Sea of Thieves: Captains of the Damned Journals Guide

In Sea of Thieves' third Tall Tale from A Pirate's Life, Captains of the Damned, players will be on the tail of Jack Sparrow himself. Here's how to collect the extra-large bundle of ten journals.

Sea of Thieves' A Pirate's Life expansion has been making waves (I admit it, pun intended). In the third Tall Tale of the new expansion, Captains of the Damned, players will learn Captain Jack Sparrow is quite a popular fellow. If you're wondering where to find all ten journals in this fantastic episode, read on to see exactly where they are.

Saving Jack is one thing, but collecting those journals will earn you commendations, and who can resist those? Here's where to find all ten Captains of the Damned Journals.

Sea of Thieves: Captains of the Damned Journals - Blue Bayou

Once you pass through the Sea of the Damned and arrive in Blue Bayou, this eerily quiet still-water shantytown will play host to the first three Damned Journals you need to locate.

Captains of the Damned Journal #1

This journal can be found right after you get on your rowboat. Follow the path ahead of you until you come out to an open area.

In the distance to south, you'll see your ship where you left it. But first, turn and head north (remember to always use your compass when we provide bearings) and head to a small well-lit shack where a banjo (sans Kazooie) sits near a rocking chair.

Captains of the Damned journal 1.

Pay no mind to the fact that the chair is rocking itself (gulp!) and instead look to the right of the banjo to find your first journal.

Captains of the Damned Journal #2

The second Damned Journal is also within this Bayou.

From your first journal, swim or row out to the east. When you see a mast with a white flag hanging over the water like accidental decor, head to the land behind it, still going east.

When you get to the other side of the landmass, look to your left and approach the cabin.

Unlike most cabins in this area, the stairs to this one remain intact. Climb them and light the lantern with your Flame of Souls, then follow the path of self-lit lanterns until it brings you to the water's edge.

You'll likely already see the journal glimmering at the ocean's floor, but if not, dive straight in and look down to where you'll find a wrecked rowboat housing the second journal.

Captains of the Damned journal 2.

Captains of the Damned Journal #3

This one is the last journal you'll find in the Bayou.

Swim back up and catch your breath, then swim out to the northeast until you see a rock formation with two cages hanging off the edge and over the water. You'll want to climb onto land, then approach these cages from the rock's edge.

Light the lantern, then shoot the threadbare rope hanging one of the cages precariously over the water. It will break and the cage and its contents will fall into the water below. Jump in, open the cage, and the third journal in this area is yours.

Captains of the Damned journal 3.

Captains of the Damned Journals — Fort of Lost Souls

After you have those three, you can follow the storyline as required. You'll next come to the Fort of Lost Souls, and here you'll need to make time for two more journals — the final two in the complete set of five Damned Journals.

Captains of the Damned Journal #4

Once you're through the massive iron gate, head to the wall on your right and light the lantern in front of the jail cell. This is for the final journal, but as you'll see, it's a bit helpful if you set it up for yourself ahead of time.

Next, go to the big well in the center with the braziers surrounding it. Light all of them and the small door into the well will open up. Jump in and fall into the well. Swim to the bottom and grab the lockpick situated near the skeleton.

Then swim up and drop the lockpick momentarily, leaving it where you won't lose it (the constant glimmer when it's not equipped should help plenty).

Among the skeletons left seated near the lip of the well, look for the one with the unlit lantern. Light it with yours and you'll see the next journal spawn just on the other side of the well. 

Captains of the Damned Journal 4.

Captains of the Damned Journal #5

The fifth Captains of the Damned Journal is in that jail cell you lit before.

Take the lockpick, dive back into the well water. About halfway down the well's length, you'll see a route outward.

Swim out to find yourself on land again in front of a locked door. Use the lockpick to get inside, then go to the far left corner and climb the ladder.

Cut or shoot the rope that's nearly torn in two, which will drop a pallet of crates now acting as a platform.

Jump across to the roof, drop down to the stairs, then make your way over to the roof above the jail. You'll see a hole you can drop into, so do so and grab that final journal sitting at your feet.

Captains of the Damned Journals — Isla Tesoro

Normally, five journals would make a full set in a Tall Tale, but Captains of the Damned has double the amount. Luckily, the other five are all in one locale. Continue through the story as needed. Collecting these five will grant the Forgotten Memories commendation.

Journal #1

The first journal is just inside the clothing store, which you'll pass through on your story quest anyway.

Right after you enter the store, look to your left to find the journal placed on a stool.

Journal #2

This one is further down your initially linear path. You'll pass some barrels on your right with Xs painted on them.

Shortly after that, look to a crate outdoors where you'll find the second journal.

Journal #3

This journal is once more on your path, though you can get it at one of two points. Here's how we got it: when you get to the part of town where the ghosts are holding an auction, look to the waterfront to find a rowboat, currently occupied by a pair of skellies.

They don't mind sharing so hop in and row your way through the canal until you get to a ghostly scene where a trio of specters engage in a gunfight.

A few crates away from where the solo ghost is fending for his uh, afterlife, you'll find the third journal.

Journal #4

You can nab up this journal after Jack Sparrow passes through another mage iron gate.

You're meant to give chase, but there's no rush. Instead head up the nearby flight of stairs and down the outdoor corridor until you get to an open area where you'll see the journal left on a stone structure not far from a pair of ghosts.

Journal #5

This is the final journal of the entire Tall Tale, and you can find it after some story beats play out.

Shortly after you fight some more Phantoms in an outside walkway. Once defeated, you continue the way you were going and drop down to a lower rooftop.

Right there you'll find your fifth journal in the town, which is also your tenth and final of the Captains of the Damned Tall Tale.

And that is how you get all the journals in the Captains of the Damned Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves, and it is a heck of a journey to get them all. There's a lot more to see and do in this Tall Tale, though.

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Published Oct. 7th 2021

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