FFXIV Endwalker Unable to Obtain Character Data: What Does It Mean?

What does the "unable to obtain character data" error mean in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

Every single FFXIV player has run into the game telling them it is unable to obtain character data, and it's given all of us pause at one point or another. Luckily, this error is no big deal at all — even with the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker launch.

FFXIV: What is the Unable to Obtain Character Data Error?

Unlike the 2002 error that can make it hard to login when the servers are under severe strain, the "Unable to obtain character data" error has no actual impact on your game. It also doesn't impact your ability to select a character and login.

Players may have the game tell them it is unable to obtain character data when:

  • The servers are overloaded
  • Just when their internet connection isn't all that great

They log in, click to start, get to the character selection screen with the unable to obtain character data error, and can still get into the game just fine.

This error only pertains to the game's ability to load your characters' data from the servers at that time, and it only relates to the character selection screen. You can select a character and log in just fine, even if the game tells you it is unable to obtain character data.

Meaning there's no cause for concern, unlike the "Unable to Perform Version Check" error, which is a bit more vexing.

It can be annoying to run into this, but it happens to some players so frequently it doesn't even give them pause (myself being one of them). Just click on through and don't give the unable to obtain character data error much thought.

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