Dying Light 2 Missing Persons Side Quest Choice: How to Save Damien

This Missing Persons side quest walkthrough for Dying Light 2 tells you what choice to make if you want to save Damien.

Missing Persons is a side quest in Dying Light 2 that becomes available fairly early in the game, around the same time as The Ball is in Your Court. Just like that side quest, this one can also be picked up in the Bazaar. You may already be on your way to meeting the group offering the job, but there are some choices you'll need to make along the way. 

This quick Dying Light 2 walkthrough guide will tell you everything you need to know about Missing Persons, including which choice to make. 

Missing Persons Walkthrough: How to Save Damien

You'll pick up this quest from Damien, the NPC standing by the western entrance to the Bazaar, on the bar side. They'll tell you about a group of folks offering a job near Quarry End. There are two choices to be made here, but neither really affects the outcome, only bits of the dialog. 

Follow the marker to the border of Trinity and Quarry End. When you arrive, you'll speak to a guard. Again, the choices here don't matter; they eventually let you in. Follow the path right and down through the floor. Go through the door and meet the Boss. 

You'll have another choice: say you're local or ask about the job. Once again, the choices ultimately end the same way; you'll just get a bit more dialog. Fight and defeat the Boss and his goons.

Once you defeat them, follow the objective marker back upstairs and to the door you originally entered through. You'll run into Damien and have a chat. The first dialog option you get doesn't matter, but the second does. 

Missing Persons Choices: Hand Damien Over to Carl or Cooperate with Damien

You can Hand Damien Over to Carl or Cooperate with Damien. If you choose the first option, you'll fight Damien on the spot. If you choose to Cooperate with Damien, he'll tell you about his brother. When he's done, you can choose to help him or not; help him to continue the side quest. 

Once you've confronted Damien, you'll need to search for his brother, Cliff. There is an investigation marker on the door near the hole in the floor. Interact with that before going back to the Boss' room. Lockpick the door on the right side to complete the investigation section.

Return to Damien to learn about a place called Devil's Bridge in Quarry End. Go there to search for Cliff. At the marker, enter through the open window on the building's roof (north side). Make sure to grab the Tape on the shelf with the paint cans on the right.

Follow the path, and go down through the hole. Then continue through the living room and kitchen before taking the first door on the left. Go down the stairs to the next level. Go through another kitchen and a room full of Infected; there is a low hole in the wall in the back left portion of that room to crawl through. 

Keep going until you emerge outside, looking down on two Renegades trying to start a generator. Kill them, and then go to the objective marker to speak with Cliff. The choice during this conversation seems important, but again, it doesn't matter what you choose — you still fight Cliff and his entourage. 

Once you defeat Cliff's minions, go upstairs and right. Interact with the double doors to initiate the boss fight. Make sure to grab one of the spears in the area (one at the bottom of the stairs and one by the orange sofa at the top of the stairs) because one spear hit will drain half of Cliff's life.

Go back to the entrance of the area, and go out the door on the right to avoid going back through the apartment building with the Infected. Return to the Bazaar, and speak with Roger, who's trying to open a door opposite the bar. You'll find that Damien's locked himself in the tower. 

How to Climb to the Bazaar Tower in Missing Persons

After speaking with Roger, leave the Bazaar via the exit nearest Roger. Outside, you'll see the door leading outside and two towers. Climb the right (taller) one, then jump to the left (smaller) one to start your ascent up the church. Once you jump over to the church, you'll find platforms leading up. 

When you reach the bell tower, you'll pass a safe code stuck behind a post and a small safe to the left of it. The safe code is 510. Use it to grab the tape (Carl's Journal #4) inside the safe.

Missing Persons Choices: Talk Damien Off the Ledge

Open the hatch in the ceiling in the room with safe code to trigger a cutscene. You'll find that Damien is going to kill himself by jumping off of the roof. You have three choices to talk to him about here: 

  • Life
  • His brother
  • Not jumping

Choose to talk about life if you want to keep Damien from jumping; the other two choices end with him leaping from the Bazaar bell tower. During the conversation about life, you'll face a second choice:

  • To say you'll jump, too.
  • Give Damien a message from Carl. 

Say you'll jump, too to keep Damien from killing himself. Finally, you'll face a third choice once Roger arrives:

  • Interrupt Damien
  • Do nothing

If you interrupt, you'll finally save Damien. If you do nothing, Damien will implicate himself in the atrocities and Roger will take him to the gallows to hang. 

And those are the decision you need to make in the Missing Persons sidequest if you want to save Damien. For more tips and walkthroughs, head over to our Dying Light 2 guides hub where we walk you through The Ball is in Your Court and tell you how to get the crossbow and how to sprint.

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Published Feb. 15th 2022

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