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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Find Illegal Shipment

Let's explore the Contact Light ship and learn how to find Illegal Shipment in Risk of Rain Returns.

Finding the Illegal Shipment chest for the Altered Genome Achievement can be difficult as its location is not obvious. Here’s how to find the Illegal Shipment in Risk of Rain Returns.

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How to Find Illegal Shipment in RoRR

Essentially, this secret chest is located on the final level “Contact Light” ship in Storage. Once you interact and unlock it with a keycard, the Altered Genome Achievement will be complete. That’s why you’ll need to navigate through the ship and acquire a keycard first. Keycards can be found in golden containers that are scattered throughout the level or behind blast doors. They can also be randomly dropped from enemies. 

Once you acquire one, head over to the Bridge area where the final boss is to the far right of the ship. However, before the Bridge blast door climb the ladder up and go to the left to the Storage area. Unlock Storage with a keycard and locate the strange chest hidden in the background.

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The RoRR Illegal Shipment is usually the one with the yellowish or greenish glowing button. Simply interact with it and you will complete the Achievement. This unlocks The Toxin item for later runs that debuffs enemies on contact to take more damage from you and your allies. I decided to use the Command Artifact to get it, because trusting the RNG in RoRR when trying to unlock something is madness. It’s decently useful, however, melee contact is usually not a great idea for ranged DPS survivors. That said, melee survivors like Acrid, Loader, and HAN-D to name a few will love this item.

We hope this guide on how to find Illegal Shipment in Risk of Rain Returns was useful. Secrets like these are common in the game where you can sometimes just spam interact or check secret walls and you’ll usually find something. Feel free to browse our RoRR hub for more guides like unlocking all characters or beginner tips.

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