Can You Sprint in Dying Light 2?

Aiden kind of runs slow in Dying Light 2. Here's how to sprint to speed things up just a little bit.

Traversal is a big part of Dying Light 2, and for many parts of the game, you'll be running around Villedor and the Central Loop to get from A to B. But can you sprint to speed things up when you can't fast travel to the exact location you want?

Eventually, yes: you can sprint in Dying Light 2, but you won't get access to the skill for a little while. When you start the game, Aiden "runs" when you press the control stick forward or associated buttons down by default. But he runs ... pretty slowly. Here's what you need to know about speeding that up by sprinting.

How to Sprint in Dying Light 2

As you progress through Dying Light 2, whether you're playing story quests, taking on side quests, or taking part in the dozens of other activities available, you'll gain Parkour experience in the form of Points. As you accumulate Parkour Points, you'll gain a skill point to use in the Parkour side of the skill tree. 

To sprint, you must unlock the Dart skill (third row down on the left, furthest to the right). This requires 140 stamina and 1 skill point to unlock and allows you to press the control stick down and requisite key on PC (it tells you on the skill card) and "gain a brief burst of speed." You can increase your stamina by finding and using Inhibitors. 

Once you get the Dart skill, you can then unlock Dash at 180 stamina for 1 skill point, which lets you "sprint faster" with the same button press, but this type of sprint requires more stamina to use. 

Finally, there's a third Parkour skill, called Afterboost, which gives you more speed after performing certain Parkour stunts, such as climbing and hitting active landings. This also unlocks for 1 skill point and requires 240 stamina.

Being able to sprint doesn't make traversal or movement that much faster, but it does help when you initiate a Chase, for example, or need to get out of a chemical field quickly. There are also other skills linked to sprinting (or dashing as Dying Light 2 calls it), such as Bash and Enemy Jump, that are worthwhile. 

Depending on how you want to play Dying Light 2, it may be more worthwhile spending Parkour skill points in other branches of the Parkour tree first an wait to upgrade your sprint ability. You do get access to the paraglider and grappling hook later for other traversal mechanics.

I found it most useful to go after skills such as Fast Climb, Far Jump, and Wall Run because I was searching for all Airdrops and completing all of the Bandit Camps. Also, activating all of the Windmills is made easier by investing in these types of Parkour abilities.

Either way, now you know how to sprint in Dying Light 2 and the skills you need to go after with your Parkour points. For more help with staying human, head over to our DL2 tips hub.

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Published Feb. 4th 2022

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