Monster Hunter World: How to Obtain Sinister Cloth

The Sinister Cloth is an important item for late game armor sets in Monster Hunter: World. In this guide, we'll show you the best way of obtaining this rare item.

So you reached the endgame in Monster Hunter World, and you want to craft a powerful armor set for your upcoming hunts. There's just one thing: you find out you need some Sinister cloth to do so. In this guide, we’ll go over the best way to obtain Sinister Cloth so you’ll have your armor ASAP.

What is Sinister Cloth For?

Sinister cloth is a 5-star rarity crafting material in Monster Hunter World. It's used for some of the best armor sets in the game, so it comes as no surprise that it takes a long time to obtain the material. Most people seek out Sinister Cloth to make themselves a Death Stenched set that has some outstandingly high defense stats and is very powerful on most hunts.

How to Get Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter World

Getting Sinister Cloth isn’t exactly a hard thing to do, but more a time-consuming thing. It is definitely much harder to get than most items and can’t be collected by hunting monsters or collecting items. Instead near the end of Monster Hunter World's story, you’ll unlock the Tailraider safari side-quests that can be accessed through your housekeeper.

These MH World sidequests let you send out a group of Palicos on an expedition to hunt monsters and explore the world, and as a reward, they will bring back a multitude of items, including the precious Sinister Cloth. It is not guaranteed that you will get a precious cloth -- getting Sinister Cloth is completely RNG. However, there are helpful things you can do to raise your chances and efficiency.

All Palicos have stats in hunting, gathering, and research, and you’ll obviously want to send out the ones with the best stats. And if you add friends through the guild card, you’ll have access to their Palicos as well. For the optimal chance of getting Sinister Cloth, you'll want to focus on doing either red card 3-stars and above expeditions or regular card 4-star expeditions. Lastly, you want to check on the safari after every quest because you always want to keep your palicos on the move.


Good luck on obtaining Sinister Cloth and your very own powerful armor set. Looking for more tips and tricks for Monster Hunter World? Make sure to check out our other Monster Hunter: World guides! Here are a few to get you started: 

Published Feb. 9th 2018

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