Here are the character classes and abilities of the Skywalker Saga to help you open the galaxy and its secrets.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: All Classes and Abilities

Here are the character classes and abilities of the Skywalker Saga to help you open the galaxy and its secrets.
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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga classes and abilities are essential if you want to complete each stage and uncover everything the galaxy has to offer. Each of the game’s nine classes has a unique set of abilities and a few you can upgrade. Most stages include puzzles and pathways locked behind some of these skills, so while you can technically complete the game without them, you’re missing out on quite a bit.

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You won’t be able to get all of the Kyber Blocks, collectible Datacards, or other hidden items without swapping out classes and abilities. This guide lists all of them so you can know when to use them. 

All Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Classes and Abilities

The Skywalker Saga has nine classes, each with four abilities. There is also a range of additional abilities any class can use. For example, you won’t have Jawa-specific Scavenger skills that Rey can’t use.

Jedi Abilities

Jedi characters include… well, the Jedi characters like Qui-Gon Jinn and Luke Skywalker. Jedi use mind tricks to influence characters and can move heavy objects to solve puzzles.

  • Trick Time: Increases duration of Jedi mind tricks.
  • Mind Master: Increases range of Jedi mind tricks.
  • Force Flinger: Boosts power of thrown objects.
  • Jedi Reflexes: Boosts power of counterattacks.

Hero Abilities

Heroes are essentially (almost) every other major character who isn’t a Jedi or a Sith, such as Princess Leia and Jar Jar Binks. Their Grapple Blasters are essential for exploration, so it’s always good to have one of them around.

  • Rebel Heart: Higher chance of enemies dropping hearts.
  • Armored Disguise: Higher defense for armor pieces.
  • Improved Shield Generator: Stronger shields for ships that character is piloting.
  • Hero Terminal Expert: Bypass Hero Terminals.

Scoundrel Abilities

Scoundrels also include a number of familiar faces – Han Solo, Chewy, and Lando Calrissian, to name a few. They’re necessary for certain smuggling missions and have excellent ranged abilities.

  • Charged Shot: Hold the fire button to charge a shot, then release to deal 25 percent more damage.
  • Combat Slide: Press “Circle”/”B” (on PlayStation & Xbox)/”A” (on Switch) while running to slide into objects or enemies.
  • Piercing Rounds: Can fire throw cover objects
  • Business Opportunist: Discount when purchasing information from the Holoprojector.

Scavenger Abilities

Scavengers are a unique class that get access to a range of exploration tools, including a glider. They can also use Twirl Poles to reach areas other characters can’t. Rey, the Jawa, and the Ewok are among the Scavenger characters.

  • Crafty: Can change the color of Scavenger Tools.
  • Expert Climber: Climb faster.
  • Better Breaker Blaster: Boosts range and damage of the Breaker Blaster.
  • Advanced Gliding: Glide faster.

Bounty Hunter Abilities

Bounty Hunters are similar to Scoundrels and rely on ranged combat, though they can also break golden LEGO blocks. Boba Fett and Jango Fett are joined by Bossk and Carib Driss, to name a few.

  • Enemy Detector: Spot enemies behind walls and cover.
  • Hidden Bounties: Collect 250 studs for every enemy defeated.
  • Scattershot: Fires a spread shot. 
  • Shock Grenade: Throws a stun grenade that disables shields and stuns enemies.

Villain Abilities

Captain Phasma, General Grievous, and all the many Trooper variations are among the villains in The Skywalker Saga. Villains have grenades to break silver LEGO blocks, can access Villain terminals and crates, and may access areas guarded by other villains without question.

  • Demolitions Expert: Increases grenade damage and range.
  • Extra Ammo: Weapon Drop Crate weapons have more ammo.
  • Defense Droid: Summons a combat remote.
  • Villain Terminal Expert: Allows you to bypass Villain Terminals.

Dark Side Abilities

The Dark Side characters – Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and their kind – have the same functions as the Jedi, though their mind tricks are, naturally, more sinister and can even let them control other characters.

  • Fear of the Dark Side: NPCs and enemies have a higher chance of fleeing from you.
  • Power Push: Stronger Force Push.
  • Force Crush: Damages enemies grabbed with the Force.
  • Dark Rise: Boosts the power and range of Force Lift.

Astromech Droid Abilities

The faithful R2-D2, BB8, and other Astromechs can unlock terminals to open new paths and sneak through dangerous areas without anyone giving them a second glance.

  • Distraction: Distracts enemies with a hologram.
  • Droid Barge:  Press “Circle”/”B” (on PlayStation & Xbox)/”A” (on Switch) while moving to slide into objects or enemies.
  • Astromech Socket Expert: Bypass Astromech Sockets.
  • Super-Charged: Unleashes a shockwave when you use stun prod.

Protocol Droid Abilities

If you need to reach small spaces or access Protocol Droid sockets, then C-3PO and other droids whose numbers you may not recognize are there to help. They can also build turrets to damage enemies remotely.

  • Destructive Disassembly: Unleashes a shockwave while disassembling items.
  • Paid Translator: Gains extra studs for translating.
  • Polished Plating: May deflect enemy ranged attacks.
  • Turret Tune-Up: Turret bolts bounce off objects.

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Core Upgrades

These are the abilities you can buy with Kyber Bricks and studs that apply to all characters and classes.

  • Speedy Sprint: Sprint faster.
  • Fast Build: Build faster.
  • Counter Cash: Earn studs for successful counters.
  • Extra Health I: Increase health by an additional bar.
  • Ship Enhancements: Increase attack power of your ships.
  • Collectible Detector: Highlight important collectables in the current area.
  • Attract Studs: Collect studs from further away.
  • Extra Health II: Adds an extra health bar.
  • Melee Attack Power: Increase melee attack strength.
  • Ranged Weapon Power: Increase ranged attack strength.
  • Health Recovery Speed:  Automatic health works faster.
  • Extra Health III: Adds an extra health bar.

That’s all you need to know about Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga classes and abilities. If you’re looking to pick up collectibles faster, you’ll need these skills, but also pick up the Collectible Detector along the way. Make sure to check out our other Skywalker Saga guides for more tips and tricks.

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