Hogwarts Legacy: Rescuing Rococo Quest Guide

Here's how to rescue Rococo the Niffler in Hogwarts Legacy.

There are a variety of quests in Hogwarts Legacy involving the various magical beasts living in the world. One of these quests is Rescuing Rococo. This is how to obtain the side quest and complete Rescuing Rococo.

Rescuing Rococo Quest Walkthrough

To start this quest, head to Bainburgh and talk to the shopkeeper Agnes Coffey. She will explain to you how she was out on her daily walk and Rococo, her pet Niffler, saw something shiny in Henrietta's Hideaway and took off. She asks you for help in rescuing him before the Ashwinders discover him.

From Bainburgh head West to the ruins out on the peninsula of Manor Cap. There will be Ashwinders here and if you've never visited this location before, then Infamous Foe Dunstan Trinity will be here, as well. It is best to prepare your combat spells or land a bit away, go invisible and sneak to Henrietta's Hideaway. You want to head down the right side of the ruins, along the edge of the cliff, to a small passageway that leads underground. 

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Once inside, you will need to solve the spell blocks in order to move forward. Cast Glacius on the right block to activate it. Light the brazier in front of the statue to your left using Confringo or Incendio to get the second spell block. Move it to its platform using Accio then cast Confringo or Incendio again to activate it. 

Once through the door you will start to notice a trail of coins, indicating the path to Rococo. The room below, however, is full of Ashwinders. Either take them all out or sneak past them. Following the coin trail, take the staircase to the left of the Hippogriff statue. At the landing go to the right and along the balcony. 

The next section features a trap floor that will transport you through a room and back into the hall in front of the trap. There are a few methods for dealing with this pesky floor. 

  • If you have Arresto Momentum you can cast it on the floor to prevent it from moving you. 
  • Using Accio/Wingardium Leviosa move an object onto the floor. While the trap transports that object, quickly pass through the area. 
  • This is the most difficult of the three. You will need to lure an enemy into the trap so they trigger it instead of you. While they are being transported you will need to quickly move through that area of the hall. 

As with previous rooms, this one is also full of Ashwinders. You have to battle your way forward, however, as you will need to place two spell blocks. To get the Levioso block, head up the staircase.

Across the room you will see the block on a balcony. Bring it over with Accio and place it on its corresponding platform. Cast Levioso to activate it. 

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The second block is a bit trickier to obtain. On the same side as the stairs, under the upper walkway there are a set of bricks that appear out of place. Walk towards those and they will open to reveal another room behind them as well as the spell block.

Grab the block and head up the stairs until you come across another wall that opens and brings back into the previous room. Once the block is placed on the platform cast Confringo or Incendio to activate it and open the door. 

Continue to follow the trail of coins down the steps and into the next room where you will see Rococo. Use a spell such as Levioso to keep him from running away and then the Nab-Sack to catch him. This room also contains the Musical Map, which starts another side quest. Use the platform in the northern part of the room for a quick exit.

Return to Bainburgh and Agnes Coffey. You can decide to keep Rococo, which results in Agnes being extremely upset and a new Niffler for your collection. Since Nifflers are not the most rare of magical beasts, and you get to keep The Irondale Pilferer from another side quest, keeping Rococo doesn't seem to be the best choice unless it is in line with how your character is. 

That is the full quest guide for Rescuing Rococo. Check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides, news, and lists for any other help you may need. 

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Published Mar. 10th 2023

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