Where to Find Merrick of the Hunter's Call in Sea of Thieves

Learn how to find Merrick, Master of the Hunter's Call, in this guide to the new Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update.

Sea of Thieves' recently released its big Anniversary Update, and it brings two new trading companies to the game: The Sea Dogs and Hunter's Call. The former is purely a PvP experience centered around the new Arena mode. However, the latter is more focused on PvE and features Merrick, a returning NPC veterans are sure to remember.

Problem is, Merrick isn't exactly "easy" to find, and many players are wondering where he is in the new update. 

Now known as Merrick of the Hunter's Call, he's the guy in charge of rewarding you for fishing, cooking, and taking down the occasional Mermaid Statue.

Where Can I Find Merrick?

You'll find Merrick standing at the end of the pier on the Stephen's Spoils Seapost in the Ancient Isles.

If you're having trouble finding this little island, look for Snake Island, Crook's Hollow, and Old Boot Fort. The Seapost sits in the middle of the triangle these larger islands create.

Where to find Merrick at Stephe's Spoils in Sea of Thieves

Sail on over and meet Merrick to turn in reputation items for Hunter's Call — again, fish, animal meat, and mermaid gems — and advance your way up the ladder. Be aware that cooked food is worth more than raw food, but be careful not to burn your fish and pork. Burnt food is worth the least of all.

Also, like the other trading companies, there are Hunter's Call agents scattered throughout the world at other Seaposts, and you're perfectly welcome to drop off your fish and things with them, too. Rewards are the same, even if the reward giver isn't quite as majestic.

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Published May. 2nd 2019

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