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Remnant 2: Best Melee Weapons

Find the best weapon for your build using our list of the best melee weapons in Remnant 2.

There are 40 melee weapons in Remnant 2, including 22 regular melee weapons and 28 secret unique melee weapons. All these melee weapons are viable if your build synergizes with their stats and weapon mods, but certain melee weapons are outright incredible at what they can do. Our guide will list the best melee weapons in Remnant 2, including tips on how to get them.

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Best Melee Weapons in Remnant 2

Here’s a short list of the best melee weapons in Remnant 2:

  • World’s Edge
  • Atom Smasher
  • Atom Splitter
  • Stonebreaker
  • Krell Axe
  • Godsplitter
  • Smolder
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Nightshade
  • Ornate Flail

World’s Edge

This unique greatsword is currently considered the best endgame melee weapon of all due to its massive 101 melee damage and the Horizon Strike weapon mod, which shoots ranged projectiles with charged attacks that deal 116 damage. The World’s Edge is a melee weapon that’s especially useful against bosses that can fly, which would be unreachable with almost any other melee weapon in the game. Note that the stamina cost of the Horizon Strike is quite steep.

  • How to get World’s Edge:
    1. Complete the main campaign on Apocalypse difficulty.
    2. Purchase it from Brabus at Ward 13 for 750 Scrap.

Atom Smasher

Most heavy melee weapons in Remnant 2 are rather slow and eat up lots of stamina, but Atom Smasher has the Accelerator mod, which increases the speed of all melee attacks by 10%. I recommend combining it with the Matriarach’s Insignia amulet and Berserker’s Crest ring for even faster heavy attacks and stamina recovery.

  • How to get Atom Smasher:
    1. Complete the Train Event at Terminus Station.
    2. Inspect the last wagon of the train on N’Erud.

Atom Splitter

This greatsword has a similar ranged attack to World’s Edge, but you need to activate neutral evade attacks to cast the waves of particles, known as Fission Strike. If you manage to execute charged neutral evades, then the range of the Fission Strike wave triples to 60m, and the damage is increased by another 25% for a total of 188 points. That’s a lot of damage attached to Atom Splitter, and the range is quite absurd, so master those neutral evades as well as you can.

  • How to get Atom Splitter: It can be found inside one of the dungeons on N’Erud, determined by RNG.


Stonebreaker is yet another weapon with a ranged weapon mod called Faultline, but it consumes tons of stamina, which puts it more in line with the World’s Edge than the Atom Splitter. But you can get Stonebreaker earlier than any of those two weapons, which makes it far more appealing. It has enough damage to defeat armored elite enemies with only two strikes. I suggest combining it with the Vampire Blade mutator and Blood Tinged Ring for some excellent synergies.

  • How to get Stonebreaker: Craft it at McCabe using 1 Hollow Heart, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scrap.

Krell Axe

There’s a great debate in the Remnant 2 community about which of the two throwable melee weapons is the best: the Krell Axe or the Huntress Spear? Clearly, Krell Axe turns out to be a winner due to the faster throw speed, although everybody agrees that both the angles and the distances are basically the same. I believe it’s all about the build that you’re going for as well as the availability of one of these weapons. So if you get the chance to craft the Huntress Spear, which requires a Venerated Spearhead from The Huntress boss, don’t be shy about it.

  • How to get Krell Axe:
    1. Solve the puzzle at the Endaira’s End, Yaesha.
    2. Find the Krell Axe under the pressure plate.


It’s really hard to hit those weakspots with the melee weapon, but Godsplitter‘s Fracture weapon mod turns all your attacks into weakspot damage. You can also turn this weapon into a real beast with the help of the One True King Sigil amulet alongside Faerin’s Sigil and Faelin’s Sigil rings, which increase all weapon mod damage by 20%. If you feel that Godsplitter isn’t good enough for fighting bosses, I strongly recommend trying it against bosses with the amulet equipped. The difference in damage output may surprise you!

  • How to get Godsplitter: Craft it at McCabe using 1 Melded Hilt, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scrap.


There’s a healthy number of elemental melee weapons in the game, but Smolder, which deals Fire Damage, is definitely one of the best. It deals 150 Burning damage when using its Blaze weapon mod. Also, be sure to use it with the Talisman of the Sun amulet, which increases Fire damage by 20% and Burning damage by 50%, and the Fire Stone Ring, which boosts your Fire damage by another 10%. As a result, your weapon will be able to deal over 250 Fire damage.

  • How to get Smolder:
    • Complete the main campaign on Veteran difficulty.
    • Purchase it from Brabus at Ward 13 for 750 Scrap.


the Dreamcatcher may not be the strongest melee weapon in the game, but it has several unique interactions that every Remnant 2 player should definitely consider. First, if you attack the Nimue merchant with it, you’ll be able to unlock the Crescent Moon bow, which is the only way to get it. Second, it can be used to unlock the Invader archetype class. Lastly, it has a powerful weapon mod called Dreamwave, which slows down all enemies. It’s a truly great melee weapon, although slightly underpowered in terms of damage.

  • How to get Dreamcatcher:
    1. Start the Nightweaver’s Web event in the Asylum, Losomn.
    2. Feed the Nightweaver Stone Doll to Nightweaver to unlock this weapon.


These claws are made for slashing! It’s not the best choice to fight the flying bosses, but they’re perfect for tanky Engineer build due to its Light Neutral Dodge, which ignores your character’s encumbrance. Combine it with the Weightless Weight amulet, the Haymaker’s ring, and the Mateorite Shard ring, and you’ll have one of the fastest and most brutal, heavy, tanky builds in the game.

  • How to get Nightshade: Craft it at McCabe using 1 Nightweaver’s Finger, 7 Lumenite Crystals, and 650 Scrap.

Ornate Flail

All the weapons that I’ve listed above were secret unique melee weapons. But what about regular melee weapons? Well, if you want the highest possible DPS, then opt for Iron Greatsword, which is a favorite of many Remnant 2 players. But the Challenger melee build with Ornate Flail shows some unbelievable results, generating infinite stamina. You could try Ornate Flair or Steel Flail for a similar result, but either way, you’ve got yourself the basis for one of the best melee builds in the game.

  • How to get Ornate Flail:
    1. Start the Executioner Event in Council Chamber, Losomn.
    2. Enter the hidden passage by striking the painting on the ground.
    3. Defeat the Executioner boss at the end of the passage to unlock this weapon.

Those are the best melee weapons in Remnant 2. Stay tuned for more R2 tips and tricks articles right here.

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