Sea of Thieves Dark Brethren Journals Guide

Davy Jones and his Dark Brethren have scattered 10 journals across one of the largest Tall Tales in all of Sea of Thieves. Here's how to find them.

Davy Jones and his Dark Brethren are plotting to take over the Sea of Thieves. Like good villains, they were kind enough to detail their plans in a set of journals before spreading them around for you to find in the Dark Brethren Tall Tale. But why hunt all 10 of them down? 

Tracking these Dark Brethren journals down not only gives you some great insight into these villains, but it also rewards you with a Commendation.

If you're wondering how to find all of the journals in the Dark Brethren Tall Tale, this Sea of Thieves guide shows you where they all are.

How to Find All 10 Dark Brethren Journals

First, go to any outpost and vote to take on the Dark Brethren tall tale. This is the fourth Tall Tale of the set in A Pirate's Life, and you will not be able to launch it until you have completed the first three.

After a bit of spooky pomp and circumstance from the Castaway, you will need to head far to the north, to an island beyond the boundaries of your map.  

Dark Brethren Journal 1: "My Darkest Hour” 

Once you arrive, you will swim ashore, and Jack will open a door for you. The first Journal is in the next room. It's to the right, near some ship wreckage, just above the waterline.

A journal hidden underneath pirate ship wreckage.

Dark Brethren Journal 2: “Following” 

Leave that first room through an underwater tunnel. Around three-quarters of the way through the tunnel, look to your left, down low. The next journal is resting atop a non-descript piece of coral, to the right of some brightly lit coral.

A journal in an underwater cave on some rocks between two bright corals.

Dark Brethren Journal 3: “Company” 

Once you reach the next room, you will use a geyser to launch you to a pulley, which swings out a platform to help you ascend the chamber.

The platform leads to a large piece of coral shaped like a lily pad. Turn to your right and drop down a step. The Journal is directly behind you amongst some boards and coral.

A journal hidden on a rock outcropping with two boards and several corals.

Dark Brethren Journal 4: “Davy Jones” 

This is one of the easier Dark Brethren journals to find. Once you get onto Davy Jones’s ship and open the door to his cabin, it can be found to your left, on top of a small trunk by a large candlestick.

A journal on top of a chest in Davey Jones' cabin.

Dark Brethren Journal 5: “Risk” 

After you proceed past the ship, there will be a battle with some Sea Crawlers. Defeat them, and then dive to the bottom of the water.

You will see three cages chained to the ground. The one with the shortest chain (the closest to the bottom) will have the journal.

A journal underwater in the bottom of a crow cage.

Dark Brethren Journal 6: “A Better Offer” 

The sixth journal is in the same room as the fifth. Cut the ropes holding the broken bits of the ship to the bottom and use those to get on land.

There is a platform under a ladder, and the journal is beneath the ladder.

A journal underwater, hidden in purple grass underneath some wood scaffolding.

Dark Brethren Journal 7: “Change"

Next, proceed forward until you get past a large room with several Siren statue puzzles. You know you are in the right area because you will drop into a shallow pool of water and be accosted by some enemies.

Once they are cleared out, you can find the journal in the water near the shore, on the same wall as the barrel of fruit.

A journal hidden in grass and coral to the left of a wooden barrel and chest.

Dark Brethren Journal 8: “A Change of Location” 

Continue forward until you reach another water-filled chamber with Siren statues. Complete the statue puzzle to raise the water level.

At the top, face the tunnel leading out of the room and turn left. The journal is to the left of the bright blue coral.

A journal hidden in purple coral just above the waterline.

Dark Brethren Journal 9: “Rescue” 

Press on until you come across Davy Jones and the other Dark Brethren having a meeting. Don’t rush in and interrupt (that would be rude).

Instead, follow closely along the right-hand wall of the cave. The journal is leaning against the wall, nestled next to some coral, at the end of the tunnel.

A beige journal underwater, propped up against a rock wall.

Dark Brethren Journal 10: “The Brethren Convenes” 

Head down to where the Brethren were meeting. The final journal is leaning against the side of the chair at the back left corner of the table.

A red journal propped up against a wooden chair leg on a pirate ship.

Now that you’ve perused the journals and the private thoughts of the Dark Brethren (who’s really the bad guy here?), you will unlock the Lost at Sea Commendation.

Your snooping has paid off! Don’t get too comfortable though, there is much more to do in the Sea of Thieves.

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Published Oct. 7th 2021

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