Ooblets: How to Eat and Drink to Restore Energy

Wondering how to eat and drink in Ooblets to restore energy? This guide tells you how and includes the best raw and cooked food lists with recipes.

Energy is the most important resource in Ooblets. You'll need energy not only to farm and grow crops, but also to forage important supplies like Plankets, Oobsidian, and Clothlets. One way to do so is to take a nap or sleep through the night, but eating food and drinking items like Bean Juice and Spressy keeps you awake and doing more things throughout the day. 

This Ooblets guide will provide you with tips on how to eat and drink in Ooblets, including the list of the best energy items, both raw and cooked.

How to Consume Food and Drink

All food and drink you find, buy, or make in Ooblets goes right into your inventory. The wrinkle is that you can't assign an item to your quick menu and consume it. So when you need more energy while farming or foraging, you'll need to:

  1. Press "Tab" on PC, "Y" on Xbox, or "X" on Switch to open your inventory.
  2. Select the "Stuff" option.
  3. Hover over a food or drink item that you wish to consume.
  4. Right-click on PC, or press "X" on Xbox, or "Y" on Switch to open the context menu.
  5. Select the "Consume" option to eat or drink the chosen item.

Once this is done, your energy will be replenished immediately depending on that item's energy stats.

Best Raw Food

Not all food needs to be cooked in Ooblets in order to be consumed. There are some raw options, which can be farmed or foraged across Badgetown and the game's other areas.

Here is a list of the best raw food items, which provide the highest amount of nourishment:

  • Hyperglob: 100 energy.
    • Purchased at the Nullwhere seed stall for 40 gummies.
  • Dregplant: 30 energy.
    • Purchased at the Nullwhere seed stall for 40 gummies.
  • Fartichoke: 30 energy.
    • Purchased at the Mamoonia seed stall for 8 gummies.
  • Cellulettuce: 15 energy.
    • Purchased at the Port Forward seed shop for 45 gummies.
  • Sporbet: 10 energy.
    • Obtained while foraging in Badgetown.
  • Sweetiebeetie: 10 energy.
    • Purchased at Meed's Seeds for 5 gummies.
  • Zinooka: 10 energy.
    • Purchased at Meed's Seeds for 10 gummies.

Note that Boregus mushroom, although classified as a raw food, is actually inedible and shouldn't be consumed.

Best Cooked Food and Drink

Although raw food is very convenient since you don't need to cook it, still the best and most potent food and drink items are the cooked ones. Cooking can be done either on the stove or using hotplate, while drinks must be made with the Kettle and Cup purchased in Cuddlecups Cafe for 1,500 Gummies.

Here is a list of the best cooked food items, including their recipes:

  • Zinooka Cake: 150 energy.
    • 3 Zinooka.
    • 3 Flooti Sauce.
    • 3 Quib.
    • 3 Froobtose.
    • 3 Muz Flour.
  • Go Go Cupcake: 100 energy.
    • 1 Muz Flour.
    • 1 Spressy.
    • 3 Flooti Sauce.
  • Blue Goo Pie: 90 energy.
    • 1 Froobtose.
    • 3 Zinooka.
    • 1 Muz Four.
  • Mamoonia Macaroon: 80 energy.
    • 1 Pompadoot Juice.
    • 2 Sparkflower.
    • 1 Muz Flour.
  • Caroot Cake: 70 energy.
    • 1 Froobtose.
    • 1 Muz Four.
    • 3 Caroot.

Here are the recipes for all the drinks:

  • Lurge Latty: 70 energy (+25% speed boost).
    • 2 Ground Springbeans.
    • 1 Pompadoot Juice.
  • Spressy: 60 energy (+25% speed boost).
    • 2 Ground Springbeans.
    • 1 Froobtose.
  • Beanjuice: 40 energy (+15% speed boost).
    • 1 Ground Springbeans.
  • Sootheysip: 40 energy.
    • 8 Balmybloom.

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Published Sep. 13th 2022

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