Where to Find Tasha in Sea of Thieves

Looking for Tasha in Sea of Thieves? Look no further! Check out our guide to find her location and what she offers in the new Tall Tales mode.

With the addition of Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves, NPCs across the waters have new stories to tell, and therefore new treasures for players to unlock. Starting with the Mysterious Stranger who frequents the various taverns in the world, you'll be plying the pirate trade all over the map. One of the NPCs you'll need to find is Tasha.

Tasha is a barkeep who has plenty to say about one of the Tall Tales' big bads: Briggsy. Indeed, needing to find Tasha means you've already killed Briggsy, and that you've collected her skull and Shroudbreaker artifact. However, you now need a few key items to complete the relic.

So where is Tasha? Let's find out!

Tasha's Location on the Sea of Thieves

For Sea of Thieves veterans, this post's header image gave you a pretty good idea where to find Tasha. For everyone else, here's the island where she lives.

At the farthest eastern point of The Ancient Isles, just before you enter the Devil's Roar, you'll find Ancient Spire Outpost. That's where you'll find Tasha.

There is one little trick, however. The tavern on Ancient Spire is atop the mountain. To avoid spending too much time searching sea level for Tasha's abode, head up the hill, up the ladder, and into the tavern itself.

Whether you've been tasked with starting the Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale, or not, you'll see a book lying on the right side of Tasha's bar. If for some reason you've arrived at her tavern without all the prerequisites completed, the Tall Tale will be locked and grayed out. 

Otherwise, you're all set to get going on your next adventure.

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Thanks to Rare Thief for info on the Tall Tales.


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Published May. 10th 2019

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