LEGO Fortnite Dry Valley Village Upgrade List: All Upgrade Materials and Rewards

Here's the full LEGO Fortnite desert village upgrade list so you can plan your next desert biome base the right way!

Exploring the desert in LEGO Fortnite.
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You’ll probably make your first village in the Grasslands, but there’s plenty of good reason to build one in the other biomes, too. In this guide, I’ll detail the full LEGO Fortnite Dry Valley village upgrade list, so you can know what to expect as you build your base.

All Desert Village Upgrades in LEGO Fortnite: Costs and Rewards Detailed

A LEGO Fortnite Dry Valley village is more than worth building — if only for the unlocks. While you get additional villager slots and can get them to work on increasingly complex tasks, the real benefit is the Majestic Manors that you’ll unlock.

Each type of LEGO Fortnite village has its own rewards. While Dry Valley has Majestic Manors, the Frostlands offer Shogun Palaces, and the Grasslands Village unlocks Log Cabins. They all add to the variety of buildables in this Minecraft-adjacent experience. But you’re interested in the desert, so here’s what you’ll get at each level.

Every Dry Valley Biome Upgrade Requirement and Unlock Reward

  • Desert village Level 1 requirements: 10 Wood, 10 Granite.
    • Rewards: N/A.
  • Desert village Level 2 requirements: 25 Wood, 25 Granite.
    • Rewards: Villages can forage nearby resources; unlock Majestic Manors buildings.
  • Desert village Level 3 requirements: 15 Knotroot, 15 Planks, 20 Marble.
    • Reward: Unlocks villagers gifting items, a villager slot, the Manor Gates build, and Majestic Manors furniture.
  • Desert village Level 4 requirements: 15 Knotroot Rods, 30 Granite Slabs.
    • Rewards: Unlocks villagers being able to cook and farm, additional wood types from villagers who cut wood, additional Majestic Manors furniture, and Palace Gates.
  • Desert village Level 5 requirements: 25 Knotrood Rods, 20 Marble Slabs.
    • Rewards: Unlocks additional HP and defense for villagers, the Humble Manor, more Majestic Manors furniture, and a villager slot.
  • Dry Valley village Level 6 requirements: 20 Marble Slabs, 15 Rough Amber.
    • Rewards: Unlocks villagers refining textiles, smelting metal, and collecting gems; additional stone types from villagers who cut stone, the Noble Manor, and more Majestic Manors furniture.
  • Dry Valley village Level 7 requirements: 20 Flexwood, 30 Marble Slabs, 15 Cut Amber.
    • Rewards: Unlocks villagers gifting unique recipes and more Majestic Manors Furniture.
  • Dry Valley village Level 8 requirements: 25 Frostpine Rods, 20 Malachite, 15 Iron Bars.
    • Rewards: Unlocks the Tower Manor, more Majestic Manors furniture, and an additional villager slot.
  • Dry Valley village Level 9 requirements: 20 Obsidian Slabs, 10 Copper Bars, 15 Cut Rubies.
    • Rewards: Unlocks villagers foraging in other biomes, woodcutting and stonecutting villagers being able to process more resource types, and more Majestic Manors furniture.
  • Dry Valley village Level 10 requirements: 30 Obsidian Slabs, 20 Copper Bars, 30 Cut Rubies.
    • Rewards: Unlocks the Grand Manor, more Majestic Manors furniture, and an additional villager slot.

If you’re trying to complete everything in the game, hopefully this LEGO Fortnite Dry Valley village upgrade list lets you prepare for your next desert biome village investment. Check out some of our other LEGO Fortnite guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to make dynamic foundations.

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