How to Find the LEGO Fortnite Desert Location (Dry Valley)

Find out where to locate the Dry Valley Desert in Lego Fortnite here.

Minifigure looking out over dry valley in lego fortnite.
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LEGO Fortnite has more than meets the eye. While all worlds are procedurally generated, you’ll start the game in the Grasslands. After leveling up your gear, you’ll need to seek out the Desert biome. Learn how to find the Dry Valley here.

Where to Find the Dry Valley Desert Biome Location in LEGO Fortnite

The LEGO Fortnite map is spacious and filled to the brim with adventure. The world encompasses multiple biomes, all of which contain their own secrets and resources. You’ll want to make liberal use of map markers to keep track of everything you find. It’s easy to get lost when running away from enemies, returning to base to fill up on supplies, or venturing into the woods after a loot llama.

Eventually, you’ll stumble across the Dry Valley. The desert biome is the first area you’ll need to seek out for advanced recipes. However, no one likes a wild goose chase, especially when it can mean respawning and losing your backpack. So, while LEGO Fortnite seeds are procedurally generated, here are some tips on how to find the Dry Valley Desert in LEGO Fortnite.

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Minifigure looking out over dry valley in lego fortnite.
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Look for the Desert rock formations in the distance.
    • Find a high mountain.
    • Build and stack stairs.
  • Head out during the early morning or evening hours.

Once you find the Dry Valley, you’ll want to collect some Spicy Peppers. The little fruits will grant you cold resistance for other regions, so you’ll want to stock up on them for garden plots and adventuring into the Frostlands. You could always dupe them if you wanted, as well.

Be careful in the desert biome, though! The area is crawling with scorpions and bandits, so I suggest seeking out this location with a Villager buddy and some health amulets. I also recommend you check out our full guide on getting more hearts here.

All Dry Valley Resources

Minifigure looking at dry valley spicy peppers in lego fortnite.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

If you climb the area’s rock formations, you can stumble upon some rough Amber. If you’re daring, you can venture into the Lava Caves and find more rare resources like Brightcore and Obsidian. Here are all the resources you can find in the Dry Valley.

That’s how to find the Dry Valley desert biome in LEGO Fortnite. We’ve got even more LF tips and tricks to help you on your adventure, such as our guide to building vehicles, how to make balloons and soar across the skies, and where to find things like Knotroot. If you’re playing the battle royale or Festival portions of the game, we’ve also got helpful articles on those modes in the same place!

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