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How Many Bases Can You Have in Palworld?

Wondering when you can build a second base in Palworld? Here's the answer.

The adorable, hard-working Pals are the stars of the show when it comes to Palworld. But let’s not forget that base-building and automation are pretty fun, too. If you’re wondering how many bases you can have, I’ve got the answer here.

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Can You Have More Than One Base in Palworld?

Your first base on the Palpagos Islands won’t be your last. You might’ve noticed that each time you level up your Palbox, two variables are affected: Max Pals Working at Base and Max Number of Bases. The difference can get confusing, though.

The number of Base Pals you can have consistently increases by one, but your number of bases stays the same for quite a few levels. And if you’re like me, you’re already itching for the opportunity to build a second Palworld base.

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Thankfully, that number increases as you upgrade your base. You can build a maximum of three bases. Here’s when you can expect them to unlock:

  • Base Two: Base Level 10
  • Base Three: Base Level 15

The good news is that your extra bases don’t start at Level 1. When you unlock Base Two at Level 10, for example, that Palbox is at Level 10. This saves you time, but it also saves you a lot of resources. This way, you can focus on what you want to build and automate.

Can You Build a Base Without a Palbox?

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Technically, yes: you can build a base without a Palbox in Palworld. You can have as many non-official bases as you want in Palworld. They’re non-official because they don’t have a Palbox associated with them.

You can’t Fast Travel to and from the location, nor can you assign Pals to work on any structures. You’ll also miss the nice way crafting pulls from your storage at your base. Out in the world, you’re dependent on what you can carry in your inventory.

But you can build. For example, I have Workbenches scattered through the Windswept Hills and Marsh Island for when I run out of Pal Spheres or Arrows for my Bow. I could also build make-shift shacks with foundations, walls, and roofs — the whole nine yards. So, if you want to turn all of Palpagos into your own personal home of mini (or large) bases, the world is your oyster.

How Many Base Pals Can You Have in Palworld?

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The maximum number of Base Pals you can have at one base is 15. If you have three bases active, all filled to the max with Pals, you can have 45 Pals working for you at once. However, you can increase this limit to a maximum of 20 through the World Settings. In that case, the most Pals you can have at once is 60.

That’s a lot of Pals working for you. Make sure you treat them well by keeping their SAN up or you can embrace immorality, which Palworld is kind of known for at this point.

That’s how many bases you can have in Palworld. You’ll get to Base Level 10 in no time. For more on this monster-catching adventure, check out our growing guides hub. We’ve collected the best ways to farm Paldium Crystals and the best starting Pals to catch.

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