How to Quick Stack Items into Chests with One Button in Palworld

You don't have to manually move items to chests. Here's how to quick stack items in Palworld.

Sweep cooling a Cooler Box in Palworld
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Crafting items with materials in chests is a great quality-of-life feature. But some hidden ones take things a step further. First, I covered how to quickly move items between chests. Now, I’ll tell you how to quick stack items into chests in Palworld.

How to Quick Stack Items into Storage Chests in Palworld

One of my biggest gripes when I started Palworld was the lack of a quick stack feature. Little did I — and most of the playerbase — know that it’s been baked into the game since day one. Finally, our days of dragging individual items to much larger stacks in chests are over.

What is Quick Stacking?

Quick stacking means you can hit one button, and any items you have in your inventory that are already in the chest will be moved to the chest and added to their respective stacks automatically.

Palworld Quick Stack Buttons For Each Controller

To quick stack in Palworld, open a chest, and hit one of the following buttons:

  • Keyboard and mouse: R
  • Xbox controller: RB
  • PlayStation controller: R1
  • Nintendo Switch controller: R
The player's inventory and a chest open in Palworld
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Palworld‘s quick stack feature should be more obvious in a later patch. However, there’s a button prompt to the bottom right of the UI when you open a chest that tells you it’s possible. It’s hard to notice. So hard to notice, in fact, that most people don’t even know it’s a feature despite having a tooltip right there in the game.

What is the Max Stack Size in Palworld?

If you’ve left your Pals gathering Stone or Wood for a long time, you might have noticed that stacks can get very large. For most items in the game, the maximum stack size is 9,999. Gold has a far higher cap on its stack, sitting at 99 million (99,999,999). If you plan your storage well, you should be able to keep most items to single stacks on a base.

Now that you know how to quick stack items into chests in Palworld, manually dragging those stray ranch drops like Milk and Fire Organs is a thing of the past. Check out more of our guides on the game here on GameSkinny, such as how to get Precious Pelt and how to get Carbon Fiber.

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