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Outriders Worldslayer brings a healthy amount of new upgrade options to the looter shooter. The addition of PAX trees that allow characters additional passive enhancements has completely changed the Outriders meta. If you're playing as the defensive, long-ranged Technomancer class there are some crucial new abilities and mods that will change the way you play. 

The addition of a brand new Legendary armor set to the Technomancer class has created another optimal build. The Techmonger Technomancer focuses on boosting the damage of the class's turrets. It is an easy build to underestimate but it is one of the strongest and most fun to play in the Worldslayer expansion. 

Best Technomancer Skills in Outriders Worldslayer

Since the Techmonger build is focused on maximizing the damage and status effect output on your turrets, you'll want turret skills equipped. That means both the Technomancer's Cryo Turret and the Blighted Turret. They are the heart of this build. Now for the third skill we recommend either of the following options: 

  • Cold Snap 
  • Tools of Destruction 

Pick one of these based on your mod loadout. Cold Snap can be a great crowd control tactic which never hurts, especially in co-op Outriders. But we find Tools of Destruction's versatility and massive damage output make it the best choice for the build.

The choice between minigun and rocket launcher makes it a more versatile skill than many, even if we think sticking with the minigun is the move 95% of the time. The skill has a slow cooldown time but that can be mitigated somewhat as we go along. 

Best Class Trees

Unlike most classes in Outriders, you don't need to necessarily commit down one path to make this Technomancer build work. There are many beneficial traits you can gain by splitting the difference between the Tech Shaman and Demolisher trees. This means not getting to the traits at the end, which are usually among the best, but for this build it works out in your favor in the end. 

Between these two trees there are a handful of perks that will go hand-in-hand with the benefits of the Techmonger gear set. The first of these is Wipe Out, one of the most useful Technomancer passives overall. This makes enemies with under 30% health take more damage.

On the Tech Shaman Tree you'll want to hit the one-two punch of Exposing Frost and Marked for Execution. Exposing Frost inflicts Vulnerable effects on an enemy whenever it is afflicted with Freeze. Marked for Execution is the same thing but for Toxic. These two in conjunction will ensure that every shot from both of your turrets will inflict Vulnerable. 

On the bottom Demolisher tree, we recommend going for the late-tree perk Emergency Transfusion. This will double your Skill Leech when your Health goes below 30%.

Best Technomancer PAX Tree

You've got some great options for a turret build in the Desolator section of the Technomancer's PAX Tree. This will give you Lethal Devices, which adds Toxic to all ordinance and Gadget skills. At the end of the tree, we recommend choosing Dissection, with will deal 5% more damage to an enemy for every status effect it has inflicted. 

How to Spend Ascension Points

Since status effects are so important to this build, you'll want to commit your Ascension Points to the Anomaly section. Status Power, Anomaly Power, and Anomaly Damage are the three you should prioritize maxing out first. 

Best Gear and Mods for Technomancer

You'll want to find as much of the Techmonger Legendary Set to make the most of this loadout. The set bonus for wearing 3 or more of these pieces of gear is that using Turret skills increases turret damage by 10%. The bonus lasts 10 seconds and stacks up to 5 times.

The best mod bonuses from individual pieces of the set come from the Techmonger's Headgear, which doubles the fire output of your Cryo Turret and adds a knockwave to your Blighted Turret, and the Techmonger's Vest, which increases the damage output of both turrets.

If you are putting Ascension Points in Status Power, the Boots are great but they are the least essential overall. Otherwise, the Techmonger's Leg Armor boosts damage against enemies afflicted with freeze, while the Gloves act likewise for Toxic. 

In terms of weapon mods, you should prioritize Legendary and Apocalypse tier weapons that increase your Status Power. Any good weapon with mod Omen is also a great choice, since that is a powerful Bleed dealing ability. When considering making the most of the PAX perk Dissection, having another status effect in your back pocket is always a good idea. 

If you want more details on all the best character builds in Outriders Worldslayer, check out our page dedicated to helping you with the game. 

Outriders Worldslayer Best Builds: Seismic Commander Devastator https://www.gameskinny.com/2h4mp/outriders-worldslayer-best-builds-seismic-commander-devastator https://www.gameskinny.com/2h4mp/outriders-worldslayer-best-builds-seismic-commander-devastator Thu, 14 Jul 2022 09:55:37 -0400 Bryn Gelbart

While Outriders Worldslayer adds a plethora of new gear, that doesn't mean everything from the base game is obsolete. In fact, by investing your PAX points in the right tree you can even make your old reliable gear even more useful. This is certainly the case with the best Devastator build in Worldslayer

The Seismic Commander Devastator is a new variation on an old stand bye for the class. By using the Seismic Commander legendary armor set to boost your skills you can double down on being a damage dealing tank. New passive enhancements in Worldslayer gives this old flavor a brand new twist. 

Best Devastator Skills in Outriders Worldslayer

There are two abilities that are going to be key to making this powerful build work. Earthquake and Impale are Seismic skills and they are going to be boosted to the max by the ways you will spec the character.

For your final skill you should choose either Tremor or Reflect Bullets. Since most of the Devastator's abilities are offensive, Reflect Bullets is always a nice well rounded ability that protects you as it deals damage. Tremors, on the other hand, helps you gain health back, so both have their uses.

Just pay attention to which mods you use to determine which skill will be stronger. 

Best Class Trees

The Seismic Commander build is all about enhancing your core abilities. It is a pretty unilaterally focused build that ends up being fairly intuitive. For it, we are speccing heavily into the Seismic Shifter part of the Devastator skill tree. These nodes will boost your Seismic abilities and also increase the effectiveness of the Bleed status effect.

You'll want all of the major passive traits at the end of the Seismic Shifter tree including Protected by the Anomaly. We also recommend capping off the bleed part of the build with Blood Donation, which makes it so that Bleed damage heals you. 

Best Devastator PAX Tree

In terms of PAX points, you are going to spec towards the Tectonic Shifter half of the tree. The two most important traits on this tree are Puncture and Multistrike. These two big buffs will tie the build together at last.

Multistrike makes it so that 30% of damage dealt by Seismic skills is stored and added to the next Seismic skill you activate. Puncture adds bleed damage to all Seismic skills. 

How to Spend Ascension Points

There are a lot of benefits you can get out of the Ascension Points in Worldslayer, but for this build you'll want to prioritize Anomaly Power first. This will synergize well with the choices you just made in your PAX tree.

After maxing that out, you can focus your Ascension Points on Cooldown Reduction, Skill Leech, Health, and Armor. These all great ways to make up for the inherent weakness of the Devastator. 

Best Gear and Mods for Seismic Commander

Like with the Heat Seeking Pyromancer, the lynchpin of this Devastator build is a set of Legendary loot. By equipping at least three components of the Seismic Commander set, you will Increase damage towards enemies with Bleed by 50%.

This build works to some degree without the full Seismic Commander gear set, so it's okay if you are rolling with only three. However, there are a lot of great mods that drop on this Legendary gear. 

The Seismic Commander's Helmet by default gives Bleed damage to Earthquake and two more charges to Impale before its cooldown activated. This piece is one of the best. If you want to focus on the Bleed synergy of the build, you're going to want the Seismic Commander's Leg Armor. Each piece of the set will enhance one or both of your Seismic skills in a major way, so keep an eye out for them while you're grinding Trial of Tarya Gratar. 

In terms of weapon mods, anything that enhances your Bleed damage or Seismic skills is top priority. Mage's Rage and Fortress mods are also always good to have on whichever Legendary weapons you want to bring to the fight. 

If you want to check out other great builds like this one, or just need general Outriders Worldslayer tips and tricks, head over to our dedicated page for the game

Outriders: Worldslayer Trial of Tarya Gratar Walkthrough Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/3mfbt/outriders-worldslayer-trial-of-tarya-gratar-walkthrough-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/3mfbt/outriders-worldslayer-trial-of-tarya-gratar-walkthrough-guide Mon, 11 Jul 2022 15:59:25 -0400 John Schutt

The primary endgame activity introduced in Outriders: Worldslayer is the Trial of Tarya Gratar, a static dungeon of moderate length. As you make your way through, you’ll take on three or four substantial boss fights, slaughter thousands of beasts and Feral Pax, and fight plenty of mini-boss enemies.

This guide will detail every location in Tarya Gratar, what you can expect in each area, and how to conquer every boss fight. This information expands on what we covered in our Tarya Gratar explained article.

How to Complete the Trial of Tarya Gratar Endgame

You gain access to the Trial of Tarya Gratar following the completion of the Worldslayer campaign, which should only take a few hours. Your Apocalypse Tier will likely be in the early-to-mid teens unless you do additional Expedition grinding prior or were already deep into the endgame post-expansion.

Start the activity by placing your hand on the pedestal to enter the first Crossroads, a location called the Warlords Concourse. There are three possible exits, two to your left and one to your right. The right exit takes you to the first available Trove, the Proving Grounds. The close-left exit takes you to a Skirmish zone called Temple of the Anomaly, and the far-right leads to another Skirmish zone called the Mausoleum.

Before moving any further, it's worth noting that Tarya Gratar consists of three room types:

  • Crossroads: Safe rooms without enemies or challenges connecting combat arenas. The last of these will have a Crafting table but no additional amenities besides ammo restock.
  • Skirmishes: Combat arenas with various enemy types in one or multiple waves. There will be a minor loot chest at the end.
  • Troves: Larger-scale combat arenas with additional enemies and bosses. There will be a larger loot chest at the end with a higher likelihood of specific loot types.

Further, builds should be exceptional at add clear for all skirmishes. This is especially true if you’re taking on Tarya Gratar solo. There are hundreds of enemies across the various waves, increasing in number and difficulty as you progress.

The Proving Grounds Skirmish

The Proving Grounds are a circular arena with five doors surrounding the central point and arena entrance. When you start the endgame activity, the door directly in front of you opens, releasing hordes of beasts. Complete the three waves to activate the two nearest doors on either side, which release additional beasts and minibosses. The final two doors, to the far right and far left of the spawn area, release two boss-level beasts and additional hordes.

Completing this encounter unlocks a golden chest with a good chance of rewarding Boots, but like all the loot sources in the dungeon, you aren’t guaranteed Boots.

The Temple of the Anomaly

There are dozens of Feral enemies in this Skirmish, all of which use guns. Most are trash mobs: standard riflemen and snipers or rushing melee goons. A few dozen are tankier enemies that either deploy shields or use heavier weapons.

The remaining 10 enemies are minibosses, whether slow-moving machine gunners or ability-spamming captains using various energy abilities. There are also several mini-bosses that can teleport by transforming into a conspiracy of ravens. They also have powerful sniper rifles and can use the ravens for a line-based attack.

The Mausoleum

This Skirmish area pits you against the same kinds of beasts you fight in the Proving Grounds but does not contain the enormous boss-level monsters from that location. There are two waves made up primarily of lower-level beasts with a few minibosses scattered about.

The Courtyard

The second Crossroads you’ll come to in the Trial of Tarya Gratar only has two exits. One leads to the first boss of the dungeon, the other to another Trove, the Arboretum.

The Arboretum

A two-area Trove, the Arboretum starts with a fight against hordes of Feral enemies, with four boss-level mobs spawning once you engage. None are particularly threatening to even mid-game builds. The real threat comes in the second area, where you’ll fight against a Gorefeather sub-boss.

A larger, more powerful version of the other bird enemies you’ve faced will call some of its fellows to the field and dozens of lower-level beasts and mini-boss creatures when it reaches 50% health. Don’t be caught in bird AoE attacks  these can one-shot, and they tend to overlap if you don’t clear the birds fast enough.

Plaza of the Worthy Arbiter Boss Fight

The first boss encounter against the Arbiter of the Worthy takes place here, and be prepared for a long fight. The Arbiter is designed to be a significant DPS and survival check.

How to Defeat the Arbiter in Trial of Tarya Gratar

  • Jumping and standing slashes: The Arbiter swings his ax wildly in front of him, either standing or immediately following a jump. The hitbox extends a little farther than you might expect, and the attack triggers a knockdown, so stay away from the boss to avoid it.
  • Judgment: The Arbiter charges the attack, then sends out a wave of blue energy that locks your abilities and disables your attack. It then pulls you toward itself and slashes you with its ax. The attack deals about half health against my unoptimized Devastator build, so use whatever you have to fill your health before the energy wave comes out.
  • Summon Tribute enemies: Three of these shadow Tribute mobs spawn, wandering the area around the boss, dropping ooze pools that slow you and your abilities.
  • Summon shadow clones: The Arbiter summons three smaller black ooze clones of itself that swing wildly at you.
    Jumping slam: The Arbiter jumps toward you and slams its ax down, creating a shockwave. This might make a black ooze puddle that will inflict Slow.
  • Dark Armaments: The Arbiter returns to the center of the arena and summons countless shadowy weapons. The floor will be filled with AoE markers, with a thin one near the boss. You can either tank most of the attacks and continue dealing damage or run along the thin path to avoid most of the attacks altogether.

Spend as much time as possible dealing damage to the boss, stopping only to refill ammo, avoid Dark Armaments, or focus on the Tribute mobs. Use everything at your build’s disposal, and expect to spend 10 minutes or more fighting unless you’re deep into the endgame. Defeating the Arbiter of the Worthy rewards about 20 Epic or Legendary items.

The Vestibule

Another Crossroads. To the left of the Vestibule is the Daughter’s Sanctuary; to the right is the Trove at the Docks. Progressing deeper into the dungeon by going left leads to the Throne Room Skirmish.

The Docks

The Docks is a two-area Trove encounter that focuses on Helmets. It starts against a horde of Feral enemies, with almost 10 mini-boss enemies. There are giant enemies that will charge and dropkick you and Captain enemies that spawn fire tornadoes and use energy beams. Don't get knocked into the air by the larger mobs and dropped into the beams because they'll melt your health in seconds.

The second area in the Docks is a fight against an enormous beast from the campaign, along with the bird enemies you fought in the Arboretum. Focus on the big monster first, then the birds, taking care not to be overwhelmed by the trash mobs.

The Daughter’s Sanctuary Wavecleaver Urka Boss Fight

Home of the second named boss in the Trial of Tarya Gratar that focuses on Pants, the Daughter’s Sanctuary starts with a fight against several dozen beast enemies while you stand in a zone around an obelisk. Once you complete the zone control portion, the boss, Wavecleaver Urka, will spawn.

How to Beat Wavecleaver Urka in Outriders: Worldslayer

Not as complicated as the other bosses in the Trial of Tarya Gratar, Wavecleaver Urka is still a threat.

  • Spear lunge: Urka lunges at you with his spear.
  • Spear slam: Urka jumps into the air and slams his spear into the water, causing an AoE.
  • Summon wave: An AoE marker appears in the middle of the water. About a second later, a large wave crosses the arena.
  • Summon help: Urka summons a pair of watery shades for continuous AoE attacks and additional waves. Focus on these quickly.

Throne Room

Another horde of Feral Enemies spawns in the first area. The second area sees more Feral mobs and several minibosses.

Altar of Okriel Boss Fight

The next boss encounter is against Okriel the Traitor and is more a fight against mobs than it is a fight against a boss.

How to Beat Okriel the Traitor in Trial of Tarya Gratar

Okriel goes to the center of the arena when he initially appears and stays there the whole fight. Deal some damage to force him into immune, and immediately book it to one of the rooms at the edge of the arena.

Okriel will lob balls of Anomaly energy in groups of three that can down you if all three hit, so don't get too close. There are two kinds: large and trio. The large ball will deal heavy damage and fills almost the entire obelisk room. The trio land where you’re standing, so you can somewhat control their area of effect.

One of the arena’s-edge rooms will have a glowing obelisk connected to Okriel by a beam of energy. Stand in the zone to lower the obelisk, and enemies will begin to spawn when you enter the zone. Orkiel will count down an Obliteration timer. Should you fail to kill him before this mechanic bar drains completely, you’ll take an ever-increasing damage-over-time effect until you wipe.

Once you’ve cleared one obelisk, Okriel will be vulnerable to damage, allowing you to drain about a third of his health before he goes immune again. When the immune phase resumes, clear two obelisk zones, deal damage, then clear another set.  Complete the obelisk clearing cycle three times, and you should be able to do enough damage to defeat him.

Great Well’s Edge

Another Crossroads, this time with two exits. The left side leads into the Cliffside Path. The right side leads further down into the Hall of Sculptures.

Cliffside Path

Home to tons of winged, flightless beasts and mini-boss Shadowbeasts, this two-area encounter is best tackled near the entrance, where there’s more space to fight. Most of the little mobs in these rooms cause bleed, slowly draining health and armor. Beware of the little mobs not activating properly; if you see a bunch of red dots on the radar not doing anything, look up and shoot the enemy hanging there.

Shooting them should start the fight. Once you clear the first two rooms, five bosses will spawn and rush you.

The Hall of Sculptures

More blood beasts and a miniboss named Tribe Elder Vorka inhabit this Skirmish room. Vorka spawns after the first wave of trash mobs and is a tougher version of the raven-using enemies from earlier. Shadowbeast miniboss companions accompany him. Fight Vorka like you did the earlier raven enemies, but beware of the Shadowbeast line attacks, as there are enough creatures to fill your dodgeable area. Unless you have significant healing/armor regeneration, they can quickly down you.


The final Crossroads before the last boss, the Antechamber has a crafting station in case you received any new gear.

The Father’s Sanctum

In the Father’s Sanctum, you’ll face another Arbiter, this time the Arbiter of Descent. It uses all of the attacks as the first Arbiter of the worthy, with one notable addition: it spawns new Tribute enemies in its likeness that move to crystalline objects at the edges of the arena. If they reach the objects, they’ll spawn Dark Hives, which fill the floor with lines of black ooze. These will do damage, slow, and stagger you if they hit you.

The Arbiter of Descent is also tankier than the Arbiter of the Worthy and is three levels above your current maximum. Don’t try to heal or ability through Dark Armaments and the Hive ooze. Unless you’re spec’d for damage resistance and survivability, you’re liable to be two or three-shot.

Those are all the encounter areas and bosses throughout your first run of Trials of Traya Gratar. There’s one secret area called the Catacombs that unlocks when you start a new run after finishing all the way through, and it adds a much harder mob room and a third Artiber: arbiter of Dusk. He’s much the same as the other two in the dungeon, with the addition of an attack that rains down boulders on you from every direction.

Outriders Worldslayer Best Builds: Heat Seeking Pyromancer https://www.gameskinny.com/hvk7k/outriders-worldslayer-best-builds-heat-seeking-pyromancer https://www.gameskinny.com/hvk7k/outriders-worldslayer-best-builds-heat-seeking-pyromancer Mon, 11 Jul 2022 13:32:30 -0400 Bryn Gelbart

Outriders Worldslayer brings new loot to the shooter, completely changing the meta from the ground up. New ways to level like Ascension and PAX points, as well as new Legendary and Apocalyptic gear, might make you want to rebuild your Outrider. 

If you are playing as DPS and status effect using Pyromancer class, there is one new build that crushes all others. 

To get the most out of the Pyromancer in Outriders Worldslayer, you'll need some pretty specific gear to kit out your build. Once you have the right stuff, though, this build is insanely overpowered, able to take down enemies with ease. This guide specifically tells you how to build a Heat Seeking Pyromancer, easily one of the best builds in the game. 

Best Pyromancer Skills in Outriders Worldslayer

Like many powerful Outriders builds, the Heat Seeking Pyromancer hinges on boosting one specific skill. Here, that skill is Thermal Bomb, which places a bomb inside an enemy, inflicting burn, that explodes when they are killed. To best optimize the Heat Seeking build, you'll want to choose two more skills from the following to equip: 

  • Overheat.
  • Ash Blast. 
  • F.A.S.E.R. Beam.

We strongly recommend choosing Overheat for this build, since the armor set you need to make it work has some extremely overpowered buffs for that specific skill. 

Best Class Trees

There is no end-all-be-all tree progression for the best Heat Seeker Pyromancer, but there are a handful of essential skills. You can choose to build primarily down the path to Fire Storm or Tempest — both will work. 

The two most essential large node passives for Pyromancer are Extinction and Incinerate. Extinction will boost your overall damage against enemies with low health. Since targeting low-health enemies is essential to the Heat Seeker build, Extinction is more or less required. Incinerate inflicts Ash on enemies after they get burned, opening up a whole world of new synergies for the Pyromancer. 

Best Pyromancer PAX Tree

For the PAX Tree added in Outriders Worldslayer, the best bet is the Pyromaniac path. Work towards Trigger Sequence at the end of the tree. This passive boosts the damage of explosive skills by 25%, a vital buff because it makes the Heat Seeker's armor set bonus deal twice as much damage.  

How to Spend Ascension Points

Since the Pyromancer is very reliant on burn damage, invest most of your Ascension points into Anomaly. Each of the passives in this category will incrementally increase your Anomaly damage. Beyond this, we would also recommend putting some Ascension points into certain Prowess passives, namely Cooldown Reduction and Damage Against Elite Enemies

Best Gear and Mods for This Build

Now that you have the right skills equipped, it's time for the bread and butter of this Pyro build; the Heat Seeker armor set. You will need at least three pieces equipped to get the crucial set bonus, which allows your Thermal Bomb to travel to the target with the lowest health after it detonates. This deals 50% less damage but can chain up to 3 times. 

Your best bet for finding these pieces of armor is likely to run the Trial of Tarya Gratar on repeat until they all drop. You won't need all five pieces of the Heat Seeker armor, but we recommend rolling with four of them.

The Heat Seeker's Helmet, Heat Seeker's Chestplate, Heat Seeker's Legplates, and the Heat Seeker's Gloves all provide extremely powerful bonuses to your Thermal Bomb and Overheat abilities. Stacked together, all four of these pieces of armor will make you nearly unstoppable. 

You can also equip the Heat Seeker's Boots if you choose, but they don't add a ton of utility to the build. You can go with whichever boot set fits your character's needs. The Boots of the Lava Lich are great, as are the Legendary Scorched Zealot's Feet if you can get them to drop. 

In terms of weapons, focus on Legendary weapons that have a Burn ability in the third mod slot. The Heat Seeker Pyromancer will benefit from any mods that increase your anomaly power, like Mage's Rage. Fortress mods are also great, as they build up your armor and resistance for every shot landed. This gives you increased defense as a reward for playing aggressively. For more Outriders Worldslayer tips and guides, don't forget to check our dedicated page

Outriders Worldslayer Best Builds: Spectre Assassin Trickster https://www.gameskinny.com/7fu9x/outriders-worldslayer-best-builds-spectre-assassin-trickster https://www.gameskinny.com/7fu9x/outriders-worldslayer-best-builds-spectre-assassin-trickster Fri, 08 Jul 2022 15:21:40 -0400 Bryn Gelbart

Outriders Worldslayer adds a bunch of new ways to tighten up your build synergy and power up your Outrider. From the PAX skill tree to Ascension pointsWorldslayer's new elements have shaken up the Outriders meta. If you are playing as the short-ranged specialist class Trickster, these are the best skills, weapons, and mods for the best possible build. 

The best Trickster builds primarily focus on boosting close-range shotgun damage with a secondary focus on increasing Anomaly power. With the new PAX perks available in Worldslayer, you will be able to double-down on the Trickster strategies you used in the base game, only now to greater effect. You'll need those extra boosts to take on the grueling endgame gauntlet. 

Best Trickster Skills in Outriders Worldslayer

The first decision to make when tweaking (or building from the group up) your Trickster for maximum damage output and efficiency is to first choose the skills you will use.

Each class in Outriders lets you have three skills equipped at one time from the eight available to you. Remember that the skills you pick will determine which gear and skill tree paths will most benefit you. For the best post-game Trickster builds you will need to use: 

  • Hunt The Prey
  • Twisted Rounds
  • Venator's Knife

Hunt The Prey lets you teleport behind an enemy for a tactical advantage and a moment to recover. This skill is paramount to playing Trickster.

Twisted Rounds is also an essential skill that allows you to increase damage output. The higher your anomaly power the more damage your Twisted Rounds will do.

For the third skill we recommend an offensive attack like Venator's Knife, but find that Cyclone Slice and Time Rift are acceptable substitutes. 

Best Class Tree

When it comes to filling out your class tree in Outriders, min-max is the name of the game. You'll want to put all your points in the Assassin path of the Trickster tree. This allows you to focus on abilities that boost your weapon and anomaly damage.

You'll be mostly using a shotgun for this build, so try to especially focus on the nodes that boost your shotgun damage. The most important of the big nodes to grab are Shotgun Master, Disruptive Firepower, Outrider Executioner, and Bounty Hunter, as well as everything at the end of the Assassin tree. 

Best Trickster PAX Tree

The PAX tree is a Worldslayer addition that allows you to specialize your character even further. For this build, you'll want to go down the Spectre path. The Spectral Strike ability is essential, as this it deals additional damage equal to 15% of your Anomaly Power. 

How to Spend Ascension Points

In terms of where to prioritize your many Ascension points, we recommend the Brutality tree. This allows you to put points into increasing your close-range and weapon damage output.

When it comes down to it, the Spectre Assassin Trickster is all about sticking to your shotgun, and never reloading or switching weapons. In the next section, we will explain exactly how to do so. 

Best Gear and Mods for This Build

More important than finding any one specific weapon or armor set in Outriders are the mods that come attached to them. Legendary and Apocalypse items are your best bet for loading as many modifiers onto one loadout as possible.

Mods come in two forms. They are either general and apply to your character as a whole, or they are tied to specific skills. You'll need both. 

The general mods that are most essential to a TK Trickster build like this one will be ones that increase Close Range Damage and Cooldown Reduction. The best Skill specific mods are as follows: 

  • Instant Reload (Hunt The Prey): Teleporting instantly replenishes the magazine in your current weapon.
  • Strong Twist (Twisted Rounds): While the skill is active, increases weapon Firepower by an additional 20%.
  • Life Drain (Twisted Rounds): While the skill is active, killing shots heal you by 5% of your target's health.

The first of these, Instant Reload, is the lynchpin to making this build work. One of the tricks of Twisted Rounds is that your enhanced bullets don't end until you reload or switch weapons.

Instant Reload ensures you can keep the rounds flowing by using Hunt The Prey. The other two mods boost the life leech and strength of your Twisted Rounds, making them even stronger. Using all three of them in conjunction will make your Twisted Rounds unending and unstoppable. 

For more class guides and tips and tricks on Outriders Worldslayer, head over to our dedicated page, where all our Outriders help coverage lives.

Outriders Worldslayer: Trial of Tarya Gratar Explained https://www.gameskinny.com/kd1dm/outriders-worldslayer-trial-of-tarya-gratar-explained https://www.gameskinny.com/kd1dm/outriders-worldslayer-trial-of-tarya-gratar-explained Thu, 07 Jul 2022 08:48:38 -0400 Bryn Gelbart

You will be dumped into a new endgame hub area once you finish the main story of Outriders Worldslayer. From here you will be able to access your storage, missions, a crafting bench, and all vendors. Everything you would have in one of the game's larger hubs, only condensed. It is also from here that you are now allowed to begin the Trial of Tarya Gratar, the post-game trial added with Worldslayer. 

What is the Trial of Tarya Gratar?

The new post-game content for Outriders is a hybrid dungeon and boss rush where you (solo or with a team) will take on the toughest enemies in Worldslayer. Each new run of Tarya Gratar randomizes the foes you will be fighting, so no two runs are identical. 

Each run begins in a hub area where you can choose the path you want to take. You can check the Quest Map option in your character menu to see the choices that lie ahead of you. Some encounters are optional, while others are the only way forward. Each of the encounters falls into one of these four categories: 

  • Skirmish — Regular encounter.
  • Trove — Challenging encounter with increased rewards.
  • Trial — Boss encounter 
  • Final Trial — Final boss arena; always the last encounter.

In an attempt of Tarya Gratar, you are allowed three deaths. You must complete the whole thing without dying more than three times in order to successfully finish the trial. There is no shame in falling to one of the tougher bosses, though. Failing will still give you a shot at Legendary loot and raise your Ascension and Apocalypse ranks. 

Trial of Tarya Gratar Rewards

Doing runs through the Trial of Tarya Gratar on higher and higher Apocalypse Tiers is the most engaging and consistent method of obtaining better and rarer gear in the post-game. This is where a majority of the Legendary items and Apocalypse variants are going to drop. If you want the best stuff Worldslayer has to offer, you'll have to commit yourself to running the dungeon. 

If you want to get the most out of Tarya Gratar runs you'll have to hit all the Trove encounters on the map. These are tougher than regular skirmishes, but they reward you with greater loot and a much higher Apocalypse item drop rate.

Each Trove only offers one type of gear per encounter (i.e. helmets, boots etc.) You can check your Quest Map to see which type of gear you will get from the Troves ahead of you. We strongly recommend paying attention to the information the map gives you while attempting the trial. 

For more tips, tricks, and impressions on Outriders Worldslayer, you can visit our dedicated game page for continuous updates. 

Outriders Worldslayer: Weakness and Vulnerable Effects Explained https://www.gameskinny.com/929o6/outriders-worldslayer-weakness-and-vulnerable-effects-explained https://www.gameskinny.com/929o6/outriders-worldslayer-weakness-and-vulnerable-effects-explained Wed, 06 Jul 2022 11:46:29 -0400 Bryn Gelbart

If you are jumping into Outriders for the first time with the Worldslayer expansion, you'll find a good deal of information to ingest. You might find yourself overwhelmed by the numerous status effects and modifiers on the weapons and gear you find during the Outriders Worldslayer campaign.

Learning what the various status effects do is one of the first things to learn about Outriders, as they are very important to building your character.

An early stumbling block for new players trying to quickly dip into the game, without spending most of their time in the menus, is figuring out the difference between the Weakness and Vulnerable status effects. Knowing the difference between these two similar sounding modifiers will help you properly build your character around the correct attributes and skills. 

Weakness and Vulnerable Effects Explained

The key difference between the two status effects is one impacts the recipients damage taken while the other impacts damage dealt. 

Enemies inflicted with the Vulnerable status taken an increased amount of damage from attacks. Enemies inflicted with Weakness will have their damage output significantly muted, with a 30% reduction in damage dealt as long as the status effect lasts.

Both of these effects can also be cast on the player by enemies, which is another important reason to know the two apart. The base stats on these effects are as follows: 

  • Vulnerable: Lowers defense by 25% for 10 seconds.
  • Weakness: Lowers attack by 30% for 6 seconds.

Obviously, you can equip weapons and armor in your arsenal that can boost each status effect in some way or another. But if you really want to take the most advantage of these effects its worth looking at the skill tree ahead for your class. 

If you are playing the Trickster class, building down the Harbinger path of the skill tree will lead you to a skill that will greatly boost your Weakness effects. With the crucial Atrophy skill, Weakness afflicted on enemies lasts 30% longer. The Trickster skill Wither Scything gives your melee a Weakness effect. 

If you are playing Technomancer, you will be need to build towards the Tech Shaman specialization in order to be a master of the Vulnerable effect. The skill Marked for Execution makes it so Vulnerable afflicted on any enemy is 40% more effective. 

Using these tips you will be mastering these powerful debuffs with your character in no time. If you want more useful tips and tricks on Outriders Worldslayer make sure to visit our dedicated guides page

Outriders Worldslayer: Apocalypse Gear Explained https://www.gameskinny.com/yhcn7/outriders-worldslayer-apocalypse-gear-explained https://www.gameskinny.com/yhcn7/outriders-worldslayer-apocalypse-gear-explained Tue, 05 Jul 2022 08:38:48 -0400 Bryn Gelbart

Another new addition that the Worldslayer expansion adds to Outriders is the new Apocalypse loot rarity. This new rarity tier is a rank above legendary and can apply to both weapons and pieces of armor.

Apocalypse rarity is not be confused with Apocalypse Tiers, although your chances of finding the former is influenced by the latter system. 

What is Apocalypse Gear?

In Outriders Worldslayer Apocalypse gear is a brand new improved rarity tier of gear. The main draw of using it over Epic or Legendary tier weapons and armor is not so much better stats as you might expect.

What sets Apocalypse gear apart is the presence of a third mod slot. This new slot gives the items an extra modifying ability, a huge advantage over Epic and Legendary gear which only get two each. 

Technically, Apocalypse items are variants on Epic and Legendary tier loot that you can find elsewhere in Worldslayer. It is worth noting that what also makes Apocalypse Gear special is that this extra mod slot cannot be swapped out for something else.

In Outriders, you can spend resources to mod your weapons. One of the ways to customize gear is to swap out mods on a weapon or piece of armor you like to better fit your overall build. You can apply this mix and match approach to the other two mod slots on Apocalypse gear, but that third slot is immutable. Good thing whatever ability winds up there tends to be pretty powerful. 

You can modify and upgrade Apocalypse weapons and gear like any other piece of loot in the game. By going to a crafting bench or talking to the right NPC you can spend resources to power up Apocalypse gear by increasing its level. In addition to Titanium and Drop Pod Resources, these upgrades will also cost you a resource brand new to Worldslayer, called Anomaly Extract. This rare substance can be dropped from Elite enemies or by breaking down Apocalypse tier gear. 

How to Get Apocalypse Gear

So now that you know what it is, Outrider, the only question is how to get it. Well, you have to wait till about halfway through the Worldslayer campaign for your first piece of Apocalypse loot. From there, Apocalypse variants of items will start dropping.

As you level up your Apocalypse Tier the chances of enemies dropping Apocalypse gear will increase. They will also sometimes appear in the reward boxes for getting to the next Apocalypse tier. 

Once you complete the campaign, we find the best way to grind of Apocalypse Gear is to run Expeditions, either solo or co-op. These missions are best for farming. 

For anything else, you need to know about Outriders Worldslayer, check out our Outriders guides page, dedicated to delivering the best tips and tricks on the game.

Outriders Worldslayer: How to Get PAX Points https://www.gameskinny.com/ih1d4/outriders-worldslayer-how-to-get-pax-points https://www.gameskinny.com/ih1d4/outriders-worldslayer-how-to-get-pax-points Fri, 01 Jul 2022 17:54:20 -0400 Bryn Gelbart

While the Worldslayer expansion to Square Enix's Outriders doesn't bring any new classes to the game beyond the four you can play now — Devastator, Trickster, Pyromancer, and Technomancer — it does add some new wrinkles. Each one of these classes now gets the equivalent of two sub-classes to choose from in the form of PAX trees. You will earn PAX points throughout the game that allow you to unlock these new skills, but they're few and far between, unlike Ascension Points.

The PAX trees in Outriders Worldslayer are miniature versions of the skill tree in the main game. Since you only get 5 PAX points throughout the course of the campaign, you must focus on one path to reach the powerful skill at the end. There are six final skills to choose from at the end of each tree, three for each subclass. Check out our in-depth guide to PAX skills if you want to learn more about each class's PAX skill tree.

The one catch to PAX Points — aside from the fact that you don't get that many — is that Worldslayer is vague about how to get them. Well, here is how and when exactly you get each of the 5 PAX points in Outriders Worldslayer

The only way to earn PAX points is to play through the missions of the Worldslayer campaign. They are doled out at set times throughout the 6-8 hours of new story content. And it's really as simple as that. You just have to be patient and complete the new campaign before being able to unleash the full potential of your brand new build in the endgame. 

If you are itching to know when exactly you'll get your next PAX point, they can be found by completing the following missions and encounters throughout Worldslayer's story. 

  • After defeating The Fisherman in 'Trepidation'.
  • Complete the mission 'Pilgrimage'.
  • Complete the mission 'Shards'.
  • Complete 'Wrath'.
  • The Trial of Tarya Gratar (Endgame).

You must complete the Endgame content Trial of Traya Gratar once before receiving your final PAX point. Like with all other upgrade points in Outriders Worldslayer, PAX Points can be re-allocated at any point you wish. This allows you to be flexible and experiment with the other game-changing skills waiting at the end of the tree. If your thirst for Worldslayer content is not yet quenched, you can head on over to our dedicated page, where you can find more guides and news on Outriders.

Outriders Worldslayer: Apocalypse Tiers Explained https://www.gameskinny.com/l0ati/outriders-worldslayer-apocalypse-tiers-explained https://www.gameskinny.com/l0ati/outriders-worldslayer-apocalypse-tiers-explained Fri, 01 Jul 2022 17:36:47 -0400 Bryn Gelbart

Originally, progressing through Outriders' vanilla campaign unlocked higher difficulties called World Tiers. As you moved to higher tiers, the game became more difficult in various ways, but the trade-off meant higher-level loot. While you were encouraged to work your way through the World Tiers, you could move to a lower tier at any time. The conceit was a simple mechanic that allowed players to balance and adjust the difficulty on the fly, and it remains intact, albeit in a tweaked fashion, in Outriders Worldslayer

In the Outriders endgame, World Tiers were replaced by Challenge Tiers. These endgame tiers allowed players to have better chances at rarer weapons and armor even after hitting the level cap. 

In Worldslayer, both of these systems have been replaced by the new Apocalypse Tiers. However, not much has changed, except that your chances at getting better loot are now higher than ever. Here's why. 

Apocalypse Tiers Explained

Apocalypse Tiers work more or less the same way as Challenge Tiers. Playing on the highest available Apocalypse Tier will contribute progress towards unlocking the next tier. Playing on any lower Apocalypse Tier will not fill up this progress bar at all. 

Whenever you reach a new Apocalypse Tier, you will be able to move on to the next one. Or you can set the game to automatically move you up to the highest tier available in the Apocalypse Tier menu. We recommend doing this as you'll pretty much always want to be working on leveling up your Apocalypse Tiers. 

Each time you reach a new tier, you will also be rewarded with a box of random, high-value loot. These loot boxes usually contain something good, especially early on in the DLC. As you work your way up to higher Apocalypse Tiers, the system begins to show its differences. Worldslayer adds a greater variety of buffs and attribute bonuses that favor both the player and the enemy mobs. 

For returning players, it is important to note that Challenge Tier progress does carry over to the new system. If you reached Challenge Tier 15 before the expansion came out, you'll have Apocalypse Tier 15 unlocked. However, while the level cap for Challenge Tiers was a mere 15, Worldslayer expands that out to Level 40. Combined with the time it will take to get all 200 Ascension Points, this ensures over a hundred hours are required to bring your character up to max rank. 

Apocalypse Tiers also introduce Apocalypse Items but are otherwise essentially the same. If you want to know more about Outriders Worldslayer, like this handy guide on the new subclass skill trees, you can visit our dedicated page for the game right over here

Outriders Worldslayer: Ascension System Explained https://www.gameskinny.com/5li95/outriders-worldslayer-ascension-system-explained https://www.gameskinny.com/5li95/outriders-worldslayer-ascension-system-explained Thu, 30 Jun 2022 22:48:38 -0400 Bryn Gelbart

The Worldslayer expansion for looter shooter Outriders gives players new ways to progress their favorite classes. Instead of increasing the level cap and running into a Destiny situation, Worldslayer adds two new systems that allow players to continue powering up. The first and most vital of these is the Ascension System. 

The level cap for the base Outriders game is capped at 30. When first launching Worldslayer, you can either choose a Level 30 character you've leveled yourself, or you can roll a new one and jump right into the new missions. One of the first things you'll notice is that instead of working towards the next level, the meter at the top of your screen measures your Ascension level. 

What are Ascension Points?

The new endgame leveling system in Outriders Worldslayer allows you to spend hard-earned XP on making small tweaks to your build. You no longer get Skill points on the occasional level, but you instead earn one Ascension point per time you fill the experience bar. Each Ascension point can be spent on upgrading one of 20 passive attributes in the Ascension section in the Class tab. These passives are split into four categories; Brutality, Anomaly, Endurance, and Prowess

Each category contains five different passive buffs that you can continue to put up to 10 Ascension points into.

  • Anomaly powers focus on buffing your current abilities.
  • Brutality allows you to deal more damage across the board.
  • Endurance obviously boosts your health, armor, and resistances.
  • Prowess passives focus on making you more efficient by boosting critical hits and reducing cooldowns and reload times.

The system may seem underwhelming at first since there is no way to gain new abilities in the Ascension tree. However, there is a whole other new system in place for traditional skill trees. For that, you will need to spend PAX points. These points can be put into a new skill tree that gives each class two new subclasses to choose from. You'll gain PAX points at a much, much slower rate than Ascension points, and there is only a small handful of them in the game, making Ascension points your primary method of leveling up in Worldslayer.

You can fill out the entire tree by gaining all 200 Ascension points per character, but most players probably won't get that far. According to developer People Can Fly, getting all 200 Ascension points would take hundreds of hours of time to achieve

Now that you have a grip on Ascension points and how they differ from PAX points, you can go ahead and start building out your Outrider's new subclass(es). For more on Outriders Worldslayer in the coming weeks, keep your eyes on our dedicated guides page

How to Start Outriders Worldslayer DLC for New and Returning Players https://www.gameskinny.com/djala/how-to-start-outriders-worldslayer-dlc-for-new-and-returning-players https://www.gameskinny.com/djala/how-to-start-outriders-worldslayer-dlc-for-new-and-returning-players Thu, 30 Jun 2022 15:14:45 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Outriders Worldslayer is the biggest, most ambitious DLC yet for People Can Fly's multiplayer co-op looter shooter. Where New Horizon tweaked a few game mechanics and added new expeditions, gear, and transmogrification, Worldslayer continues the story from the base game, reworks the difficulty tiers, adds completely new skills, and much more. 

Whether you've picked up the Worldslayer upgrade to the base game or starting from scratch with the Outriders Wordlslayer bundle, you'll likely want to know how to start the DLC content. You'll be able to jump right in either way, though new players will have an extra small hoop to jump through. 

How to Start Worldslayer as a Returning Player

The campaign content for Outriders Worldslayer becomes available at the end of the base game.

If you're a returning player and have yet to finish the vanilla campaign, you'll have to do so before gaining access to Worldslayer's story. You'll notice that World Tiers have changed to Apocalypse Tiers, however, and that you'll have access to Apocalypse Items, as those are the new difficulty levels and corresponding rewards introduced in Worldslayer

If you're a returning player and have finished the vanilla campaign, you can jump right into Worldslayer content by visiting the Outriders Camp, the last story point in the campaign. This area is where you access Expeditions.

Once at the camp, you'll receive a new mission called Omens, telling you to speak with Channa to start the DLC.

Existing players creating new characters can auto-level them to Level 30 and choose to jump directly to Worldslayer content, just as new players creating new characters can. 

How to Start Worldslayer as a New Player

There are a few options for new players. You can simply create a new character and play through the base game's campaign, naturally leveling up your Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, or Trickster. It's an excellent way to get to grips with the game's systems, and if you're having trouble, we've got some guides to help. Once you reach the end, you'll have access to the Outriders Camp, where you can speak with Channa to start Worldslayer

You can also choose to auto-level your new character to Level 30, jump the base game entirely, and have access to the Outriders Camp and Worldslayer immediately. Once you create a new character, but before you choose your class path, the game will ask where you want to start: the prologue, the main story, or Worldslayer

If you choose the prologue, you'll start at the very beginning of Outriders. Selecting the main story skips the prologue. And picking Worldslayer skips the whole kit and kaboodle. It's worth noting, however, that you can always go back and play the vanilla campaign if you skip straight to Worldslayer. You are never locked out of this content. 

Of course, the new endgame content, Trial of Tarya Gratar, becomes available after the Worldslayer campaign for all players. But now that you know how to access the DLC, you're well on your way to seeing how the next chapter of the Outriders' story pans out — and a new loot grind to boot. 

Outriders Worldslayer PAX Skill Trees for Each Class https://www.gameskinny.com/ggm1h/outriders-worldslayer-pax-skill-trees-for-each-class https://www.gameskinny.com/ggm1h/outriders-worldslayer-pax-skill-trees-for-each-class Thu, 30 Jun 2022 14:30:05 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Outriders Worldslayer introduces a slew of new skills for each of the game's four classes. Found in the PAX skill trees, these abilities affect everything from damage and defense to build resistances and status effects inflicted upon enemies. All classes have — Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, and Trickster — have two new branches. 

These PAX skill trees are found in the Class tab once you reach Level 30. They are nestled between the base game skill trees and the menu for the new Ascension system on the left side of the screen. Here's what's new in the PAX trees per their in-game descriptions. Note: PAX skills can be reset just like base skills. 

This system is different than the Ascension system, which uses Ascension points to provide passive buffs across four areas and is essentially the new XP system in Worldslayer. If you're wondering how to get PAX points, we've got a guide covering their locations here



  • Hunting Season: Increase your Weapon Damage by 30% and your magazine size by 50%.
  • Harvester: Increase your Weapon Leech by 10%. Additionally, increase your Weapon Leech by 2% for every enemy in close range up to 10%.
  • Hardened: Increase your Damage Mitigation by 5%. Additionally, increase Damage Mitigation by 2% for every enemy in close range up to 10%.
  • Finishing Touch: Increase your Weapon Damage by the percentage of Ammo missing from your magazine. Killing shots replenish 35% of your magazine. 
  • Armored Division: Increase your Armor Piercing by 20%. Reduce your Kinetic skill cooldowns by 50% of your Armor Piercing value. Affects Gravity Leap, Boulderdash, Endless Mass. 
    • Against Devastating Odds: Damaging at least three enemies with Kinetic skills grants you 30% Armor Piercing for four seconds. Damaging fewer enemies makes your shots Critical Shots for four seconds. Affects Gravity Leap, Boulderdash, Endless Mass.
  • Come One, Come All: Your Kinetic skills remove Effect Resistance from hit Elites. Seven-second cooldown. Affects Gravity Leap, Boulderdash, Endless Mass.
    • Elitism: Shots on Elites Reduce incoming damage from Elites by 15% and increase damage against Elites by 30% for five seconds. Five-second cooldown.
  • Strange Surgeon: Your shots inflict Bleed. Killing an enemy afflicted with Bleed in close range reduces the ongoing cooldown of Protection skills by 1.5 seconds. Affects: Golem, Reflect Bullets.
    • Overwhelming Force: While a Protection skill is active, you release seismic pulses every two seconds that deal damage equal to 40% of your Armor. Affects Golem, Reflect Bullets.

Tectonic Shifter

  • Impact Point: Your Seismic and Kinetic skill damage is increased by an additional 30% of your Anomaly Power. Bonus damage is split among all damaged enemies. Affects Earthquake, Impale, Tremor, Gravity Leap, Boulderdash, Endless Mass.
  • Puncture: Your Seismic skills inflict Bleed. Anomaly Damage to enemies afflicted with Bleed increased by 10%. Affects Earthquake, Impale, Tremor.
  • Obliteration: Increase your Anomaly Power and Resistance Piercing by 6%. Each damaged enemy increases the bonus by 3%, up to an additional 9% for three seconds.
  • Earthen Shell: Damage dealt with skills is converted to shield. 
  • Upheaval: Enies damage by Seismic skill become Upheaved for two seconds, storing 10% of damage received during that time and releasing it once the effect ends. Affects Earthquake, Impale, Tremor.
    • Multistrike: 30% of damage dealt by Seismic skill is stored and added to your next Seismic skill. The effect resets every time you release your stored damage. Affects Earthquake Impale, Tremor. 
  • Richter Rising: enemies damaged by both Seismic and Kinetic skills within four seconds receive 15% more damage for four seconds. Affects Earthquake, Impale, Tremor, Gravity Leap, Boulderdash, Endless Mass. 
    • Energy Transmission: Each enemy damaged by your Kinetic skill increases the damage of your next Seismic skill by 15%. Each enemy damaged by your Seismic skill reduces ongoing cooldowns of your Kinetic skills by 0.5 seconds. Affects Earthquake, Impale, Tremor, Gravity Leap, Boulderdash, Endless Mass.
  • Terms of Engagement: 60% of damage dealt by Kinetic skill is stored and added to your next Kinetic skill. The effect resets every time you release your stored damage. Affects Gravity Leap, Boulderdash, Endless Mass.
    • Momentum: Each enemy damaged by your Kinetic skill reduces ongoing cooldowns of other Kinetic skills by one second, up to four seconds. Affects Gravity Leap, Boulderdash, Endless Mass.



  • Coming in Hot: Deal 15% more damage to enemies above 80% health and 30% more damage to enemies below 30% health. 
  • Ashen Regalia: Killing Marked enemies increases your Damage Mitigation by 7% for five seconds. Stacks up to three times.
  • Ashen Wake: Your shots damage all enemies afflicted with Ash within a four-meter radius of the target, dealing 30% of the damage dealt. 
  • Hot Streak: Critical shots increase Weapon Damage by 6%. The bonus lasts four seconds and Stacks up to five times.
  • Carbonization: Enemies hit by your Immobilize skills receive 20% more Anomaly Damage for four seconds. Affects Feed the Flames and Ash Blast.
    • Carbon Footprint: Each enemy hit by Immobilize skills reduces the cooldown of the other Immobilization skills by 0.5 seconds. Affects Feed the Flames and Ash Blast.
  • Carbon Ammo: increases your magazine size by 200%. 
    • Bullet Frenzy: shots with Assault Weapons increase your Weapon Damage by 3%. This effect stacks until you stop shooting. 
  • Solar Flare: Activating skills increases your Critical Damage by 10% for six seconds. Stacks up to two times. 
    • Critical Mass: Critical Shots on marked enemies turn all shots to Critical Shots for two seconds.


  • Melting Point: Increase your Resistance Piercing by 15% when above 80% health and by 30% when below 40% health. 
  • Scorched Flesh: Activating Ignite skills increases your Status Power by 10% for five seconds. Stacks up to three times. Affects Heat Wave, Faster Beam, Volcanic Rounds.
  • Master Exploder: Explosive skills damage is increased by 100% of your Resistance Piercing. Affects: Thermal Bomb, Overheat, Eruption.
  • Convection: Reduce all skill cooldowns by four seconds when all skills are on cooldown. Three-second cooldown. 
  • Furnace: Increase your Status Power by 15% for every enemy afflicted with Burn. Stacks up to five times.
    • Burnt Offerings: Increase your Burn duration by 500% and each consecutive Burn tick on an enemy deals 10% more damage. 
  • Conduction: Reduce your skill cooldowns by 15%.
    • Arsonist: Activating skills has a 30% chance to reset all skills cooldown. Five-second cooldown.
  • Backdraft: Your Anomaly Power is increased by 30% for every skill on cooldown. 
    • Trigger Sequence: Activating Explosive skills increase the damage of the next Explosive skill by 25%. The buff stacks three times, after which it starts anew. Affects Thermal Bomb, Overheat, Eruption.



  • Initial Striker: Activating skills increases your Anomaly Power or Firepower by 10% for five seconds, depending on which is higher. 
  • Brain Dead: Activating Decay or Gadget skills increases your Weapon Damage by 15% for five seconds. Affects Blighted Rounds, Blighted Turret, Cold Snap, Cryo Turret, Fixing Wave.
  • Lethal Devices: Your Ordinance and Gadget skills inflict Toxic to enemies hit and deal additional 5% Anomaly Power as damage if Toxic was refreshed. Affects Scrapnel, Cryo Turret, Pain Launcher, Tool of Destruction, Cold Snap, Fixing Wabe. 
  • Pain Killer: Damaging an enemy grants you 2% Health Regeneration for three seconds. Stacks up to two times. 
  • Permanence: Inflicting Toxic on an enemy has a 100% chance to inflict a random additional status. 
    • Dissection: You deal 5% more damage to enemies for every status inflicted on them. 
  • Necrotic Tissue: Damage against Elite enemies is increased by 20% when using a Sniper weapon.
    • Twin Reaper: Sniper weapon shots have a 75% chance to trigger an echo, dealing 25% of the damage dealt by the shot. 
  • Break Their Ranks: Your Interrupt skills remove effect resistance from hit Elites. Seven seconds cooldown. Affects Scarpnel, Pain Launcher, Tool of Destruction. 
    • Depleted Core: Your Ordinance skills damage is increased byb100% of your status Power. Affects Scrapnel, Pain Launcher, Tool of Destruction.


  • The Undying: Every 5% of your missing health increases your Weapon Leech and Skill Leech by 5%. 
  • Accelerator: Your Weapon Damage is increased by 100% of your Weapon Leech. 
  • Override: Your Anomaly Power is increased by 100% of your Skill Leech.
  • Apothecary: You pulse every five seconds, healing all players within a 25-meter radius for 2% of all damage done by you between each pulse. 
  • Purification Protocol: Your turrets pulse in a 25-meter radius, removing up to one negative status effect from you and your Allies.
    • Leadseeker: Your turrets pulse in a 25-meter radius, replenishing 30% of Ammo and granting w0% increased damage for five seconds for you and your Allies.
  • Biosync: Your Overheal is converted to a three-second health regeneration effect for you and your Allies.
    • Kinetic Converter: Critical shots heal the nearest ally for 29% of their max health. If Overheal occurs, the player also receives 30% increased damage for five seconds. Has a five-second cooldown. 
  • Hastened Influence: Reduce the remaining cooldown of one of your skills by 0.5 seconds for every status removed by you or applied to an enemy by any player.
    • Burrowing Charge: Critical Shots inject enemies with an explosive charge for five seconds, dealing 250% of Anomaly Damage as damage upon the next Critical Shot taken. Five-second cooldown. 



  • Damaged!: Damaging enemies with Damage skills increases your Damage by 10% for five seconds. Affects Temporal Blade, Twisted Rounds, Cyclone Slice.
  • Adaptation: Activating skills grants you 15% Anomaly Power or Firepower for five seconds depending on which of them is higher.
  • Reactive Shielding: Activating skills increases your Damage Mitigation by 5% for six seconds. Stacks up to three times. 
  • Phasing: Activating skills grants you 15% Shield and 10% Shield to allies.
  • Great Expanse: Extend the distance considered as close range by two meters.
    • Quantum Entanglement: All enemies in close range share 10% of your Weapon Damage.
  • Harrowing: Increase your Resistance Piercing by 10%. Each enemy in close range increases the bonus by 2% up to an additional 10%.
    • Spectral Spike: Damaging skills have a 100% chance to deal additional damage equal to 15% of your Anomaly Power. Consecutive triggers on the same enemy stack, dealing more damage up to 750%. One-second cooldown. 
  • Superposition: Increase your Damage Mitigation against Elites byb20% during and for three seconds after a Movement skill. Affects Hunt the Prey, Borrowed Time.
    • Special Tactics: Damaging Elites increases your Damage against Elites by 3% for three seconds. The effect can occur once per second and stacks up to 10 times. 


  • Triggerman: Your damage is increased by 15% for each skill on cooldown.
  • Cheap Shot: Your class melee skill lowers a damaged enemy's Armor and resistance by 30% for five seconds.
  • Lies, Deception: Activating Deception skills grants you a 15% shield every one second for four seconds. Affects Slow Trap, Venator's Knife, Time Rift. 
  • Fail-Safe Protocols: When your health drops below 30% get 50% shield and 20% Damage Mitigation for three seconds. Can be triggered every 10 seconds.
  • Rigged Game: Activating skills increases your Critical Damage by 10% for five seconds. Stacks up to two times. 
    • Infinity Slinger: Sidearm weapons do not consume Ammo during and for four seconds after using a Movement skill. Affects Hunt the Prey, Borrowed Time. 
  • Power Overwhelming: Increase your Firepower by 40% of your Anomaly Power when using an Assault weapon. 
    • Perpetuum Trickery: Critical shots increase your Anomaly Power by 10%, stacking up to five times. The stacks are consumed by the next Damage skill you use. Activating Damage skills increases your Assault Weapon Damage by 50% for seven seconds. Affects Temporal Blade, Twisted Rounds, Cyclone Slice.
  • Goals Beyond Understanding: Damage done to Elites tagged with Deception skills has a 25% chance to be increased to 200%. Affects Slow Trap, Venator's Knife, Time Rift.
    • Meticulous Schemer: 200% of killing damage on enemies tagged with Deception skills is divided amongst other tagged enemies. Affects Slow Trap, Venator's Knife, Time Rift. 

Now that you have even more build variety for your Outrider through the PAX skill trees, you can use those abilities to push ever higher into Apocalypse Tiers. You'll be well-suited for tougher enemies in the campaign and new endgame, Trial of Tarya Gratar. 

Outriders: How to Transmog Weapons and Gear https://www.gameskinny.com/xzxu2/outriders-how-to-transmog-weapons-and-gear https://www.gameskinny.com/xzxu2/outriders-how-to-transmog-weapons-and-gear Tue, 16 Nov 2021 14:30:02 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Transmog is finally in Outriders with the New Horizons update available on all platforms. The community has been asking for the addition of transmog since the looter-shooter released back in April, and though there have been a handful of updates and patches since then, the system hasn't arrived until now. 

But if you're here, you're wondering how to transmog your weapons and gear. Luckily, the process is actually super simple. 

First things first: there are no resources or currencies to collect in order to change the look of your weapons and gear in Outriders. The only "grind" involved is actually getting the weapons and gear sets themselves. That's made easier by the increased loot drops and near-elimination of dupes brought on by the New Horizons update. 

For the most part, any gear you pick up in Outriders now, whether that be guns or armor, will be something you don't already have. Moreover, legendary drop rates are up 100% across the board, one new Expedition always drops legendaries, and you can, if you do get a dupe or bad roll, re-roll your loot at Tiago with Drop Pod Resources.

How to Transmog Your Weapons and Gear

To transmog weapons and gear:

  • Open your player menu.
  • Enter the customization menu (right D-pad on console).
  • You should enter the Transmog menu automatically, but if not, it's the Visual Customization tab you're looking for.

You'll see your entire stash of loot here. You can switch between your weapons and armor categories, and then simply choose a piece of gear or a weapon and press the Apply button to equip a skin to just that piece of gear. If you have more than one piece or an entire set, press the Apply to All Equipped button to equip every piece all at once, nifty for donning entire armor sets in a flash.

You could keep running your Pyromancer armor but look like a Trickster if you're so inclined.

Transmogging, of course, will override the look of your currently-equipped items. However, you keep all of the perks and abilities associated with the original item or items. Everything that you transmog will have a white diamond icon in the top left corner to help you keep track of them and know which items you've transmogged before. 

To revert an item to its original skin and look, simply press the remove button when highlighting the transmog piece. You can find which button it is for your platform by looking at the bottom of the gear card, where the apply buttons were previously shown.

When you pick up or purchase a weapon or piece of gear and add it to your inventory, it's able to be transmogged immediately. You don't have to dismantle anything. There are no vendors to visit or workbenches to find; you do everything through your inventory anywhere in Outriders.

Further, transmog is cross-class. That means if you pick a gun up with your Devastator and switch over to your Technomancer, you can transmog that same weapon without penalty or having to jump through hoops.

And that's it on how to transmog your weapons, armor, and gear in Outriders with the New Horizons update. If you're just jumping into People Can Fly's looter-shooter, consider heading over to our guides hub for other tips and tricks articles.

The Best Universal Outriders Mods for Weapons and Armor https://www.gameskinny.com/blnzd/the-best-universal-outriders-mods-for-weapons-and-armor https://www.gameskinny.com/blnzd/the-best-universal-outriders-mods-for-weapons-and-armor Wed, 14 Apr 2021 10:56:39 -0400 Justin Koreis

Outriders is the sort of game that revels in challenging its players directly. It dares you to take on the highest difficulty and rewards you with ever-increasing loot if you can answer the call. Doing so requires taking advantage of the powerful and robust mod system, wherein you customize your weapons or armor with mods to imbue them with special perks.

The right combination of mods gives you the edge to put Outriders higher difficulties in their place and earn the best loot in the game. Since there are 350 of them in the game, we've rounded up the best mods in Outriders 

Some are class-specific, and some are only available on the ultra-rare legendary items. This guide will forego those in favor of universal Tier 1 and Tier 2 mods that are more readily available and flexible for all players.

To get a specific mod, you must first find a weapon or armor piece that has it already attached. You can breakdown the weapon/armor to add the mod to your catalog. Our crafting guide tells you how to do that in greater detail

The Best Universal Weapon Mods

Perpetuum Mobile 

Perpetuum Mobile is the must-have weapon mod. This Tier 2 mod automatically replenishes your gun when you kill an enemy with less than 35% ammo left. That’s great in any situation, but paired with an ammo power mod like the Trickster's Twisted Rounds or the Pyromancers Volcanic Rounds (even after getting nerfed), it is tough to beat.

These ammo powers don’t consume ammunition, and because the magazine is never emptied due to Perpetuum Mobile, these short-term boosts can last for entire missions and expeditions, and definitely come in handy in multiplayer where combat can be more difficult

Death Chains 

Death Chains is one of the best weapon mods for increasing damage output. Shooting enemies wraps them in spectral chains that do significant damage for three seconds. The amount of damage scales with the level of the weapon, making this mod viable at any World Tier or Expeditions Challenge Tier. This is a great fire-and-forget mod; you can move on to your next target while the chains finish the job on the enemy you just shot.

Storm Whip 

Channel your inner Zeus with Storm Whip. This Tier 2 weapon mod summons a bolt of lightning from the sky, dealing level-adjusted damage to your opponents. The cooldown is just two seconds. That means as long as you keep shooting, your enemies will be constantly smitten from on high.

This is especially useful on higher difficulties and during Expeditions, where you may only be able to take occasional quick shots at some tougher baddies. Even a single round from your gun, no matter how weak, is enough to summon this bolt from the heavens.

Brain Eater 

Brain-Eater is a weapon mod that can completely change your ammo economy. With it equipped, critical shots do not consume ammunition. This can result in bottomless clips, provided you hit your target in critical areas. That means no reloading, and your ammo reserves don’t run dry. This also applies to Ammo Powers, providing some of the same advantages as Perpetuum Mobile.

Bone Shrapnel 

Killing enemies is both fun and functional with Bone Shrapnel. Not only do your slain foes explode, but their bones also damage other enemies in a five-meter radius and inflict bleed. The speed with which you can clear mobs using this mod is exceptional, and tougher enemies surrounded by these explosions will take noticeable damage.

The Bleed effect does damage over time and works synergistically with a number of other powers and mods. This is also a fantastic mod if you're going for the Classy trophy and achievement, which requires you "complete the highest tier of 4 class-related accolades for any class." Some, like several for the Trickster, are incredibly easy, if grindy, with Bone Shrapnel. 

The Best Armor Mods

Mitigation from Death 

Mitigation from Death is the ideal survival-boosting armor mod. Activating it is easy: just kill enemies while aiming down your sights. This triggers up to three stacks of a sizable armor boost for 10 seconds. It also stays active for the entirety of most battles, since every subsequent kill made by ADS renews the timer.

The result is a massive, persistent boost to survivability that you don’t even need to think about, as long as you occasionally take the time to aim your weapon.

Emergency Stance 

It is easy to get caught up in the joy of eviscerating the teeming masses of enemies that flood combat areas in Outriders, and it's even easier to fail to notice your health quickly dwindling. That is where Emergency Stance comes in.

As soon as your health drops below 30% it activates Golem, which provides a 65% damage reduction for four seconds. This is a massive boost to survivability and gives you more than enough time to heal and keep yourself in the fight.

Ice Trap 

Ice Trap is the perfect combination of an automatically-activating survival mod and a useful tool for crowd control. As soon as your health drops below 30%, a burst of freezing energy extending in a 10-meter radius freezes all enemies (depending on resistance). Now you can escape or turn the tables on the opposition. This is especially great when being gnawed on by a pack of alpha perforos or overwhelmed by cutthroats.


The aptly named Bloodlust mod is another easy-to-activate armor mod that will be persistent through most battles. This one is very straightforward: killing shots boost firepower (weapon damage), stacking up to three times. Each stack deteriorates over 10 seconds.

Outriders is a game where you are thrashing seemingly endless masses of enemies, which renews the boost quickly. Bloodlust keeps itself fed, and the increase to your damage output is key to defeating enemies at higher World and Challenge Tiers.  

Stand Tall 

Do you spend a lot of time in cover? Of course, you don’t! This is Outriders, and you are a superpowered one-person army. You have hordes to kill.

That’s why Stand Tall is such a great armor mod. It boosts both Anomaly Power and Firepower when you are out of cover for more than five seconds. For most players this means the mod is active at all times. Free damage boost for all of your attacks? Yes, please.  


There you have it, our list for the best mods in Outriders. Pick and choose the mod that matches your playstyle, and in no time, you will leave the hostile aliens, feral creatures, and bloodthirsty insurgents broken at your feet. Apply them to the best weapons in the early- and mid-game, and you'll blast through the story and sidequests in no time. For more Outriders tips and tricks be sure to check out the rest of our Outriders guides 

How to Farm, Buy Legendary Gear in Outriders https://www.gameskinny.com/58tfl/how-to-farm-buy-legendary-gear-in-outriders https://www.gameskinny.com/58tfl/how-to-farm-buy-legendary-gear-in-outriders Tue, 13 Apr 2021 11:35:52 -0400 John Schutt

The most powerful builds in Outriders often rely on the game’s most powerful equipment: legendary rarity weapons and armor sets. Getting your hands on the best weapons for a majority of the game isn't easy, and getting the best legendaries is even harder and will take you significant time. But there are legendary farms you can use to make the process easier and simpler.

This farming guide goes over the three core methods for farming legendaries in Outriders. Be aware that you’ll spend hours using even these most efficient methods, and there's no telling if they may be patched out in the future. 

The Best Legendary Farm in Outriders

As we mentioned in our boss farming article, completing the Hunt, Historian, and Bounty sidequests reward a guaranteed legendary item.

This is true no matter how many times you complete these questlines, and as of writing, if you follow these steps, you’ll be swimming in top-tier gear.

Note: Hunts are by far the easiest and most efficient quests. While you could complete all three of these simultaneously as you move across the map, you’ll be spending much more time than simply focusing on Hunts. You will average one Legendary every half hour or so on Hunts alone. That number goes into the sky if you do all thirty Hunt, Bounty, and Historian quests simultaneously.

Previously, players could farm these multiple times because of a multiplayer exploit; Square Enix and People Can Fly have since patched that method out. 

Other Sources of Legendary Weapons and Armor

Outside of Hunt and sidequest farming, Outriders offers a few endgame-centric methods of getting the good stuff. Just don’t expect them to be simple or consistent.


Endgame progression for legendaries exists outside of the story mode World Tier system. You’ll be leveling Challenge Tiers to take on harder and harder Expeditions, and you won’t have a chance at a Legendary drop until Challenge Tier 8. The chance is minuscule at first, barely more than 1%.

You need to achieve gold on the Expedition for the highest probability, and without the proper gear and experience, that’s no guarantee. Even at Challenge Tiers 12 and 13, golding a mission hardly awards 15% legendary drop chance, giving no guarantee you’ll get anything good for all that effort.

Expeditions are a better option from a time and materials perspective, as well-kitted and skilled players can complete the toughest in 15 minutes or so. The catch is that you'll be plowing your way through hundreds of high-level enemies in a gauntlet to end all gauntlets with no guarantee of anything valuable at the end. That is, besides trash loot and a token amount of drop pod currency.

If your luck is terrible, even Challenge Tier 15’s 25% Gold drop chance — the highest Outriders currently offers — might still net you diddly followed by squat. Couple the immense effort and almost certain frustration, and it's a rough go of it. 

Buying Directly from Tiago

You don’t need to finish every Expedition at Gold to have a chance at a few legendaries. Tiago, the second gear vendor at camp, trades exclusively in drop pod Supplies, the currency you acquire when you finish an Expedition.

Starting out, you’ll be hurting for supplies, but make it past Challenge Tier 10 or so, and there will be no shortage. Be aware that Tiago’s inventory gets more and more expensive the farther you progress into the endgame. It won’t matter if you can consistently gold- or even silver-medal your high-tier Expeditions. As Tiago’s inventory starts to rotate, you’ll have plenty to spend your Supplies on.


That's currently how to farm legendaries in Outriders. You can technically get them as part of a boss fight or randomly throughout the world, but the chances there are dismal, and the time investment for suboptimal builds is equally terrible. Hunts and other sidequests are the best ways, but head into Expeditions and random campaign material as a break. For more tips and tricks, consider heading over to our Outriders guides page

How to Repeat Quests and Farm Bosses in Outriders https://www.gameskinny.com/rr2ld/how-to-repeat-quests-and-farm-bosses-in-outriders https://www.gameskinny.com/rr2ld/how-to-repeat-quests-and-farm-bosses-in-outriders Tue, 13 Apr 2021 09:40:18 -0400 John Schutt

There are many ways to farm in Outriders, whether you’re looking to grind XP to max level or repeat boss fights for titanium, loot, or because you just enjoyed a specific mission or sidequest. Though endgame grinding is repetitive and mostly uninteresting, there’s (thankfully) a way to farm for gear and mats outside of Expeditions.

Outriders offers the neat ability to repeat any mission you’ve previously completed as many times as you please. You can even fight any of the game’s bosses infinitely, provided you don’t mind short delays between encounters. This guide covers the methods to repeat missions and farm bosses for XP and gear., Though you can get some legendary weapons and armor to drop from bosses, there are other farming methods we cover here

How to Repeat Quests in Outriders

Every Outriders mission and sidequest has a specific marker on your map, and every one of them will grey out once you've completed them, except the main campaign missions. That means if you want to farm a particular sidequest forever, all you need to do is return to the quest-giving NPC and select the “Repeat Quest” option after going through a bit of dialog. It’s that simple.

You’ll be able to return to any area you previously completed on the Outriders' map during and after the campaign, so you can do any side mission you like. You’ll need to take advantage of another mechanic to fight bosses again.

The same repeatable method works for Bounty and Hunt quests from the vendors in Trench Town, but there is a twist. To replay Hunt, Historian, and Bounty missions, you need to complete all 10 of them across the map.

Then, return to vendors in Trench Town and Rift Town, turn in every completed quest one by one, and then restart the whole thing from scratch. If you turn in everything at once, you'll receive all 10 rewards at once, plus a random piece of Legendary gear. Keep in mind, though, that rewards are level-locked, so if you do turn them all in at once, you may get weapons and armor at lower levels than you'd like. 

How to Farm Bosses in Outriders

One of the neatest features in Outriders is the ability to reload a story point from the main lobby. Using it reloads any checkpoint in the game, including any bosses, letting you replay that section and kill everything in it again.

The process isn’t as efficient as simply reloading a boss arena in Borderlands, sadly.

To farm bosses efficiently in Outriders, exit to the lobby and click on the "Select Story Point" box above the "Start Game" box. From there, you’ll be able to choose any story point you’ve previously completed, broken down across individual level checkpoints.

Note: Whenever you set a story point, the game says it will overwrite your save data to replay previous mission areas, but don’t worry. You can go back to the beginning and replay whatever you’d like, then set yourself back to the ending, and you’ll retain all your loot and experience. The only difference is, you won’t have access to certain Camp NPCs, as they haven’t yet joined your party.

With that in mind, it's up to you whether you want to use this method of farming or not. Just make sure the game saves your progress so you don't lose any gear. 

Boss checkpoints aren’t always noted in the quest steps, so we’ve listed them below:

  • Utargak, “Rescue Your Crew”: The boss drops no loot, but has a high-rarity box following the encounter.
  • Rift Town, “Confront the Altered”: The boss drops no loot but has a guaranteed loot chest after the fight.
  • Eagle Peaks, “Investigate the Volcano’s Peak”: The boss drops loot and titanium.
  • Forest Enclave, “Track down the Chrysaloid”: The boss drops loot and titanium
  • The Caravel, "Defeat Yagak": The boss drops no loot, but has a high-rarity box following the encounter.

Once you’ve killed the boss, head back to the lobby and set yourself to the same story point again. The boss will respawn, and you can kill it again and again and again. We have a lot more Outriders guides over here, so be sure to check those out if you're looking for more tips on People Can Fly's loot-shooter. 

Outriders Anomaly Power Explained https://www.gameskinny.com/clc1w/outriders-anomaly-power-explained https://www.gameskinny.com/clc1w/outriders-anomaly-power-explained Mon, 12 Apr 2021 10:14:49 -0400 Justin Koreis

There are two ways to slay your enemies in Outriders: using your weapons or using your anomaly powers. Sure, filling regular adds and elites with bullet holes until they collapse into pools of carnage works for a time, especially with some of the rarest weapons, but impaling your foes on ground spikes from the Devastator or slicing a dozen feral creatures in half with the Trickster's energy blade can be much more effective.

To get the most out of your anomaly powers, though, you need to understand anomaly power and how to maximize it. 

What is Outrdiers' Anomaly Power?

Anomaly power dictates a stat called “Skill Damage Bonus. This is the additional direct damage dealt by your outrider's special abilities and melee attacks. The higher your anomaly power, the more damage you will do with those types of attacks.

These bonuses only apply to damage dealt. Higher anomaly power does not increase any other aspect of your abilities. You cannot increase the duration or reduce the cooldown time of an ability or skill. Those are only augmented by mods and the "Cooldown Reduction" stat found on some armor.

How to Increase Anomaly Power

Increasing anomaly power is pretty straightforward. All armor has the chance to drop with an anomaly power attribute. Depending on your current anomaly power, this will either increase or decrease your overall AP stat. Any bonuses stack across multiple pieces of armor, giving you the chance to pick and choose your armor sets to best match your damage-dealing goals.  

There are also armor mods that can increase anomaly power in the right circumstances. 

Aura of Force applies a 10-second AP boost after critical shot kills; Critstack applies up to five stacks of anomaly power boosts after critical hits; and Power from the Ashes grants a bonus after killing enemies afflicted with ash, to name a few. Stand Tall is one of the best.

Overall, there are at least 13 total mods that feed anomaly power, some general for all classes and some class-specific. 

The final option for increasing anomaly power is in your character’s skill tree. Each class has certain upgrade nodes that can be activated to increase anomaly power, though the exact number varies depending on the specific class and branch you have chosen.

Each of the four class options has a specific upgrade tree that contains all of these nodes, so you will want to plan in advance if you intend to lean into these for increasing your Skill Damage. Luckily, if you've already put points into a certain branch but want to respec to another, you can do so at any time


Damage dealing abilities in Outriders are fun to use, especially when the carnage is enhanced by high anomaly power. If you plan out your skill tree, grab the right mods, and make deliberate armor choices to enhance this stat, then you can turn your outrider into a harbinger of super-powered destruction. If you're looking for more tips on how to tame the hostile alien world of Enoch, then be sure to check out our other Outriders guides here 

Outriders Titanium Farming: The Best Ways to Get It Early https://www.gameskinny.com/euxwo/outriders-titanium-farming-the-best-ways-to-get-it-early https://www.gameskinny.com/euxwo/outriders-titanium-farming-the-best-ways-to-get-it-early Fri, 09 Apr 2021 12:43:47 -0400 John Schutt

To upgrade the best weapons in Outriders, you need a consumable material called titanium. You won’t find much of it early on, but as you increase your World Tiers and get into higher difficulties, the game will throw it at you. This is especially true if you’re using the best titanium farming methods. There are three, and we cover them in this guide.

The best ways to farm titanium before getting deep into endgame content and Expeditions are:

  • Kill specific Hunter questline monsters
  • Dismantle Epic and Legendary gear
  • Buy it from an NPC named Bailey 

One thing before we begin: these strategies are best used when you are at least in World Tier 7, preferably WT8 or WT9. Any lower and both the gear and titanium dropped by enemies will be lackluster.

How to Start the Hunter Questline

When you reach Trench Town in the campaign, visit Noah Dembele in the bar. Speaking to him will start the Hunter questline, which has you traveling to the game areas and killing miniboss monsters in special arenas in different destinations. 

If an area has a monster to kill, you will see a yellow paw icon on the map and a Hunt quest when you hover over an area. To start a hunt, proceed to the area with the paw and interact with the glowing carcass found nearby. Your character will say something like, “This should be interesting,” or “Might as well put my skills to good use.” 

Once you interact with the carcass, the hunt arena opens up. Be aware that until you clear all 10 hunts in the game, you can’t replay one after you complete it. However, once you turn in all the hunt trophies to Noah, you can replay them at your leisure. 

One final note: For optimal farming of both loot and titanium, kill the boss of the hunt then let the mobs kill you. The boss will respawn and still drop gear, allowing you to fight the hunted monster infinitely. Or until you’re bored.

Best Titanium Farming Quests

The two best hunts for titanium are Splitooth in the Forest Enclave and Wendigo in The Gate. 


Splitooth’s arena is in the Forest Enclave destination, right next to the Collapsed Arch Pass flag at the map's far-right.   

You’ll need to kill two waves of enemies before Splitooth appears, and they’re made up of weak melee perforos and poison-spitting venomous perforos. Use the waves to build up buffs, then summon Splittooth by clearing the area.

Since they're a crawler, watch out for their straight-line breath attacks, as they have deceptive range and insane tracking. Be careful too around their slam attacks, as it sends shockwaves along the ground that knock you down and deal a lot of damage.


Wendigo is even easier to find than Splittooth: both the carcass and Wendigo’s arena are on the edge of your Camp at The Gate. 

You’ll deal with two waves again as you make your way through some ruins. When you reach a wide-open area with a column in the middle, Wendigo spawns directly from where you enter its arena.

Take some time to clear the wave of weak mobs that spawn around it, then kite it into an open area. Wendigo has more health than Splittooth, but not as much as some of the other hunt targets, so come with good single-target damage. 

Watch out for Wendigo’s sweeping attacks. They deal a lot of damage, knock you back, and can be a bear to dodge properly. Wendigo will also dawn an Anomaly cloak, giving it some resistance to your abilities. Melt it quickly with shotguns or heavy DoT damage.

Alternative Ways to Farm Titanium: Dismantling Gear and Buying from Bailey

At higher World Tiers, you’ll have an easier time finding purple epic and gold legendary gear. Dismantling any of these rarer items rewards an amount of titanium based on the gear’s rarity. 

Whether you’re using the hunting methods above or going through endgame Expeditions, you’re going to earn a lot of gear that either doesn’t jive with your current build or is plain worse than the equipment you already have. You have two options to get rid of this trash loot: sell it or dismantle it.

Dismantling rewards three or four titanium for epic up to more than 10 or 15 for the rarest legendaries. You can also unlock new mods from dismantling and the base materials of iron for weapons and leather for armor. There's more about dismantling in our crafting and upgrade guide

Selling what you don’t use opens up the possibility to purchase titanium directly from Bailey, a camp merchant you unlock during the campaign. She sells the material in stacks of five units for 1,625 Scrap. This might seem like a lot, but when most Epic gear sells for at least a few hundred scrap and eventually a few thousand at a time, you’ll be rolling in dough after just a few hours of grinding.


Those are the best early methods for farming titanium before you get deep into Outriders’ endgame, where the game hands the stuff out like candy no matter what you do. Expeditions are also a good way to earn titanium, but because they take significantly longer even at lower difficulties, farming them is neither efficient nor expedient. Be sure to check out our other Outriders guides for more tips and tricks. 

Outriders Multiplayer Scaling Explained https://www.gameskinny.com/awh6p/outriders-multiplayer-scaling-explained https://www.gameskinny.com/awh6p/outriders-multiplayer-scaling-explained Fri, 09 Apr 2021 12:25:51 -0400 Justin Koreis

One of the great joys in Outriders is shredding hordes of enemies using your guns, altered powers, and wits. While fighting is fun solo, it pales in comparison to playing with a full squad; multiplayer scaling has a direct and significant impact on difficulty, in more ways than one.

Mowing down the bad guys with friends, each of you an unstoppable, anomaly-powered killing machine is pure joy, but it can be hard because of how multiplayer scaling works. Fortunately, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you understand Outriders MP difficulty curves.

Multiplayer Level Scaling Explained

The first thing to understand about Outriders' multiplayer difficulty is that enemy level is determined exclusively by the host. World Tier (explained in detail here) sets the enemy level relative to the level of the host, regardless of the other two members in the party. 

A large level disparity between the party leader and other players will do one of two things.

  1. If the party leader is at a higher level, then lower-level teammates will face much more challenging enemies and may find themselves overmatched.
  2. Conversely, if the party leader is lower level, then the other group mates will be fighting weaker enemies.

Outriders begins to suppress player-level advantage after two levels, preventing enemies from being too easy. This is a one-way street, however, as there is no limit to the level advantage of enemies. Put your over-leveled buddy in as the party leader at your own risk.

Enemy Numbers Based on Number of Players

When playing the main game, adding additional members to the party increases the number of enemies that spawn, the amount of health enemies possess, and the amount of damage your enemies dish out.

A group of two will face more, tougher enemies, and a group of three will face the most and the toughest baddies. It appears that there are roughly 3x as many enemies in a three-person combat encounter as there are in a solo encounter, but we're still trying to figure out some of the minutiae in that regard. 

Expeditions Scaling

Expeditions are Outriders' endgame content. They are unlocked after completing the campaign. Multiplayer scaling is slightly different here.

Larger teams still affect the health and damage-dealing potential of the enemies you’ll be facing. However, because these encounters are designed to be high-level challenges, Expeditions are always locked to the maximum enemy group size.

A party of one will face the same number of enemies as a full three-person squad. Soloing is possible, but not recommended.

Friends with (Potentially Limited) Benefits

There are loot implications to multiplayer, as well. The loot level will always be set by the World Tier (for the main game) and Challenge Tier (for the endgame), based on the level of the party leader.

Playing as an overpowered bodyguard with your beginner friend as party leader may be fun, but it will do little to advance your own equipment.

There is also a cap to the maximum rank of the gear you can receive based on the World Tier and your individual level, including the level of the legendaries you can farm. Don’t expect that you can hide out behind the bushes while your max-level squad showers you with riches.


Outriders multiplayer scaling is important, but not too complicated. Level differences between party members, enemy numbers, and enemy strength are all variable, but in predictable ways. Make sure to read the rest of our Outriders tips and tricks to make the most out of your gameplay. And remember, the apocalypse is always more fun with friends.