BitLife: How to Complete the Ooky Spooky Challenge

Complete the Ooky Spooky challenge with tasks involving ghosts and magic in BitLife!

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Another challenge has gone live, and this one hits Halloween themes from ghosts to magic to murder. Here’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Ooky Spooky Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Five Tasks of the Ooky Spooky Challenge in BitLife

As usual, you need to fulfill five tasks to get this challenge marked as complete and earn the reward. And this week, you don’t need any of the paid packs to participate.

Your tasks are:

  • Be born a female in Louisiana
  • Become a famous magician
  • Own five+ haunted properties
  • Summon three+ ghosts
  • Scare someone to death

Be Born a Female in Louisiana

Being born a female in Louisiana is straightforward. Choose to start a custom like, then select Female for gender, United States of America for country, and New Orleans as your birthplace. As you age up, you’ll want to keep your Looks high to be a magician later. It also helps to make Social Media right at age 13 and start posting or streaming to build fame early.

Become a Famous Magician

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Becoming a magician relies a bit on RNG. After high school, you don’t need to go to university. Go to Full-time Jobs and look for Magician. If it isn’t there, you’ll need to age up and check again next year. Repeat this until you find a Magician position. In the meantime, continue building your Social Media presence, becoming famous if you can.

Own Five or More Haunted Properties

The haunted properties you own don’t need to be any specific type of house. So, you can go to Assets > Go Shopping and then choose a realtor and look for any options that say Haunted before the house type. This is the most expensive part of the challenge. I tried to grab Haunted Lofts and Mobile Homes when they were available to minimize costs. Being a magician doesn’t pay much, after all.

Summon Three or More Ghosts

Once you own at least one haunted property, you can start summoning ghosts. To do this, go to Assets > Properties and choose one of your haunted locations. Select the Spirits option, then a specific spirit and choose to try summoning up. A higher Activeness increases the chance it’ll appear. But keep the Friendliness meter in mind because an unfriendly ghost might attack you.

Scare Someone to Death

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Because of the risk of getting arrested, I saved scaring someone to death until the other tasks were complete. You can do this by going to Activities > Crime > Murder and choosing your victim, then Scare to Death as the method. This task is easy to try, but not to accomplish. In my first attempt, I ended up getting scared to death instead since the wrong person was at the target’s house.

And that wraps up how to complete the Ooky Spooky challenge in BitLife. It’s a perfectly silly and horror themed event for Halloween. From here, check our BitLife guide hub for topics like how to claim the free Plastic Vampire Teeth before October is over and they’re no longer available.

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