, this one gave me a case of the feels, especially after the events of Return 6: Scratch. 

That’s where to find all the Koskela Brothers television commercials in Alan Wake 2. For more tips, such as all Words of Power locations in the Subway and how to get all weapons, take a gander at our dedicated AW2 guides hub

Thomas Wilde contributed to this guide.

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