Metro Exodus Guide: How to Free the Slaves

Find out how to free the slaves in the Caspian region with the help of our step-by-step guide to Metro Exodus.

Reputation plays a huge role in the Metro series of games. The same rule applies in Metro Exodus, where you define whether you will get a good or a bad ending with your own actions.

One way to get a good reputation is to help people out. That's why one of the most important missions in the game involves freeing slaves in the Caspian region.

It's not an easy mission, so if you want to know how to complete it with a good result, then follow our step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Snipe All the Guards

Anna will tell you about the slave ship in the Caspian region, which you can find in the northwestern part of the map. The marker will be added to your map, and you really should wait before it gets dark in order to start the mission.

As you approach the dock with the slave ship, you will notice that there are lots of guards checking the perimeter, so be sure to get a sniper rifle, which will help you greatly.

In this way you can take out all the guards from a distance and without alarming the rest of the guards. Also, if you have enough ammo, it would be wise to extinguish all the sources of light before going all in.

Step 2: Get on the Ship

Use the zipline at the dock to get on the slave ship. When you're on board, turn right and extinguish all the torches.

Be as stealthy as possible when you're inside the ship: crouch, knock out enemies from behind, and shoot those lamps. Move slowly towards the center of the ship until you hear slaves speaking in the distance.

This is the sign that you're getting closer to the prison cells. Now prepare your sniper rifle and be ready to kill many guards.

Step 3: Open the Prison Cells

When you're done with all the guards, get inside the control room and switch on the panel on the wall. This will power up the prison cells.

Then, walk out of the control room on the other side of the bridge and look for a lever. It's right above the prison cells. Push the lever and watch the slaves fleeing from their cells.

Finally, use the zipline on the bridge and leave the ship through the door with an exit sign on it.

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Published Feb. 21st 2019

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