LEGO Fortnite: How to Get Slurp Mushrooms

Slurp Mushrooms are common but very helpful. Here's how to get them and how to use them.

Slurp Mushrooms growing in cave
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To survive in LEGO Fortnite, you’ll need plenty of food to replenish your health. However, you’ll have to scavenge for the ingredients before you can cook something up. Some are easier to get than others. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get Slurp Mushrooms in LEGO Fortnite. 

Where to Find Slurp Mushroom Locations in LEGO Fortnite

There are plenty of ingredients that you can pick up off the ground or from bushes. My village has plenty of raspberries around, but those only go so far. One of my favorite foods to pick up is the Slurp Mushroom. It’s plentiful, easy to find, and great at restoring your health. You also don’t need any tool upgrades to gather them, which is a huge plus in the early game. 

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Although you won’t see any in the over-world, you’ll find Slurp Mushrooms growing in Caves. You won’t have to look very hard since they’re all over the place. Once you locate the mushrooms, all you have to do is attack them, and they’ll drop into little LEGO forms that you can pick up. 

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How to Use Slurp Shrooms

After you collect a plastic handful of Slurp Mushrooms, you can make them intro consumable food. However, before you do, you’ll need to build a Juicer. 

To make a Juicer you’ll need:

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How to make Slurp Juice

Now that you have a Juicer, you can make your mushrooms into a delicious juice. To make Slurp Juice you’ll need: 

  • Slurp Mushroom x 2
  • Raspberry x 2 

Slurp Juice is one of my favorite food items because it not only heals you but also gives you a health regenerative boost for 5 minutes. This is extremely helpful if you find yourself taking a lot of damage when fighting, especially if you haven’t picked up the best Charms in the game or increased the number of your hearts.

That’s how to get Slurp Mushrooms in LEGO Fortnite. Looking for more guides? Check out our extensive LEGO Fortnite guides hub, where you’ll find topics such as how to remove NPCs from your Village and how to duplicate items. We also have articles on the best weapons to get and how to build the Glider to soar through the skies!

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