Where to Find Coral Bone in Monster Hunter World

Find out how to find coral bone in Monster Hunter World with our guide!

Monster Hunter: World is finally out, and it's every bit as exciting as promised. To survive in this vast world, you'll need to have some wits, courage … and some awesome equipment. Upgrading your equipment for use in the field is key to having a successful hunt, and to do that, you'll need to find yourself some coral bone. Not sure where to find coral bone in Monster Hunter: World? Check out our guide below!

What coral bone is for in Monster Hunter: World

Why should you even learn how to find coral bone in the game? Coral bone is a useful bit of material that you can use to craft weapons and armor, such as the Dragonbone Cleaver, Jargas Strongarm II, and Lumu Mail, among others. You will also need coral bone to upgrade certain equipment like the Jagras weapons.

Making or upgrading any of the coral bone equipment requires various amounts of the bone, but you might have trouble finding even one! Read on for more information on coral bone locations in Monster Hunter: World.

How to Find Coral Bone

To get the coral bone material in Monster Hunter: World, you will need to search the bone piles in the Coral Highlands, which is the third map you unlock in the game. Searching the bone piles you find here gives you a low chance of finding the coral bone. This is even revealed in the item's description:

"Coral Bone is used as crafting material. Can be found in bone piles in the Coral Highlands. Its size evokes a certain primal quality."

There are five bone piles in the Coral Highlands, located on the northern and eastern sides of the map. 

Didn't find the bone you were looking for on the first try? Don't worry: the piles restock after a few minutes, so come back to the bone piles after some exploration and you'll get more chances to search. To speed up this process, you can also quick travel to a different map and then back to the Coral Highlands for an instant restock.


Not the bone you were looking for? Check out our guides on where to find hardbone or how to get monster bone plus, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Monster Hunter: World guides and articles! 

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Published Jan. 31st 2018

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