Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night: How to Farm Gold

Need gold fast? If you've got the right combination of accessories and shards, its possible to farm several hundred thousand gold in just a few minutes.

Never seem to have enough gold on hand in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night? It's a resource that's readily available, but you need to spend some time hitting the same locations over and over to get rich quick. You've got to farm gold, baby.

The best method we've found involves hitting a series of breakable objects in rapid succession that respawn when you leave the room. This is a much better route than taking on enemies that have a chance to drop gold, as they will also often drop other items that aren't as useful.

Ready to roll in the cash? Let's get started by looking at what items and shards you need to make this method work.

Farming Gold Using Accelerator 

Augment Gold passive shard in Bloodstained menu.

No matter where you farm, it's critical to place Augment Gold as your passive shard (crafted from Augment Luck) so higher value money bags drop more frequently. You may also want to equip the Gambler's Ring as one of your accessories to increase your luck on drop rates.

From there, equip the Accelerator as your manipulative shard, which lets you move very quickly and deal damage along the way to break objects. With this loadout, you will get either 100, 500, 1,000, or 2,000 gold piece bags every time you hit statues or light sources in the locations listed below.

Finally, make sure to equip Gebel's Glasses. This accessory has a really cryptic description saying "a reminder of days now lost," but what that description doesn't mention is that Miriam doesn't run out of MP while wearing them.

This means you can effectively use Accelerator forever. Without the glasses, the statues may drop MP items instead of gold. To get the glasses, you need to acquire 100% of the available shards and then open the chest at Johannes's workshop in Arvantville. 

What should you do if you don't have Gebel's Glasses yet or haven't acquired the Accelerator? You can also use the Spiked Breastplate to farm these same locations, but it will take significantly longer as you won't move as fast.

Note that you can also use either Nectar or Lemonade to increase Miriam's MP regen, which isn't quite as effective as Gebel's Glasses but is still better than nothing when you are constantly spamming the Accelerator.

Best Accelerator Gold Farming Locations

There are three main places to farm gold with the Accelerator that work very well.

The best is easily in the two short cavern passageway rooms found side by side in the Forbidden Underground Waterway (the two small blue rooms on the map just below the red save point room).

There are three lights in both rooms: one on the wall, and two on the ground. You can hit them endlessly in rapid succession just by using Accelerator to run back and forth.

With this area, it's possible to net several hundred thousand gold in a matter of minutes with a little persistence.

 Two statues on either side of the room always drop money

The second area is a little slower and is found back near the beginning of the game in a room with four statues.

By using Accelerator, you can break all four statues then leave the room through the left side and immediately re-enter (don't use the right side as the door gets in the way). It takes about two seconds or less to clear the room and then repeat the process. 

The third area is in the Tower of the Twin Dragons where you also perform this same trick on a room with three lights. Take the elevator from the top floor down to the second floor of the Tower. In the next room, break the three lights to get the gold drop, then exit and re-enter to do it again and again.

Have you found any other great gold farming spots that we missed? Let us know your favorite gold farming method in the comments below, and check out our other Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night guides here:

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Published Sep. 11th 2019

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