Scum Wild Hunter Update Guide: How to Craft Bow and Arrows

Learn how to craft a bow and arrows, and other items in this guide to the Wild Hunter update for SCUM.

The wait for the new SCUM content is over, as the developers released a new update -- Wild Hunter. The most significant feature of the new update is the ability to craft a bow and arrows. Now you can hunt animals or other players using this primitive but highly effective ranged weapon.

There are a few other items that have been added to the game with the Wild Hunter update, so if you want to know how to craft them, then follow our quick guide below.

How to Craft Bow and Arrows in SCUM

There are two types of bows in SCUM: Improvised bow, which can be crafted, and Recurve bow, which can only be found as an item on the map and cannot be crafted. The only difference is that the Recurve bow has a higher durability.

Here is the recipe for the Improvised bow:

  • 1x long wooden stick
  • 1x rope
  • 1x stone knife

Before crafting the Improvised bow you need to craft the rope. It requires 5x small wooden stick, which can be acquired by cutting down bushes and small trees. Long wooden stick can be acquired in the same way.

  1. Go to your Crafting menu
  2. Select and craft the rope in the Items tab
  3. Select Improvised bow from the Weapons tab
  4. Press the Craft button

Arrows are also available in the Weapons tab and require only small wooden sticks.

Primal Crafting Items and Other Changes

Besides the bow and arrows you can now craft new masks: Boar and Goat. These are very simple to craft: all you need is either a boar's head or that of a goat. You can also put these heads on a spike, but these items can be crafted only through the blueprint system.

And if you're not into all this scary stuff, then you can just take your guitar, banjo or harmonica, which were all added to your inventory.

The loot system has been revamped as well. Now players will find 50% less military loot and 25% less other loot. Also, all the food received from chopping animals, puppets or players is reduced by 50%, too.

Some of the disappearing bugs and glitches have been fixed in the Wild Hunter update, and a new server optimization fix has also been deployed.


These have been all the major changes and additions in the Wild Hunter update, and for other SCUM guides at GameSkinny, check out the related content below:


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Published Nov. 7th 2018

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