LEGO Fortnite: Where to Find Sand Wolves for Sand Claws

Time to head to the desert or beach to find the rare Sand Wolf and get their Sand Claws.

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As you continue to build and upgrade your structures and tools, you’ll quickly find yourself needing to venture out for more materials. Sometimes, you’ll have to kill other creatures for their resources. In this guide, I’ll show you where to find Sand Wolves for Sand Claws in LEGO Fortnite

How to Get Sandclaws and Find Sand Wolves in LEGO Fortnite

As you might suspect, you can only find Sandwolves in sandy areas like the desert biome and beaches. They won’t be hard to miss since they have scary glowing red eyes. I prefer to hunt Sand Wolves in the desert biome since I’ve found them more often there. 

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Now that you’ve found the Sand Wolves, you’ll need a weapon to kill them. So before you venture out, make sure you have a Sword or a Bow. If you’re having a hard time fighting them, you can also use a Shield to block attacks, and you should also utilize your dodge to get out of the way. Once you kill the Sand Wolf, they’ll drop the Sand Claws you’ve been looking for. 

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How to Use Sand Claws 

Once you’ve collected some Sand Claws, you can now make some important crafting machines. One of the first things I recommend making is the Gem Cutter. You’ll need it to progress further in the game to refiner resources. 

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To make a Gem Cutter, you’ll need:

You can also use Sand Claws to make a Loom where you can craft Balloons. You can also use thee materials to craft useful Charms.

That’s where to find Sand Wolves for Sand Claws in LEGO Fortnite. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks check out our growing guides hub. There, you’ll find topics such as how to upgrade your Village and how to find loot llamas

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