How I got to Diamond in 3 months (League of Legends)

My story of how I got into Diamond League in League of Legends and how you can get there too


I. How I got to Diamond (My story)

II. General Advice

III. Gameplay/Mindset Advice

I. How I Got to Diamond In 3 Months

Getting Stuck in Platinum

Way back in (I think it was) November, I managed to move from the Gold Tier into the prestigious Platinum Tier in League of Legends. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. I felt that after all the ranked games that I played, I was finally at a Platinum level and a strong player in the game. However, it turned out I was completely wrong. After entering the Platinum Tier, I proceeded to lose game after game after game. It eventually got to the point where I was getting lower pick priority than gold 4s, whom, in theory, I was fairly superior to because of my ranking. At this point I was gaining about 3-5 LP per win, and just when I had managed to win 3-4 consecutive wins, a single loss would put me back to 0.

Needless to say, I was mortified. I came to realize that although I had managed to get to the Platinum tier, I was only platinum in name only. It wasn’t a thing I actually deserved. In reality, I was a gold the whole time, and that had never changed. You always have those games where you see someone and wonder how they managed to get carried up to your tier, and in my games, that player was me.

The New Account

In my despair and irritation, about 3 months ago I created a second account which is now my main account, “SeasonsCall”. I quickly leveled up to 30 in about a week and prepared to hop back into ranked, a fresh start on a fresh account. After winning 8 of my 10 promotional matches, I got placed into Silver II. In about 20-30 games, I got my way out of silver and moved back into the gold league, the level I always was. Gold was a bit tougher, but after about 40-50 games I managed to move up into Gold I from Gold V. Confident and ready, I started spamming ranked games with Platinum V right in my sights. After about 100 games of wins and losses, I was still in Gold I, but nowhere near Platinum V.

It was at this point that I started doubting myself. I wasn’t getting promoted nor was I getting demoted. I was stuck. The worst part was the fact this all was happening in Gold I, nearly the same place I got stuck in on my first account.

It was around this time that I was starting to realize that although I was playing a lot of games, I was never improving. All phases of the game felt the same as they did 100 games ago. Even though 100 games ago I told myself I would play to improve, it never happened. It was at this time that I realized I needed to change.

A Change in Mindset

My change in playstyle was, dare I say, drastic. In all honesty, at the beginning I was wondering why I even bothered doing it. I was dying a lot more often, feeding a lot more, and getting a lot more threats from teammates saying that they would report me. About 200 games later, my efforts began to bear fruit. Although I have no concrete evidence, everything about my play felt better. I felt more in control of laning phase and started getting more kills and less deaths. Although my overall win percentage stayed the same, I felt that I had more control of the game than I did before. (I will discuss exactly what I changed later in the article.)

Racing to Diamond

After another 80ish games, I started to see drastically improved win rates. Although I might have just gotten lucky, I began winning game after game and very quickly got placed into my promotionals, where I went 3-0 and got promoted into the platinum tier.

Although it was an extremely long journey, after about 450 games, 400 of which were in Gold I alone, I managed to get my way into the Platinum tier.

From this point, there really isn’t a lot to say. I just continued doing what I did in Gold league, and after about 200 games I made it into Diamond. After 697 ranked solo queue games, I did it. I got into the tier where all the “cream of the crop” lie.

 Where I am at now (gg SGU patch lag)


The road to Diamond was a long, tedious road that gave me an immense amount of satisfaction upon completion. Now as I tread toward my new goal, Diamond I, I have come to respect the system that Riot has put into play for the Ranking Ladder. Although at first I thought the system did not work and made no sense, I have come to realize a different conclusion. The system works extremely well for solo queue players like me.

Players that manage to climb up the ladder with their own power slowly but surely grow substantially as a player as they climb. Whenever I play smurf games in Gold or Silver or Bronze, everything just seems so easy. I see hundreds of opportunities and openings that I never saw before I managed to achieve a Diamond rating. It is through these smurf games that I am able to fully respect my Diamond achievement, and am able to fully realize how much I have grown as a player.

II. General Advice

Understanding the Limits

Every champion in the game has limitations. There are things some champs can do that others cannot at all points in the game. Understanding these limitations is the most important thing to becoming a better player.

For example, let’s take an assassin like Zed or Talon. Almost every player knows that they are capable of dealing insane amounts of burst damage. However, one thing many lower level players do not know is that they cannot brawl with a bruiser early game. Throughout levels 1-5, if a brawler like Xin Zhao, Riven, or Renekton gets into Zed or Talon’s face, Zed or Talon almost surely will die. In fact, most assassin type champions are built for the purpose of doing insane amounts of burst damage to priority targets. While these champs do a lot of burst damage, they have very low sustained damage. If a bruiser type champion can get into an assassin’s face before they maximize their burst potential (level 6), the bruiser will usually wind up winning.

Understanding the limitations of all of the champions will allow you as a player to take full advantage of when those champions are weakest, and allow you to act with caution when yours are weak as well. This information make it a lot easier to win lane, whether it be by counter picking or outplaying the opponent.

Level 2 / 3 advantage

Another thing many lower ELO players do not take into consideration is the immense advantage you gain by leveling up, especially in the earlier levels. Being level 2 or 3 while your opponent is level 1 is a massive advantage. Not only do you have higher base stats, but you also have access to more abilities.

For example, let’s take a look at a matchup like Lee Sin vs Xin Zhao. In this kind of lane, both champions have the potential to kill the other the moment they hit level 2. If Lee sin hits 2 first, he can immediately Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike over to Xin Zhao for decent damage and throw out his Tempest/Cripple to slow down Xin Zhao while beating him up with auto attacks. In this scenario, what can Xin Zhao do? He is still level 1 and (most likely) has a point invested in either his Three Talon Strike or his Audacious Charge. There is no way he is about to out-damage the Lee Sin, especially with Cripple’s attack speed debuff.

However if Xin Zhao hits 2 first, he can immediately Audacious Charge followed by a Three Talon Strike to deal immense damage to the Lee Sin. Lee Sin has no method to escape from the Audacious Charge unless he leveled up his Safeguard/Iron Will first. If he invested in any of the other skills, he has no method of escaping from Xin Zhao unless he flashes away because there is no way that Lee Sin will manage to out-damage the Xin Zhao.

Minions Hurt!

Do not forget about minion damage! Fighting in your opponent near large enemy minion waves is typically not a good idea. Although caster minions may only wind up doing 10-12 damage a hit, when there are 5-6 of them hitting you at once that damage quickly adds up. Use this information to your advantage! For example, if you are playing Singed, if your minions are hitting your laning opponent Fling him into your creep wave! You don’t even have to fight with him afterwards. Just fling him behind your creeps and run away letting your little caster minions do the dirty work.

Get those Objectives!

Taking objectives such as Dragon and Towers should have a significantly higher priority than chasing a couple champions for kills. I have seen many games while smurfing where people are too busy chasing other champions to take down towers, and that action would lead to us getting killed, getting a few kills, or getting nothing at all. Killing as many champions is not the objective of the game. The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy Nexus which you can only get to by destroying buildings.

Kills also grant your team a lot less gold than an objective would. A normal kill (that has no bounties or feeding penalties) would result in 450 gold for your team max (kill + assists). A dragon gives every team member 190 gold, and an additional 25 to the person who killed the dragon. 190*5+25 = a whopping 975 gold for your team. More than twice the gold you would get for a kill. I'm no math major but that sounds pretty worth it to me!

III. Playstyle Advice

Score doesn’t matter

A lot of players in all divisions (including diamond) are fairly picky about scores. Players like these think that your score displays how much you are doing for the team, which is both true and not true at the same time. In solo queue games, the real MVP is the one allowing the team to get objectives. Have you ever thought about why the 10-1-0 Lux is carrying the team? Well, let me tell you that it is not because of the fact Lux has a score of 10-1-0. It is the fact that, because she is killing everyone on the other team, your team has an easy time taking turrets and dragons.

Score’s irrelevance becomes more apparent when you look at games where somebody is fed, but that person is not taking objectives. Just because a player has 10 kills doesn’t mean that your team is winning. The game isn’t won by constantly killing the enemy players, the game is won by destroying the enemy nexus. If your “carry” makes absolutely no progress in taking down turrets, then the “carry” isn’t carrying, that is a fact.

Go Ham! Feeding is Learning!

Here it goes, you might want to coin me a heretic right now because I am going to tell you, feed to learn. There is no faster way to understand champion limits than to go completely crazy with the champion a couple times. Understandably, this degree of reckless play will likely lead to feeding for a couple games. When going crazy with a champion, you constantly poke at the boundaries of what is doable and what isn’t, which allows you to feel out the champion’s limitations significantly faster than if you played scared. I mean, how else are  you going to figure out that Champion A beats Champion B at Level C without trying it out yourself?

Playing recklessly also applies for when you are behind. Some champions can easily decimate others even if they are several levels behind with the proper play. For example, a level 6 Zed or Khazix can defeat a level 9 Riven if she uses her skills to farm creeps. As long as you have some degree of damage, the fed Riven can get blown up before her abilities come off of cooldown! Don’t be afraid to try new things!

The Most Beneficial Games Are the Ones You Lose

Although you may think losing is bad, in reality it is a really good thing. When you lose there are always reasons why you lost. By identifying those reasons you can effectively prevent them from happening in future games.

The best example is losing your lane. If you lose your lane, you need to identify why you lost your lane. Was the other player's champion stronger than you thought? Did you get outplayed? Did you get ganked by the jungler? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself when you lose your laning phase. When you find the answers to these questions you improve as a player because not only do you understand the champion limits more, but you understand what you can do to fight against them.

Where You Can Find Me

I am a 19 year old college student by day, aspiring to become a top level player by night. I will be writing more League of Legends articles in the future, so keep in touch!





Published Jul. 24th 2013
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  • LeagueGamer
    This is definitely some great advice from a player that obviously knows what they're talking about. Definitely some areas that I need to look into with my own game. I think it's easy to get caught up with strategies that may have had some mediocre success for you at some stage and you tend to stick to these average strategy rather than fail / losing a few more times so you can really develop your skills into a much stronger player.

    I like the opportunity to practice without harming the rating on my main, buying lol smurf accounts has helped.
  • JackMobius
    how is it possible to level a new account to lvl 30 within a week? even with permanent xp boost and wins only you need to play close to 30 games per day for a whole week
  • MobalyticsMark
    Some great perspectives for those of us learning the game. Thanks.
  • bazz_5999
    Fantastic tips!!
    Last edited 9 months ago
  • Ryan_9663
    Great tips. There are a lot of items on your list I have drilled into my brain, such as the need to go ham a few times to get a feel for your champion's limitations and to view losses as an opportunity to figure out what went wrong and how to improve. My main issue is just being tenacious in ranked. I usually give up after 50 or so games per season (or less) and never get very far (silver 1), but then I read stories like yours which demonstrate that improving in rank can take a great deal more time and dedication. Anyway, that's what I got out of it, thanks.
  • Bambi_7999
    Stephen... You just need to improve now.
    And if you see that is Really not working try to find a friend, that has the same level of "skill" that you do, and win your games up ;D
  • shanmugapriya.B
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  • Marks_2391
    Hi, thanks for the read. Im playing league for like 3 years now since early beta in NA but i switched back to EUW when the servers got available. First 2 years i was playing with my friends just to have fun, didnt played much ranked games at that point. Than i started watching LCS and streams and felt like im getting better at the game. I was always a silver player tho i feel like i belong in gold. Thats the goal for now. My mechanics are bad thats my worst enemy but i do have an awesome understanding of the game. I just want to add that im "old" not like rly old but old enough to realize that my reaction times are not crispy as they used to be :D
  • Desolatiion
    I would just like to say this is a fantastically written article. I love the format you have and your information is great. You are very inspiring! I definitely found some tricks in here I will be putting towards my solo queue career :) I recently also hit that "new mindset" too and I have drastically improved. I was gold last season and I was placed silver 3 this season, but I'm back up to S1 and ready to make my way up.
    You just gained a new subscriber :)! - Desolatiion
  • Mark_5314
    It's easier on this website http://ba7d17m6id5r4n1erggjsiil5m.hop.clickbank.net/
  • Kev_3369
    Haha. I was raged by my team for constant feeding. P.S it was a bot game- Who would surrender a bot game? Lol. Well, what I did was, I was trying to test Master Yi's limits. What he can do and cannot. And also first time playing Master Yi. So yup.I was only trying to figure out his limits without his R and Q just by auto attacking the Bot Champs. And, people were raging at me, absuing me for feeding. Lol. What's ironic is, a low elo player absuing a platinium level tire player. Just wow. It was just so damn funny.

    P.S do not judge. You have no right to judge, if you are doing that. lol

    PSS. Love your guide. I have a bit confident that I can make it into Diamond. Thank you. :))
    Last edited 2 years ago
  • FRUIT LOOPS_2420
    You remind me of fruit loops. You fucking suck
  • Lilwartz_1839
    This is a great article and is advice people should follow while trying to get better at league. I just hit Plat V after being in silver last season. I knew that I belonged in a higher elo but i focused on that too much instead of focusing on improving as a player. After playing the game and trying to get better instead of trying to climb, it has become so much easier ranking up. One other important consideration is controlling the creep waves, such as pushing when your opponent is back to force them to lose cs and experience. Great job seasons
  • Ashok Kumar Mishra
    I am 15% Leadership but I am go to diamand level Pin I comment
  • jeg_3671
    I leveled up bornze 5 to diamond with bot of legends. In 2 months. You destroy everyone :d
  • InTehFace
    Great read! Your details are great and I like how you emphasize its not about getting to the next level "right now" but getting the skill to be there and the rest will follow. 100 game grind to get from G1 to P5 is not unreasonable, and people seem to miss that.
  • Brian Hail
    I generally win lane as Fiora (mind you I am Bronze II at the moment) when going top even against champs like Tryndamere or Jax (surprising I know), but what I discovered like this player discovered is the Level 2 Advantage. I love to get to level 2 before Tryndamere then just poke him and get him to start brawling with me to the death. Pop an exhaust in and you assured he won't be getting away without flashing and using Ignite. It's great as it sets you up for a gank and you have greater lane control as your close to full hp and can now deprive him of CS.
  • Just_Ireq
    Could you tell me more about raising morale of your team? I'm sick of trolls, afkers and guys like "I'm not support" or "mid or troll". Currently I'm in Gold 1 and for about 3 months i can't neither promote to plat or demote to Gold 2, could you give me some tips? Ah, and what is better in my situation: solo queue or duo?
  • Noxxygen
    Im adc currently in s4 at plat 4 and im trying to get out of the platinum tier but its kinda hard atm i still have aroud 150+ ranked games and 100 of them are in the platinum tier i want to know how can i get out of this tier with ADC not anything else , im doing the laning phase awesome , cs advantage and getting some kills 2-3 leading up , there comes the hard part they send their jungler to camp my lane and sometimes even mid comes now i might be winning 2v2 but we cant win 2v3 or 2v4 and my team doesnt progress at all they just farm at their lanes instead of my jungler to just go to top or mid and push a tower or 2.My question is how can i carry with adc if i got everything i need position , mechanics , laning phase
  • 1Sh0t2Kill
    Verry nice, it was helping me.
  • H panda
    Hey season, im silver 1 on NA, s4 on garena server, and s5 on oceanic.. I dont think im THAT good but ive won against plats or diamond on normal, plenty of times.. Yet im stuck in silver.. I lost 5 times in a row on provisional matches, i won my lane in all 5 i got fed so hard and still lost.. My team always ended up feeding, stupidly getting caught, and eventually lost the match.. Was i just unlucky or theres something that top tier player does differently to win that situation? I mean, you cant control what those other players do or how they play it.. But ya im going crazy being silver..
  • tippi taupi
    So you got real lucky. Grats.

    Gold players aren't good. I also got stuck in gold one but the decline started in gold 2. Now in gold 3. Through gold I was doing fine. Teams weren't feeding etc. Then all of a sudden my teams started feeding early game. Making mistakes. Most of my top lanes simply cannot ward. Most of my bot lanes feed unless I am bot. Gold players are horrible from my experience. No different from silvers.

    Through my games there was the weird situation that I usually ended up in games where the other team had plats etc. Now I am in games where I have silvers and they have golds. Some games where there are plat players they end up feeding (plat feeding a silver 1 to screw the game for example).

    I am going to try finding some solid champs and main them. I don't think too many plat/diamond players can play all the champs. They seem to main just a few and maybe that will help. Need to find a way to make up for the early game feedings
  • Shrek_7659
    This was a pretty cool article, your a very logical person.
  • Richard_1071
    Thank you very much ! It's been really helpful
  • Trash_5538
    They can afk before even game starts for that they wanna make fun and NO, YOU CANT STOP GETTING 4 braindeads in team again and again, thats why 90% of these guides are trash. Im gold and can beat diamonds 1v1 so?
  • James-77
    Dumb article. Start in bronze and see what happens. One to two afks every game, often someone feeds and goes 0 and 10 or 2 and 15.
  • iRageQuitz
    hey, im really glad i came through this article because i am in somewhat similar spot as you were before. I started LoL more seriously about month and a half ago and I quickly reached level 30. After winning 8 or 9 games out of my 10, i was placed in gold v. And i kept winning with top lane champ and got placed into gold 3 from 5. So heres the problem and I need some help. I bascially played 1 or two champs, mostly irelia top, all the way to gold 3.(I had like 20 ranked games total when i reached gold 3) Now, i feel like I was rushed to gold 3 without experience and couldn't compete against the players here. so my solution to this was playing different champs but.. trying to learn new champs at my level is very difficult for me right now.. I see myself competing with people over 500+ ranked games.. compared to my 30 total ranked games.. It feels like I really need to make a new account.. but i really do not want to buy my champs again.. what should i do :(?
  • Shoaib_3020
    I cant thank you enough for this guide. I used to suck in this game but reading those tips you posted, I have become a much better player. Thank you so much
  • so badddd
    another kid who got diamond that was stuck in bronze last season just what us other diamond players need on our team. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK
  • Eisenhammer
    very nice.hope many People read this here.sometimes i run in the Opponent Team (with singed) and make alot damamage to all of them.my Team can just overrun them then.but i die cause i run in.but the Problem is,they just dont get why i run in.i run in to make it possible for my Team to kill all of the opponents Team.so i die but the whole other Team die too.of course my Team call me a noob then and want to Report me.they dont realise they beat the Opponent cause of the damage i do before.its shit that so many People dont get how to win a game.
  • own_9793
    give the guy a break, he is still in diamond and he is a top player. You dont need to become number 1 challenger to prove youre good.

    im a new player with only 32 games in ranked and about 150 win in normal. silver i at the moment and learning...
  • Lmfaohilarious
    3 months ago he was diamond 3, now he's diamond 4 lmfao talking about nice progress!
  • Patrick aka Valued script v2 EUNE
    Hi there. :) first of all i want to say that it was a nice story and some god tips. Espesially the one with hero limits. Rest is not that hard for me anymore. My way up 2 plat was really not hard at all. But when ireached plat 3 and 2 hell visited my soul. I win lane 80 % of the time top and mid. I roam if im mid and gank mid if im top and ahead. I constantly remind my team to be ready for objectives but here is the big BUT. Sometimes or almost every game i wonder how those peaple got to plat in the first place.. they chase they die. I can even see that the way they play the champion or the strategy they are "using" is totally not right. Wtf do i do when they have no ingame iq as i call it. Yes they dont always feed but my biggest frustration is how they DONT work as a team to eventually take nexus. Why does riot system give me no knowlage players and feeders in this ranked stage ? I simply cant get to promo for plat 1. If i drop to plat 3 i immidiatly get back to plat 2. :) please just say something meaningful to me. I need it . Thx and keep up the god work
  • Iloveshoarma
    I know why I lose I only don't know hot to prevent it.
    I play adc sometimes duo queue we get doven by their mid and jungle and bot.
    How can I prevent this. I know warding is an option and running away 2 but than we lose drake cs and tower. This most likely happend when our jungler is top.
    If I can't prevent this what do I need 2 do when we lost so much objectives and gold?
    I am currently in Platinum V and I hope I can get to diamond :)

    I have another problem.
    I get easily in platV promo to plat IV
    But than I lose 2 and than I lose so much that I come to 50 lp and than the same happens again. this is really frustrating. Is this because I am stressed or do I just have bad luck?
  • luke willan - mon929
    i cant seem to get out of b2, i go one huge winning steaks up to near 90lp then lose down to 10 ect i am struggling now i feel as though i have peddled backwards with my skills, how the hell did you get out of bronze let alone into diamond..
  • the one who knocks
    The time in which you achieved this is irrelevant, it's more about the amount of games it took to achieve.
  • Liew Xun
    I'm currently in a situation where I'm in gold V and kept losing (despite nearly getting promoted to gold IV) so i get games where i queue with players in silver. It also made me realize I don't deserve to be in gold even though it seemed easy to get there. After reading this, I think I should try changing my play style for the better, thanks for sharing your experience! :D
  • Adc Deneb Kaitos
    Well I raised from silver 1 to platinum 1 almost diamond along all the 3th season. There is something true (most of the other true common things you said), and is to seek the limits of the champs you like..

    Im mainly adc, I played a lot because I really like this game :P, and there is a moment when "you really know you improved". When you know that your very superior than the other people in your league, you really rise easy to tier 1. Just try to learn, dont just recognize your error, change em till you fit with your game style!.
  • Zakaria_1888
    This is a pretty nice story and tutorial
  • josh_1116
    Damn I wish everyone in league read this. Then we won't have noobs calling other decent players bad just because they have a shit score. Also they will realise LOL is basically a tower breaking game that instead of chasing to get a kill, a tower is worth 10 times more.
  • Majed_4895
    Hello my friend , i hope you can read this , im stuck at platinum 1 and i cant get out of it , i get 4 points per win , 4 per lose , and stuck at ~ 50 ,dont tell me to create new account , i wont be able to buy all the champions and the runes pages like i did in my main account , i need a solution before season 3 ends , i think i deserve diamond but i just cant get it , i blame the server ( EUNE ) for this , so many dumbs ....
  • pumarhonin
    Grind your way to diamond tier after a THOUSAND games, write an article giving advice.
  • WarpedTruth
    I need your help okay I got demoted to silver two from silver one. I played adc vayne five games in a row with my buddy and managed to win all five then two more for my quakifier. Back to s1 now when I was in s2 I was getting like +13 lp now their is only 13 ppl in my s1 bracket and I'm only getting +4-7 a game and its really hard getting out of silver, the enemy bit lane is usually the same not really good tbh but it's usually just mid game where even if I ping objectives people rather chase singed or ahri any help?
  • LolUbad_4798
    bottom line: YOU ARE BAD. At the time you posted the Diamond V screenshot you were at 800 games. I just checked you out at lolking.net and now you have over 1100 games and you're STILL Diamond V. Kid, I have 300 games and i'm at Diamond III. This new system sucks; Any bad player like you that spams games and goes on winning streaks can get to Diamond rofl. Not hating, just saying the truth. Sorry if i hurt your feelings.
  • Huehue123
    Not even tryhard kappa

    I'm just kidding nice Story and nice guide for those, which are stuck in any league.
  • Kevin Nguyen
    wow im amazed lol im stuck in plat 5 too ;_;
  • CheyWub
    I love this, a lot of people don't realize the core points of the game, or how to get better. I myself did already think about a lot of this, but this helped me think about it better. :) I'm much more determined to get my elo back up and beyond now! I had quit ranked for a while but in the past week or 2 i've been playing a lot and I've won the majority of my games. :3 I've had teams complain about what I do mid-game, then thank me after. Then I have the teams who won't take objectives, and throw when we have the chance to win. But I understand when I do not deserve the win. I am also in Silver, so I take it less seriously than I should, and sometimes get behind when I could be ahead. But I will stop doing that. :)
  • Undo_9727
    Seasons, this is exactly what those who are stuck in a certain elo need! Great encouragement and healthy advice!

    I wish I read this a while ago when I was stuck in Silver 1 for a long ass time (division 1's give less LP from wins and lose more LP from losses...most of the time) haha.

    My journey began in Silver 2 after 8/10 promos with by roommate at the beginning of this year when we finally decided to start playing the game seriously. I struggled a bit in Silver 2 because I barely had any legit ranked experience in Season 1~2. But I changed my attitude towards my teammates a bit after a while of being stuck there. I've always been a "kind" person even on LoL...but then I started used the Dick Sucking Theory or "DST" before Sky (on youtube) ever made his video. I knew I was above average compared to my teammates (a bit of God Complex...forgive me), but all it took was to change my attitude towards them. Always be nice, always say good things (damn Kha'zix, nice kill there bro!). Never rage in the chat (it's k, we still got this). Keep the team morale high no matter what. <--- this is so hard for a lot of people...I honestly don't know why...just a bit of acting lol. Oh, if you're last pick...just say "fill"...and if someone else asks for adc after you already asked for it...let them have it. Happy teammates = win :)

    Yes, it takes that change in mindset, determination, perseverance, research, and experience to climb the ladder. Somehow, you break down that wall and you finally overcome the division that you're stuck in.

    Yup, got out of Silver 2 and into Silver 1 towards the end of spring. This time, I got stuck again...and for an even longer period. What was I doing wrong? I changed my attitude didn't I? Nope, I watched some streams and a lot of LoLtube, LCS, all that stuff. Figured out so many things I was doing wrong...so many things that Season was talking about in his article (objective control, thinking cooldowns and minion wave, level advantage, proper item building, the list goes on!). This time, my mindset changed to a "play to improve" instead of "play to win". Ask the pros, they'll give you the same phrase. Boom, I looked into my mistakes...climbed up to the promos and finally got to Gold! Then, I celebrated a bit by playing some IDGAF games in my weakest role - jungle - with buddies. Learned a bit and even started to main some junglers (<--- I will come back to this).

    I think towards the middle of this summer, I finally hit Gold 5. A week or 2 later, Gold 4 (yeah, I wanted Plat now that I'm in Gold). Then, I was kinda stuck again. Even dropped down to Gold 5 again all the way to 0 LP. This was just a few weeks ago.

    What was I doing wrong this time???!!
    At this point, my friend in bronze 2 asked me to elo boost him to bronze 1 around the time Spirit Guard Udyr came out. I played the crap out of Spirit Guard Udyr jungle on his acc and won game after game after game...losing only those where teammates disconnected. It felt great...almost too easy (he finally learned that it was him, not his teammates that were the problem after witnessing this insane 15-game winstreak where I'd win games with 0 deaths). I carried his acc to promos for SIlver 5 and he hasnt touched it since lol

    I knew for a fact that I have become a much better player than those stuck in bronze or silver. Got so excited about Udyr and tried to play him on my own acc. Dreams shattered, hooooly crap I couldn't do what I did in the bronze tier with Udyr! Why?

    At this point, I learned the importance of champ select, picks, counterpicks, team comps...and why Udyr in Gold isn't the best idea (you wanna counter jungle someone hard? well, gold players don't let that happen as easily haha). I've also learned to just play what I'm best at...adc and mid...especially that Zyra (try her out...she can carry as a support when late game comes around). Lastly, I learned to call shots (at this point, I was dominating my own lane...which gives me the right to call shots and objectives because people only listen to those who haven't made mistakes yet). Then, this incredible winstreak started happening again. I moved from Gold 4~Gold 2 in just 1.5 weeks and about 20 games. Got in Gold 2 yesterday and still climbing...Plat is finally within my reach and my confidence is high! Can I make it to Diamond like Seasons did? Yes I can :)

    Conclusion: every time you get stuck in a division. Think only about the mistakes you're making. What can be improved? I know what I still need to improve upon...I've got lots to learn STILL. Always be in that mindset...it's the only way to get better and climb the ladder :)

    Btw, my summoner name is: Undo

    Friend and chat with me if you'd like to talk about this stuff! I love encouraging and building the right mindset for everybody.

    Great article again, Season. All of those stuck in certain divisions need to read this. There's no other way...
    Last edited 3 years ago
  • Undo_9727
    Actually, another thing is. In every game, there's a winning team and a losing team. So if you're the average player in your MMR, there's exactly a 50% chance that you'll lose and 50% chance that you'll win. Well, if you're the above average player compared to them...shouldn't you win more than you lose? Not a lot of players think about this logically.

    Another thing...what about afkers, ragers, feeders, trolls, and DCers? Well, there's a chance that these goons will appear in a game (could be yourself tbh!) that you're in. But, if you're smart, you'd know that it's not just on your team that they appear, it's on the opposing team that they appear too. <--- statistical approach brah! Thus, some games you smash and dominate because it's a 5v4. Ever lose your lane and get carried by your teammates? Ever win your lane but another lane loses too hard to carry? Ever have an even laning phase but throw or come back from a loss? This stuff all averages out the more and more games you play, and if you're truly the "above average" player of your games, you should be climbing the ladder fast.

    Let's look at the Diamond players. Some got there through sheer hard work and determination (hundreds of games!) like SeasonsCall. Others, Dyrus for example...are Gods at this game...and people know them, thus they let them play their roles and stomp their way to Challenger (actually, Dyrus would honestly rape any lane if it's below Diamond 1). Others, like Reginald (in Season 2, he didn't duo and was stuck in low elo for a long period of time because he tried to solo ranked and did horribly in the beginning for some reason) know other good players and duo (lightening speed) each other up to Diamond/Challenger because they're just that good at the game. If you're just the "above average" compared to wherever you're stuck at, your above averageness should carry you and you should be climbing steadily! Your progress shouldn't be affected by the "bad players" in those games...because they simply don't exist :P that "bad player" is...yourself.

    So you climbed and you got stuck again? Now, you're back to being the average player in that division...think about what you can do to be above average! Always seek to improve! :)
  • feralized_7381
    Hey great article seasons, puts a lot of things into perspective. Where do you go to school btw? I'd like to talk to you more and get some more of your insights, if you wouldn't mind. In game or email would work. My ign is f3ralized.
    Last edited 3 years ago
  • biacz
    i liked the text - thanks!
  • ZiggyTheLegend
    Very insightful article! Congrats on the diamond btw! I hope you get the chance to respond to some questions I have?
    1. I just started playing ranked about a month ago, and did horrible in my provisional lost 7 out of 10 games and got placed in Bronze 3. I never blame my teammates I usually ask myself why I lost lane, trying to learn from my losses. After getting demoted from a losing streak and changing my mindset to that of a good morale, I was on a winning streak, got back to where I started and am having ga better understanding of why I lose games. However, my weakest aspect is that of my versatilty. I only have mastered top and maybe jungle, and mid. I only have two rune pages and can only use them for two "lanes". So my question is do I expand my champion pool? Get better with support/ADC? Or focus on my strengths? (top/jun)
    2. Any tips on how to finally get out of Bronze? The LP makes no sense to me, how often does one have to win before you can get significant amount of lp per win?
    3. I've heard of "free elo" champions. Champs such as Garen or Teemo that apparently guarantee victory if you can build accordingly. Do these Low Elo god champs really exist?
    4. Lastly, I love top lane, and I mostly have top lane champs, is this bad? And how can one carry as a top laber?

    TL;DR: Help. Hope you did read the questions though <3
  • SeasonsCall
    Featured Contributor
    1 - I would honestly try to do a bit of all of these things. When you expand your champion pool it is not necessarily the same thing as learning all of the champions. It is okay to expand your pool by only 1 or 2 of them. The most important thing is that you become better than average with the champions you try to expand your pool with. There is a saying (I think it goes) "A jack of all trades is a master of none", you want to be a master.

    Even if adc and support are not your strong points, I would at least encourage getting good enough at them so you do not automatically lose when you get those roles. If you can manage to get about a 50% win rate with your bad roles and your good roles have a higher win percentage, you will eventually move up! Its math!

    Focusing on your strengths is also key. Some players are bad at certain things in the game, its a fact. If you feel that you are a bad laner, play more gank-heavy champions so that your laning is not as important. If you dislike ganking, pick a champion that dominates lane or can heavily and effectively counterjungle. While I am not trying to say ignore your weaknesses, putting more emphasis on making your strengths even stronger is a more efficient way to become a stronger player

    2 - Play well and consistently. If you can manage to attain win streaks you will gain LP at a significantly faster rate. Learning how to win games though is something I cannot give an answer for. Only advice!

    3 - Free ELO champs are a myth. Any champs can be insanely strong in the right hands, and when people witness the champs in those hands they like to say the champ is OP. While some champions may be stronger than others, they all require a certain level of mechanical skill to be played extremely well. On top of that, to successfully close out a game players need a better understanding of how the game works. Playing a "FreeLO" champ does not necessarily equate to free wins because of the champ. Since you see the Flavors of the Month so much more often, you develop a better understanding of those champions than you think which and can pull on what you have seen to improve your play with that champion. I would recommend understanding these champs but they do not necessarily equate to free elo

    4 - Liking one lane over all of the others is perfectly fine. All players have their own styles and preferences about how to play the game. When it comes to top lane there are two ways to win the game. You can dominate your opponent and constantly push lane, or you can try to roam around. If you can dominate your laning opponent to the point where an enemy jungler gank will guarantee YOU a kill, then just keep pushing. Force them to send more than one player after you so your team can win fights 4v3 or 4v2.

    Other than that you can try farming up and ganking people. At the end of the day, your primary objective is to make the game easier so it that much harder for your team to lose. How you do that is up to you
  • ponyo_2008
    Yeah i was in gold 1 for most of season 2, once you take that determination to get into plat, the changes you made carry you to diamond pretty quickly. For me it was 2x harder to go from gold to plat 5 than it was from plat 5 to diamond 5
  • CarryHard_7638
    I like dat article. Alot.

    Let's test it and see if i am diamond in 3 months. :D

    Although i think due to the nature of humans being different, the same ideas don't work for everyone. But i'm not sure, so... let's find out!

    You can find me at twitch.tv/carryhard ^^
  • Daikon_6530
    Scroo u. I know the truth and you know I know the truth as well
  • ProfessorPig
    hey seasons will you play some games with me and tell me things i need to improve?
  • ProfessorPig
    hey seasons will you play games with me and tell me what i need to improve on?
  • Vordreller
    How many different champs would you say you used in total?
  • who cares?
    everyone is diamond these days and btw if u rlly need like 1k games to ge tdiamond pff idk man
  • EloHellChampion
    To all my Elo Hell mates:
    Don't worry guys, some games can't be carried. If you don't have Diamond-mechanics (like me), you simply can't carry the game, if the two other lanes you're not on, are feeding.
    You may win your lane, you may dominate your enemy, but that's not enough if your team consists only idiots. So don't take those losses to serious, there's nothing you could do about this.

    And to those, who are stuck in Bronze for hundrets of games:
  • cbl_5209
    how did you level an account up that quickly.. literally play lol straight for a week?
  • PieceOfBronze
    Note how he started in Silver 2, not in bronze where most of the afking and raging happens. Bronze has most of the rage and hatred in it, much more different than silver. Post this again when you make a new account and lose all your promo games so you can be in bronze 5 THEN work your way up, okay?
  • Kelminak_3148
    You likely belong there if you're stuck there. Tons of good players take accounts that are "stuck in bronze" and carry them up with ease. I could do it just as easily. There are likely lots of things you're doing wrong that need to be fixed in order to move up, and having someone who is much higher rated than you look at your games/account can likely benefit you significantly.
  • Tide_9177
    Season can you help, I am a bronze2 player and I focus top. And my question is for most positions but solo lanes or mid and lategame.More often than not I win lane, but I always struggle at taking objectives, I become too caught up in what to do after forcing the enemy laner back to base. I have so-so map awareness and normaly have an idea of where the enemy jungler is, but I never end up taking tower early, and this last week I have considered roaming and helping other lanes push to get an advantage. Neither have worked well for me. What should I do to push my advantage in a global aspect? Or what should i do that would make taking top tower early on easier for me. Oh and btw when you talked about learning champ limits and the lvl2/3 advantage, spot on, that works really well for me in my solo lanes, it would be great if you could do some sort of little list or guide that gives a little detail about most of the champs, I have picked up on some if the champs, but the more info the better.
    Last edited 3 years ago
  • SeasonsCall
    Featured Contributor
    To push your advantage in a global aspect either try to dominate your lane our take the tower. The tower would provide global gold, and winning your lane forces the enemy jungler/mid to come gank you. If 2-3 people are in top lane, then the rest of the map is going to be 4v3 or 4v2 for your team, just try to get them to take an objective in that time. If you lost lane then try to farm or get kills. When you are behind you need money, how you get that money is irrelevant

    I'll put the suggestion of a more elaborate lvl 2/3 article into consideration. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • JackDaniels_8421
    " it is 100% possible to prevent them from afking in the first place" <-- really? I didn't know you could prevent people from queuing ranked with crappy connections.
  • SeasonsCall
    Featured Contributor
    thats dc not afk o.o
  • JediSange
    Featured Contributor
    To elaborate on that a bit, I don't think it's possible to deterministicly prevent *every* AFK. However, I think the point Season is trying to make is that people don't just AFK to AFK. It's in response to something. All you can do as a player is try not to give him a reason. If you rage because he gives up first blood, who is that really helping? No one. And all it *can* do is make them feel bad, or worse, AFK.
  • Varx_3166
    In the past few months I've been playing solo queue a lot and as counter productive as it may sound you do have to lose to get better. I was a bronze 3 player a couple months ago and i believe this was because i had the same mentality that the rest of the players down there have, "It's always my teams fault elo hell blah blah". After changing my attitude and taking ownership of my mistakes i quickly improved and i am now gold 4 and still going up. If someone starts raging for some reason sometimes the best thing you can say to them is "Chill out sh*t happens" if they continue to rage after that just ignore them, your playing the game to improve yourself and not others so don't bother arguing. Looking back now i never experienced all the "afkers in every game" thing so many people seem to complain about, it was very rare that i would have someone afk on my team or the enemy even in bronze but y'know sh*t happens.
    Last edited 3 years ago
  • ryda_1958
    nothing new again the same thinks.. but be realisitc 5 afker in row thats my fault ?
  • SeasonsCall
    Featured Contributor
    Let me ask you really quickly, why do people go afk? There is almost always a logical, understandable reason for most players' actions. Did they afk because they were getting raged at? Did they afk because all lanes lost and the game looked unwinnable? In both of these scenarios, you should be trying to create a reason for them not to go afk. While I agree it is usually nearly impossible to win games when you get an afker, it is 100% possible to prevent them from afking in the first place. So in a way, because you were unable to prevent the afk, it is partially your fault.

    Try your best to keep team morale up. You can do it by trying to reduce the amount your team rages or by killing other players and making the game look more even. Players don't like to play games they think they will lose. It is your job to give them hope!

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