Can You Sell Sea of Thieves Trident of Dark Tides?

The new Trident of Dark Tides in Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life is a mysterious and powerful new artifact, but can you sell it?

The new Trident of Dark Tides weapon in Sea of Thieves is handy and powerful, but you might not want to use it for its destructive capabilities. In this guide we will go over how this new weapon works, where you can find it, and whether you can sell the Trident of Dark Tides. Let's break it down.

Sea of Thieves: What is the Trident of Dark Tides?

The Trident of Dark Tides is a new consumable weapon introduced in Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life. It is wielded like a magic staff, firing a ball of energy to defeat foes. Shots can be charged to level two and three, increasing in size and damage each time.

The Trident has 30 charges worth of energy. The amount the blast is charged affect how much energy is consumed. 

  • Level 1: One Charge 
  • Level 2: Two charges 
  • Level 3: Three charges 

The trident has a crystal, which dims as power is consumed, giving you a sense for how much energy is left. It also cannot charge to a level greater that the power it has left. You cannot charge a level 2 shot with only one charge left, for example. 

Sea of Thieves: Where to Get the Trident of Dark Tides

There are several ways to get your hands on the Trident of Dark Tides. Many of the new A Pirate’s Life Tall Tales, such as the Black Pearl, will give them to you during the course of the stories. Just look for the glint, especially in combat heavy sections.

The Trident does exist in the overworld too. It will sometimes be included in the loot from Skeleton Ships, or in Vaults. They will sometime be found washed ashore on random islands, or found in the holds of ship wrecks.

There is a chance that defeated Siren Leaders will drop them. They’ve even been known to be found in the bellies of Megalodons and Krakens, if you can manage to bring one down.

Sea of Thieves: Can You Sell the Trident of Dark Tides?

I know, I know. You want to know if you can trade your magic water fork for gold.

Sadly, for all the fun things you can do with the Trident of Dark Tides, selling it is not one of them. None of the trading companies will accept them. Might as well use them to blast other pirates and plunder their loot.

There you go, the Trident of Dark Tides is a cool new weapon, and a handy tool for combat. They can be found randomly or in Tall Tales, but cannot be sold.

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Published Oct. 7th 2021

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