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Honkai Star Rail: Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? Event Guide

Here's our complete guide to the Honkai Star Rail Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? event.

New content is commonly staggered throughout each Honkai Star Rail version, and the latest is the Where Are You, Mystery Trotter event. It has expanded daily with more Anomaly Detection quests, all of which revolve around the fleeting space pig. Our guide will break down each part of the Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? event quest line with all the tips you need to complete it

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Honkai Star Rail: Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? Event Guide

How to Unlock the HSR Mystery Trotter Event

The only requirement to participate in the Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? event is to have a minimum Trailblaze Level of 21. This particular requirement runs in line with previous events that have been held, such as Boulder Town Super League or Starhunt Game.

How to Play Where Are You Mystery Trotter in Honkai Star Rail

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Each of the Anomaly Detection quests follows the same general routine, and it starts by talking to Regin at the Grand Goethe Hotel in the Administrative District. He’ll provide you with a special sensor that can detect anomalies. After interacting with it (holding a button down on a unique animated screen), he’ll direct you to the anomaly location. Search for the Warp Trotter in the desired location and then fight it to finish the quest.

Continue below to read our breakdown of all seven Anomaly Detection quests in the Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? event and the unique reward waiting for those that complete everything.

Anomaly Detection 1 Tips

Anomaly Detection 1 Trotter Location

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The first Warp Trotter will be found in the Administrative District, just a bit north of the Grand Goethe Hotel. Follow where the location is marked on your map, and you’ll find some people staring at a suspicious vending machine. Interact with it, and it will transform into a Warp Trotter.

Anomaly Detection 1 Strategy

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The enemies in the Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? event can be tricky since they’ll automatically escape if you haven’t defeated them in three turns. Making it harder is that once it has one turn left, evident by the skill name Run… Run! showing up, its toughness bar will be disabled, and you’ll have to whittle its health down before it gets away. They’re basically just as annoying as they are every other time you come across them.

  • My overall recommendation for this and all of the following anomaly quests is to bring characters that can match the Warp Trotter’s weaknesses: Physical, Quantum, and/or Imaginary damage.

Either of their Break Effects will also impair the enemy well, although I found my success was guaranteed whenever I broke it with an Imaginary Type character. The resulting Imprisonment debuff will delay the Warp Trotter for quite a while and allow you to get in a lot of attacks before it recovers.

Don’t bother to bring along a healer either unless you desperately need someone like Natasha or Luocha there to take advantage of the trotter’s weaknesses. These fights are short enough that you should only focus on DPS.

This first anomaly in the Where Are You, Mystery Trotter event is also the only one where you’re fighting the enemy by itself, so you should only bring characters from those three types. The fight will be over before you know it. You’ll need to return to Regin afterward to complete the quest, but nearly every other one will end after you’ve finished the battle.

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Anomaly Detection 2 Tips

Anomaly Detection 2 Trotter Location

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For the second anomaly, you’ll need to travel to the north end of the Administrative District and next to the Golden Theater. A changing advertisement board has attracted a couple of people, and interacting with it will reveal the Warp Trotter.

Anomaly Detection 2 Strategy

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This battle will see the trotter accompanied by two Automaton Beetles. These robot enemies are weak to Lightning, Wind, and Imaginary. That last type will be effective against all the enemies here, and a team filled with as many Imaginary characters as possible will be very effective.

If you don’t have any Imaginary characters like Welt or Yukong, I suggest bringing a maximum of one Lightning or Wind type along. Someone that can use AoE attacks, such as Serval or Jing Yuan, will work great. Use the appropriate characters to take out the robots first since their shield ability can be a nuisance. Focus on the Warp Trotter after, and you’ll be set.

Anomaly Detection 3 Tips

Anomaly Detection 3 Trotter Location

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The third anomaly in the Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? event is located just south of the Calyx (Golden): Bud of Memories in the Outlying Snow Plains. There will be three piles of snow to investigate, with a hiding trotter in the one on your right. Interact with it to start the battle.

Anomaly Detection 3 Strategy

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In addition to the Warp Trotter itself, you’ll also be fighting against two Flamespawn. Taking advantage of their Physical weakness is your best option, especially if it’s someone like the Trailblazer (Destruction) who can use AoE attacks. They aren’t too difficult to deal with, so feel free to direct your focus as you’d like.

Anomaly Detection 4 Tips

Anomaly Detection 4 Trotter Location

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This quest will take you a little bit north of Natasha’s Clinic in Boulder Town. A small child and an elderly woman will be looking at a projector in an alleyway. Interact with it twice to start the battle.

Anomaly Detection 4 Strategy

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Two Automaton Hounds will fight alongside this Warp Trotter. They’re weak to both Physical and Lightning types, so the Trailblazer (Destruction) is a good pick here as well. Otherwise, this is another time when you can bring a Serval or Jing Yuan to take care of the accompanying enemies. We’re halfway through the challenges for the Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? event.

Anomaly Detection 5 Tips

Anomaly Detection 5 Trotter Location

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The fifth anomaly is a tiny bit more interactive. Use the Abandoned Market Space Anchor to teleport to Rivet Town and then walk up the stairs behind you. A suspicious wardrobe can be found nearby, but it needs a “Mysterious Key” to open. Interact with the wardrobe first, and then just look to the right to find the key. Walk back to the wardrobe and use the key to make the Warp Trotter appear.

Anomaly Detection 5 Strategy

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Accompanying it will be two Frostspawn, which are weak against Wind and Fire. Blade is a strong choice, thanks to his enhanced attack. Similarly, the Trailblazer (Preservation) can start with their enhanced attack if they have four Eidolon levels. This is a simple fight, just like the others.

Anomaly Detection 6 Tips

Anomaly Detection 6 Trotter Location

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You’ll need to travel deep into the Great Mine for this Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? anomaly. Teleport to the Overlook space anchor or to Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Spike and then walk northwest towards where the encampment of miners and tents are. Walk up as high as you can until you come across three tents, with the farthest one obviously having what you’re looking for. Interact with it, and you can start the battle.

Anomaly Detection 6 Strategy

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This will be the toughest Warp Trotter battle so far since it will be joined by two Incineration Shadewalkers. These guys can hit hard, but they have a weakness to Imaginary, Wind, and Ice types. Consider this another situation where you should bring as many Imaginary type characters as you can. Otherwise, you can rely on some free HSR characters like Dan Heng or Herta. As long as you’re just a little more careful, you’ll have this fight in the bag.

Anomaly Detection 7 Tips

Anomaly Detection 7 Trotter Location

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The Honkai Star Rail Mystery Trotter event’s final anomaly detection quest takes you back to Boulder Town. Use the Goethe Grand Hotel space anchor and then head west until you find someone who looks like Regin talking to some kids. Interact with them a couple of times to reveal this is actually another Warp Trotter.

Anomaly Detection 7 Strategy

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While the previous quest offered a more challenging fight, it’s nothing compared to what you’ll deal with here. This final battle is separated into two waves, with the first featuring two Incineration Shadewalker enemies and a Trotter of Preservation. You might not be as familiar with this special trotter unless you’ve played through the Simulated Universe.

Wave 1

The Trotter of Preservation has a weakness to Fire, Ice, and Imaginary types. What further makes it stand out is its P-Protect You ability that protects all of its allies with a 20-stack shield. You’ll need to make multiple attacks before you’re finally able to break through and proceed as normal. Since Ultimate attacks can be a bit overkill in these battles, feel free to use them here. It’s vital to use every attack to take down the shield.

Once the shield is gone, you can treat this like the previous battle in the Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? event. Focus more on the trotter though, since you likely won’t have a lot of time left before it tries to escape.

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Wave 2

The second wave challenges you with a Trotter of Preservation, a Warp Trotter, and an Everwinter Shadewalker. You’ll need to throw everything you got to take down the shield and then prevent two different trotters from escaping. If possible, try to use Ice and/or Imaginary characters to cause the Break Effects. This will stall the trotters and give you some breathing room.

Aside from the shield and having to deal with two trotters, the other problem here is that the Everwinter Shadewalker and Warp Trotter have much different weaknesses. Together they share weaknesses against Physical and Quantum. If you only prepared for the first wave, you might be at a huge disadvantage here.

Even though I was able to use a primarily Ice-type team to finish this quest, the second wave didn’t go as smoothly as the first. You might want to try bringing as many Imaginary characters as you can instead. Alternately, consider bringing along a Physical or Quantum type just for the second wave. Stay on the offensive and you’ll have completed the Mystery Trotter event with few troubles.

Mystery Trotter Event Length and Rewards

This event lasts until August 14 and features a total of 500 Stellar Jade as well as a variety of EXP and Upgrade materials. Completing all seven Anomaly Detection quests will also award you with one Tracks of Destiny item. Each quest and battle is pretty short too, so there’s still plenty of time to jump in and finish everything.

That’s it for our Honkai Star Rail Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? event guide. If you need help with other Version 1.2 content, you might be interested in our Phantylia Echo of War guide. All other tips and tricks can be found on our Honkai Star Rail guides hub.

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