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Destiny 2: Fastest Way to Complete the Occult Ritual Challenge

Finishing the Occult Ritual challenge during Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost is a bit of a grind. Here's how to do it fast.

Event challenges are always a mixed bag. Some don’t take much effort. Others are needless grind-fests and more frustrating than they are fun. Still, some sit in the middle. Here’s the fastest way to complete the Occult Ritual challenge in Destiny 2.

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Tips for Completing the Occult Ritual Challenge Fast in Destiny 2

There’s only one way to complete Occult Ritual in Destiny 2: finish matches of Gambit or Crucible or complete Vanguard Ops missions given by The Drifter, Lord Shaxx, and the Vanguard mission vendor, respectively. You must wait until the end-of-activity timer pops up for progress to accumulate, and you only gain 3% progress for each activity completed.

To finish the Occult Ritual quickly, you must do ritual activities quickly. That means no long Nightfalls, skipping lengthy Battlegrounds, and avoiding any game type you and your fireteam can’t stomp in under five minutes or so.

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Best Activities for Completing the Occult Ritual

For my money, the best activities to complete Occult Ritual fast are:

  • Rumble PvP Matches: Rumble can be over in a few minutes if you or some other Guardian is a talented player. That’s especially true if the map is small. Depending on how good you and your opposition is, five minutes would be a long Rumble match.
  • Gambit with a Fireteam: If you and your friends can stomach Gambit (a tall order, I know) and can consistently stomp the enemy team, matches can be even faster than Rumble. The rewards aren’t quite as nice, as there aren’t any meta options currently dropping from the mode, but it’s fast.
  • Fast Nightfalls with a Fireteam: If you and your teammates can do the currently active Nightfall in 10 minutes or so, you’ll not only farm Occult Ritual progress but upgrade materials and Exotics, as well. Not every week has a great Nightfall option, of course.

Note that no other activity or mode counts toward the challenge. You must stay in the ritual playlists. Thankfully, this challenge is the only place where you must do Gambit, Strikes, and Crucible, as you can farm Spectral Pages and Candy in many other locations, should you prefer.

That’s the fastest way to complete the Occult Ritual challenge in Destiny 2. For more tips, tricks, and strategies, check out our guides on the Horror Story god roll, the best PvE Hand Cannons, and more in our D2 guides hub.

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