SoS: Friends of Mineral Town Kappa Marriage and More Guide

Looking for a life of wet wedded bliss? Our SoS: Friends of Mineral Town Kappa guide has everything you need to marry Mineral Town's water spirit.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town has plenty of marriage candidates, but Kappa is one of the most difficult to get to know. Even if you don't want to marry him, it's worth making friends since Kappa gives you a one-of-a-kind item.

You can only give Kappa one gift item, and like the Harvest Goddess, you’ll need to complete nearly everything FoMT has to offer if you’ve got your sights set on wedded bliss with the water spirit. Fortunately for you, our SoS: Friends of Mineral Town Kappa guide breaks it all down so there’s no guesswork involved.

SoS: Friends of Mineral Town Kappa Basics

Don't do this.

Kappa lives in the lake near Mother's Hill. But you can't just go up to him for a chat. Like the Harvest Goddess, you'll need to offer him an item as a gift, which you can do once per day except during the winter when he's not around and except when it's storming.

Unlike the Harvest Goddess, he won't appear if you chuck something he doesn't like into the water.

Kappa only responds to cucumbers. And you can only grow cucumbers in the spring. If you've already moved past your first season and didn't stock up on cukes, you'll have to wait to meet Kappa until the next year.

Unless you're determined to live alone and have every Mineral Town resident hate you, don't throw anything else in the lake. That just counts as litter, which decreases everyone's friend meter, and Kappa ignores you for it anyway

It doesn't matter where to make your Kappa offering either, so long as it's in the lake.

SoS: Friends of Mineral Town Kappa Events

Kappa doesn't really have any rewards for you as you get closer to him — except one — but there is a series of events where you at least get to speak to and see him more. Note these events aren't numbered in order. They're just different types of events you can experience with Kappa.

First Kappa Offering Event

As the heading suggests, you'll see this event the first time you give Kappa a cucumber. It's essentially your introductory event.

Second Kappa Offering Event

The name isn't entirely accurate here. The second offering event is the one you'll see most of the time, aside from the first and 10th time you offer Kappa a cucumber. He appears, says nothing, and leaves.

Third Kappa Offering Event

The 10th time you give Kappa a cucumber, he'll pop up and offer you the Blue Power Berry. It's definitely worth your time, even if you don't care about marrying Kappa. This is a one-time only event.

Fourth Kappa Offering Event — Kappa's Treasure

Kappa's fourth offering event isn't tied to cucumbers. Instead, you'll see it once you find all nine Kappa Jewels, and he gives you the Kappa Gem (more on that in a bit). And as you'd expect, this event will only happen once because there's only one Kappa Gem.

Kappa's Fifth Offering Event — Disaster

Kappa's Disaster Event occurs when you accidentally catch Kappa whilst fishing. This event can happen once per day, though it's a pretty rare one.

SoS: Friends of Mineral Town Kappa Marriage Requirements

Even if you skip out on meeting Kappa the first year, you can still get started fulfilling the Kappa marriage requirements list — and there are plenty to fulfill.

You'll need to be in year five before Kappa even considers marrying you, and you'll need to be tossing him cucumbers over a prolonged period.

The only way to tell you're getting close to that is if you aren't romancing anyone else at the time. The General Store starts selling the Blue Feather when a marriage partner is at 50,000, so you'll know you're close if that happens and Kappa is your only marriage interest.

Completion Requirements

Tell the Harvest Goddess You're Interested

The most important thing to do is connected with the Harvest Goddess. In her second event — unlocked after you offer her 20 gifts — you'll need to say you want to get closer with Kappa. If you don't do this or you choose someone else, you can't marry Kappa even if you complete the other requirements.

Shipping Items

You'll have to complete the shipping log. You'll do this by shipping one of every item listed in said log, and you can find it on your bookshelf back at the farmhouse.

Fishing Requirements

Kappa won't marry you until you catch every single fish as well, and that's going to take at least one year to do. Like with the shipping log, you can find a fishing log on your bookshelf. But it's a bit more complicated than that.

The type of fish you'll encounter in each area changes every season. Aside from the regular fry, you'll need to catch the six Guardian Fish, which we go into more detail about in our fishing guide.

You can't catch Guardian Fish without a fishing rod that's level six or higher, and you can't forge those at Saibara's place.

The level six fishing rod is the Cursed Rod, and you'll find that on floor 29 of the Lake Mine. That's the one you can only access in the winter when the lake freezes (and you'll need to do that anyway for another requirement).

Save before going in, though, because it's not guaranteed the Cursed Tools will appear.

Cursed Tools cannot be un-equipped until they've been blessed. The Cursed Rod turns into a Blessed Rod when you've used it 50 times, which you can do just by pressing the tool button ("Y"). You don't actually have to fish.

Go Mining — A Lot

In addition to filling up the fish and shipping logs, you'll have to gather everything in both the Spring and Winter Mines. The Spring Mine is the one you always have access to, near the hot spring. The Winter one is in the lake and, surprise!, it's only accessible during winter.

And by everything, we mean everything. You need one of every kind of ore, plus all the statues, Goddess Jewels, and Kappa Jewels. If you aren't sure whether you've collected every item from the mines, you can check with the Harvest Goddess to see.

Our Harvest Goddess guide goes into detail about the Goddess Jewels, but here's the scoop on the Kappa Jewels.

There are nine Kappa Jewels, and they're only found in the Winter Mine on specific floors:

  • 0
  • 40
  • 60
  • 80
  • 120
  • 140
  • 160
  • 180
  • 255

You'll only find one Kappa Jewel on each of these floors, and it only appears once. That said, it can be random whether the Jewel appears or not. The best thing to do is to save on the previous floor, go down to the floor with the Kappa Jewel, and then if it's not there, just re-load the game and try again.

Don't save once you get to the floor with the Jewel. Map layouts and items are determined once a floor loads, so if the jewel isn't there once you reach the floor, re-loading won't help.

Friends of Mineral Town Kappa Marriage Requirements: Next Steps

With all this done, and in year five, it's time to take your relationship further. Make sure you buy a Large Bed from the carpenter, and you'll need the Blue Feather as well. Before you go offer it to Kappa, though, head to the church to offer a confession to Carter. You can do this on any Monday, Wednesday, or rainy/snowy day.

During the confession, say you want to marry Kappa. This option won't appear unless you've completed all the other requirements

Some report the confession option for marrying Kappa isn't always available, so you might want to try the save/load trick from the mines here as well.

Finally, just head back to the lake one more time, and hurl the Blue Feather in to start your married life with Kappa.

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