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How to Complete the Beauty is Pain Challenge in BitLife

Time to be pretty and get in trouble in BitLife!

This week we get to explore the world of beauty and the world of fighting. From mastering martial arts to getting in prison fights, we’ll do it all while looking fabulous. So, here’s everything you need to know for how to complete the Beauty is Pain Challenge in BitLife.

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BitLife: All Beauty is Pain Challenge Tasks

Your five BitLife All Beauty is Pain Challenge objectives this week are:

How to Be Born a Female in New York

First, start a Custom Life. Select Female for your gender. Then, choose the United States as your Country and New York for the place, to be born in New York. This checks off the first task. But while you Age Up, I recommend asking your parents to take martial art lessons to save money later since they cost $1000 per lesson.

How to Have 100% Looks

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Like last week’s Simpler Life challenge, you need to have 100% Looks when you complete your tasks. So, I recommend waiting until you check off other tasks and then complete this one last. However, you can keep your Looks decently high just by going into Activities > Mind & Body and choosing to do things like going to the gym, gardening, or going for walks. You can also go to Activities > Salon & Spa and get waxes or tans to improve Looks.

When you’re ready to reach 100% and finish the challenge, go to Activities > Plastic Surgery and choose procedures to have done, such as Eyelid Surgery or a Face Lift. These give you the biggest boost to your Looks, so you can get to 100% easily.

How to Master 2+ Martial Art Styles

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As I mentioned before, the best route to master martial art styles is by taking lessons growing up. Do this by going to Activities > Mind & Body > Martial Arts and picking one of the options. Then, if your parent agrees to pay for it, repeat the steps to continue learning until you no longer receive a new belt or fighting move. This means you’ve mastered one. But usually, parents refuse to let you learn a second one, so you need to be over 18 to continue.

Once you’re 18, go back into the martial arts menu and choose a second style. Repeat the same steps as before. But this time, the task will check off when you master this style. Keep in mind that each lesson costs $1000, so you’ll need to have some sort of income to complete it.

How to Fight Someone During a Walk

Here, we depend on RNG. You’ll start by going into Activities > Mind & Body > Walk and keep doing this until you get an encounter pop-up. Specifically, you want the Witness pop-up that gives you the option to intervene in a scenario since this can lead to a fight. It doesn’t always lead to a fight, but it’s your best chance. If you’re going on walks and not getting any pop-up, then I find it’s best to Age Up and try again the next year. Repeat this until you get in a fight and mark off this task.

How to Fight 2+ People in Prison

If you don’t get arrested for fighting during a walk, then you’ll need to go to Activities > Crime and commit a crime. I try to choose an option that has a lower sentence, like Theft or Porch Pirating, so that I can get out and get 100% Looks to finish the tasks. But I actually got lucky and got into a fight that led to a short prison sentence. From here, go into Prison > Prison Yard and choose from the list of other inmates. Then, select to attack them and confirm that you’re sure you want to do this. Repeat this and you’ll check off this task.

And that’s how to complete the Beauty is Pain Challenge in BitLife. I got lucky on the RNG for this one and it took maybe 15 minutes to complete. But I could see it taking longer or taking multiple lives depending on how lucky you end up being. From here, check out our Bitlife guides hub for more content like how to appraise items or how to create a cult.

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