Temtem: How to Breed and Hatch Eggs

Find out how to breed in Temtem and improve your inheritance chances using this comprehensive guide.

In the official Version 1.0 release for Temtem, not only have the creature stats been updated but so have the breeding mechanics. Since rearing is a much more preferable way of obtaining new Temtem than capturing them, every player needs to know how to do it right.

This Temtem guide will provide you with tips on how to breed your little friends, including tricks on how to improve each newborn creature.

Find the Breeding Center

The Breeding Center is in the northern central part of Omninesia island (indicated by the red square on the map above) and is the only location where you can breed and hatch Temtem eggs. You'll need to pay 50 Pansuns for each breeding cycle.

Once you enter the Breeding Center, speak to the Temtem Breeder NPC, who will let you combine two Temtem if they follow these conditions:

  • Only two Temtem of the opposite sex can breed.
  • They must have at least one common element (e.g. water, wind, etc.).
  • The only exception to this rule is Mimit, who is a neutral Temtem.

Breeding will take about 5-10 minutes, and hatching any eggs will take another 5-45 minutes, depending on the given Temtem's capture rate. You can instantly hatch an egg if you purchase an Incubator Ticket for 1,500 Pansuns at the Breeding Center.

Calculating Temtem Fertility Rates

To limit the possible number of breeding cycles, the Fertility Tree has been added to Temtem game, which consists of seven branches on one trunk, meaning only eight breeding cycles can be completed per Temtem.

However, not all Temtem take all eight cycles to develop; there are certain limitations, such as a number of single values (SV) that reach a maximum of 49 or 50 points in any given Temtem's value tree, which is available in the Temtem summary screen.

Depending on the number of the maxed out SVs, the number of breeding cycles for an egg is limited in the following manner:

  • If a Temtem has 1-2 maxed out SVs, then the fertility rate allows no more than 7 breeding cycles (8-1).
  • If a Temtem has 3-4 maxed out SVs, then the fertility rate allows no more than 6 breeding cycles (8-2).
  • If a Temtem has 5-6 maxed out SVs, then the fertility rate allows no more than 5 breeding cycles (8-3).
  • If a Temtem has all 7 maxed out SVs, then the fertility rate allows no more than 4 breeding cycles (8-4).

Since values are inherited by the baby Temtem from their parents, then it is logical that the most powerful Temtem simply must have lesser opportunities to breed.

How to Improve Breeding

Each new baby Temtem inherits the following traits of its parents:

  • Species.
  • Fertility rate (rounded down).
  • Single values (rounded down).

Depending on the availability of additional gear or other conditions, the following traits can also be inherited:

  • Trait slots.
  • Techniques.
  • Luma chance.


If you want your newborn Temtem to be of specific species, you must make sure that its mother has that species type in the evolutionary chain. For example, if the mother is Pocus, then the baby will have the species of Hocus, which is the first in the evolutionary chain.

But this rule does not apply to couples with Mimit; the baby will have the species of the father.

Fertility Rate

This rate is rounded down from the parent with the lowest fertility rate. If a father has a fertility rate of five and a mother has a fertility rate of four, both will have four and three, respectively, after one breeding cycle.

As a result, the newborn Temtem will have a fertility rate of three, which is the lowest among parents. Unfortunately, this rate cannot be improved.

Single Values

The same goes for SVs; the newborn Temtem inherits the values of the parent with the lowest SVs with the chance of about 40% for maximum and middle SVs, and 20% for lower SVs.

Thankfully, there is special gear that can be purchased at the Breeding Center that allows you to improve baby's stats, including:

  • Vitality DNA Strand: 100% HP inheritance guaranteed (1,000 Pansuns).
  • Endurance DNA Strand: 100% stamina inheritance guaranteed (1,000 Pansuns).
  • Lithe DNA Strand: 100% speed inheritance guaranteed (1,000 Pansuns).
  • Aggressive DNA Strand: 100% attack inheritance guaranteed (1,000 Pansuns).
  • Hardening DNA Strand: 100% defense inheritance guaranteed (1,000 Pansuns).
  • Gifted DNA Strand: 100% special attack inheritance guaranteed (1,000 Pansuns).
  • Dominant DNA Strand: 100% special defense inheritance guaranteed (1,000 Pansuns).
  • Vigor DNA Strand: 100% HP and stamina inheritance guaranteed (5,000 Pansuns).
  • Mighty DNA Strand: 100% attack and special attack inheritance guaranteed (5,000 Pansuns).
  • Immunity DNA Strand: 100% defense and special defense inheritance guaranteed (5,000 Pansuns).

Trait Slots

A newborn Temtem will not be able to inherit any of its parent's traits unless you can afford an Engineered DNA Strand for 10,000 Pansuns at the Breeding Center, which ensures that an egg inherits one of its parent's trait slots.


Although techniques are typically learned by every Temtem through training and leveling, if you want an egg to inherit them from its parents, then make sure the breeding couple already has these techniques.

Luma Chance

There is also a chance for an egg to produce a Luma Temtem, which is the same as its capture rate in the wild: 1 out of 10,000. If one of the parents is a Luma Temtem, then this chance increases tenfold to 1 out of 1,000.

If both parents are Luma Temtem, then once again this chance increases tenfold to 1 out of 100.

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Published Sep. 14th 2022

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