Guardians of the Galaxy has a number of Perks and Skills to invest in, but there are a few you should make sure to pick first.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Best Perks and Abilities Guide

Guardians of the Galaxy has a number of Perks and Skills to invest in, but there are a few you should make sure to pick first.
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Guardians of the Galaxy has you directly controlling Star-Lord, but the entire team plays a vital role in both combat and exploration. There are two main upgrade systems throughout the game, Perks that apply only to Star-Lord and four different abilities for each Guardian. 

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While you’ll likely be able to purchase nearly everything by the end of the game, it’s all about picking and choosing what gives you the greatest advantage. With that in mind, here are the best perks and abilities to get in Guardians of the Galaxy

Best Abilities to Pick First

Rocket Raccoon perks and abilities.

All five Guardians, including Star-Lord, have four different abilities they can unlock across the course of the game. The fourth and final ability is automatically unlocked late in the story, but it’s up to you on how to spend your points for the rest.

After each battle, you’ll get experience points that add to your Ability Gauge, so you’ll almost always have some points to spend. Here are the best abilities you’ll want to snag first. 

  • Star-Lord: Fan the Hammer (2 Points) – This is one of the biggest damage-dealing abilities in the game, as Star-Lord pelts a single enemy with a stream of bullets. You can use this against large enemies that are staggered to quickly bring down a hefty HP bar.
  • Rocket: Gravistack Grenade (2 Points) – This is probably Rocket’s most useful ability simply because it draws a group of enemies together, perfectly setting them up for combos from other Guardians. 
  • Groot: Uproot (2 Points) – This is an important ability to unlock early for Groot, mostly because it’s his only ability that actually causes damage. 
  • Drax: Pound and Pummel (3 Points) – Drax’s Pound and Pummel is one of the best AoE attacks in the game, and it’s perfect for combining with other abilities like Rocket’s aforementioned Gravistack Grenade. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to unlock Drax’s other ability first, meaning you’ll need five points in total. 

Best Perks to Pick First

Star-Lord perks screen.

Perks apply specifically to Star-Lord, and they can only be purchased at workbenches – found aboard the Milano as well as scattered throughout various missions.

Components are needed to purchase perks, and these can also be found scattered throughout the world. You’ll always have a limited amount of Components, so here’s what you should invest in first. 

  • Components Localizer – This Perk is the very first you should unlock as it puts an icon up on the screen whenever Components are near, and also lets you track them in your visor. This perk helps you discover more components, which in turn means more to purchase perks. 
  • Rapid Reload – When Star-Lords guns overheat you can press R2 at the right time to instantly recharge them and get a damage boost. Considering how much you’ll be shooting in battles, this is a pretty important perk to have.
  • Knockdown Dash – When Star-Lord is hit by a knockdown blow, you can hit the dodge button to have him slide on the ground with his jet boosts. Getting knocked down can really open you up to damage, and this perk makes Star-Lord’s exceptional mobility even better.
  • Perfect Dodge – This perk slows time when you dodge at the last moment and can give Star-Lord a big advantage for getting out of tight situations.
  • Shield Restoration Speed – This perk increases your shield regeneration speed by 33 percent. there are other perks that increase your shields and such, but regeneration speed will help keep you out of danger if you simply focus on taking cover. 

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Those are the best perks and abilities you’ll want to purchase first in Guardians of the Galaxy. Make sure to check out our dedicated guides hub if you need more help. 

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