Wartales Basic Classes Guide: Creating the Best Warband Composition

Give yourself the best tactical advantage by learning about the base classes your troops can have in Wartales!

In order to survive the harsh lands in Wartales, you’re going to have to make many tough decisions, and much of that starts with classes. Do you repair your gear in the field or wait to do it cheaper in town? Do you use medicine or tough it out until you can make it to an apothecary? Do you need a dedicated Miner in the group or should you have someone that is a one-use novice? 

One thing you shouldn’t overlook is the combat composition of your Warband. While certain classes have their uses, I wouldn’t want a party full of Spearmen, nor would I want one of Brutes. There must be a balance to your class composition, and in this guide, we’re going to talk about that so that you can have a leg up in the rather challenging early game of Wartales. 

Wartales Classes Explained

The base character classes in Wartales are as follows:


Archers are your ranged units and work great to inflict damage from a distance, weakening enemies in the early rounds of combat before they close the distance with your more frontline troops. Archer classes play more as support characters in that regard over something like a brute or swordsman and are great for setting up the battlefield or using their abilities to channel enemies along certain paths in combat. 

It’s worth noting that firing into the fray with a party member in the line-of-fire can lead to friendly fire so it’s advisable to position your archer and front-line troops with this in mind. 


The brute is essentially a bruiser-type combatant. This class does best in the thick of the fighting, generally wielding two-handed weapons, and have sweeping area attacks. Brutes are better suited to heavy armor and fighting smack dab in the center of the fray to maximize their abilities with their crushing warhammer or battleaxe blows.

Because of their arcing attack range, you’ll want to position brute classes carefully in combat so as to not strike your other troops grouped too close to enemy combatants.


Rangers are your quick-hitting class, flexible with good damage output. They are best suited for hit-and-run tactics like engaging other enemies from behind that are already in combat. They work best played as an assassin wielding a dagger and throwing knives in my experience and would fall into a support role like the archer.

I like to focus on critical hit change with ranger classes, coupled with a dagger for poison damage on enemies once their armor has been broken by another party member. 


Every party should have a spearman in it, hands down. This class doesn’t have the greatest of armor, making them a bit of the squishy side, but they make up for that with high damage and useful abilities, like being able to strike enemies out of engagement with your other forces. This can be used tactically to disengage enemies from your troops to heal them or allow them to heal others without invoking an opportunity attack. 

This class also synergizes well with your archers and can be used to cause some movement choke points with their wide striking range. 


Swordsmen are good all-around fighters with useful abilities. They can go the heavy armor route and soak up a lot of damage while also dishing out their fair share with either a sword and shield or two-handed swords. These classes also work best with the first aid ability allowing them to support their comrades and clear debuffs from battle as they generally have a large movement range matched only by Rangers.


Warriors are like a fusion of the brute and the swordsman classes. They have a high damage output and are better suited to an offensive role on the battlefield but can play the part of a “tank” if needed. Warriors are axe wielders, either one or two-handed, and can specialize in area-of-effect damage or more “dualist” fighting. 

Now you’re armed with the knowledge of the base classes in Wartales and can mix and match until you find your perfect party composition that fits your playstyle. If you’re looking for more Wartales content check out some of our other Wartales guides on GameSkinny!


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Published Jan. 4th 2022

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