The completed Winter event 2023 maps in Phasmophobia
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What Are the Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023 Rewards? Answered

Are the Phasmophobia Holiday event 2023 rewards worth it? Take a look and find out.

The amount of effort we have to go through during this holiday event is time-consuming, to say the least. There are so many snowmen to find, and if you’re not sure whether you want to take part or not yet, let’s go over all Phasmophobia Holiday event 2023 rewards.

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All Phasmophobia Christmas Event 2023 Rewards

You get two rewards for completing this year’s Holiday event in Phasmophobia. One is a badge and the other is a unique trophy for your trophy case. I personally like the trophy a lot more than the badge, though I prefer the Halloween event rewards to these ones. Regardless, who can pass up on free cosmetics and a trophy to show off in a multiplayer game? Not me!

Holiday Event 2023 Reward Trophy

The trophy reward for the 2023 Winter event is a frosted-over replica of the snowball gun we use to shoot the snowmen through the course of the event. It’s at the far corner of the trophy case. If you participated in and completed the Halloween 2023 event, it will be just below it on the trophy shelf.

The Holiday 2023 event reward trophy in Phasmophobia
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Holiday Event 2023 Reward Badge

Once you complete the event, you can open your badge editor to choose the new limited badge. This one states “Ghost Huntin’ Holiday ’23” at the top and sports a light blue color with a snowflake print.

The Holiday event 2023 ID badge in Phasmophobia
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How to Participate in the Phasmophobia Winter Event 2023

This particular event is intensive and requires going through eight total maps. You have to find the parts for the event snowball gun first, then seek them out across seven maps. Luckily, we’ve got guides on all eight steps of the Christmas event.

First, seek out the Mysterious Parts on the Sunny Meadows map. This is an easy step and should only take a few minutes. I’ve got a route drawn out on my guide, so you can just get in and out to move onto the meat of the event. After you’ve collected all three and left the map, it’s time to get shooting. I’ve written complete guides for each map you have to search through, linked here:

After you complete all of the above and leave the last snowman map, you’ll find the trophy on your trophy case and your new ID badge ready to wear. Now that you know all the Phasmophobia Holiday event 2023 rewards, it’s your call whether it’s worth going through or not. I think it is, but I’m one of those weirdos with over 300 hours in the game. Check out our other Phasmo guides here on GameSkinny for more ghost-hunting help.

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