The 6 Best Minecraft Igloo Seeds and Frozen World Seeds

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The world is a cold place, so why you'd want to replicate that in Minecraft is beyond me. Maybe you're just trying to use the best Minecraft igloo seeds to escape from the constant fear of global warming. Fair play in that case.

In order to help you live your best escapist fantasies, here is a little list of some of the best igloo seeds currently in Minecraft, though it's a surprisingly shallow area of the internet.

Not all of these still have their igloos, but they're all a lot of fun to explore nevertheless. 

Snow Villages, Ice Spikes, Lonely Igloo, and Lapis

Seed: 1372204

Spawn: 170, -155
Igloo: 528, -411

You start off looking at one of the two main villages and have a great chance to explore and get some good loot straight away. If you dig below the village center, you'll even come across some Lapis Lazuli. It's a cool little seed that will offer you a nice chance to get well equipped before venturing too far out.

The igloo is a bit further away, but it's right near some really great caves, so it's a fantastic home base. There's also a nice forest biome nearby, and even a couple of little beaches to visit. 

Snowy Winter Scene plus Igloo w/Basement

Seed: -986625532

Spawn: 61, -30
Igloo: 83, 84

While this world is mostly snow and ice, there are a few forest-covered mountains in you venture far enough out. When you spawn, simply head along the river and you'll spot the igloo on the edge. If you go in and clear away the snow inside, you'll be rewarded with a trap door that leads into a basement.

There's a nice collection of loot down there, so make the most of it before exploring the surrounding area. There are two caged NPCs, one of whom needs purifying before you can free them. There's also a chest with:

  • 8 coal
  • 2 wheat
  • 4 apples
  • 1 golden apple
  • 6 gold nuggets
  • 1 rotten flesh

Plus, there's a brewing stand with a splash potion of weakness on it. 


Igloo with Basement on Frozen River

Seed: -491005510

Spawn: -8, -8

This one no longer spawns the igloo in the latest version of Minecraft.

This used to spawn you near an igloo complete with a cool hidden passage. Now it spawns you in the same geographical area, but instead of an igloo, you're left to fend for yourself.

The long, frozen river cuts through the area and serves as a great landmark for adventures, though., and you could build your own igloo to replace the one that's now missing.  

Igloo with Gold in Basement Chamber

Seed: 370608918

This one no longer spawns the igloo in the latest version of Minecraft.

It used to be that the igloo would be right in front of you, alas, it is no more. The latest update killed the igloo for some reason, which means that you instead spawn in front of a forest surrounded by snow on all sides. It's still a cool map, but the igloo being gone is rather sad. 

Ice Spikes and a (Hard to Find) Igloo
Seed: 1582691261

This one no longer spawns the igloo in the latest version of Minecraft.

Another victim of the 1.14 update, the igloo is gone, too. The good news is that the ice spikes are still very much intact, and the world is still an interesting one to get lost in.

With random lava pits set amongst the snowy tundra, you'll have a lot of fun simply messing around with the elements here. 


That's it for Minecraft igloo seeds as of update 1.14.4. For more, be sure to check out our every-growing Minceraft seeds hub, as well as these seeds collections: 

Published Aug. 21st 2019


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