Midnight Ghost Hunt: Best Hunter Gear

In this guide we go over the best hunter gear in Midnight Ghost Hunt for just about every style of player.

The best hunter gear in Midnight Ghost Hunt will vary based on what's going on at a given time. Currently, there are six types of gear in the game: tracking gadgets, utility gadgets, support gadgets, trapping gadgets, mobility gadgets, and offensive gadgets.

This guide will list only the best hunter gear in Midnight Ghost Hunt. You will know which gadgets to use for your specific loadouts, what types of perks and weapons you can use for better synergies, and how to effectively use this gear against ghosts.

Best Hunter Gear in Midnight Ghost Hunt


  • Type: Trapping Gadget

There are several disruptive gadgets in Midnight Ghost Hunt, but none of them come close to Traps. You can use them to slow down and grab ghosts, which prevents them from escaping, and nullify their ghost abilities while they're trapped.

Hunters can use Traps to a great extent in order to block doorways, and with the help of the Extra Gear perk, you can stop ghosts from flocking together by setting a couple of extra traps in the areas infested with ghosts.


  • Type: Tracking Gadget

Before midnight hunters need to identify the locations of ghosts on the map, using one of their tracking devices. Radar is by far the best of them all!

One of the biggest advantages of the Radar is that it detects ghost presence in a radius, while Spectrophone needs to be pointed at a certain direction in order to detect ghosts, and Pathfinder can only see fresh ghost footprints that disappear after 15 seconds. Radar is easily among the best hunter gear overall for this reason.

In this regard, Radar is simply unbeatable and much more reliable when it comes to seeking out ghosts and the props they possess.


  • Type: Utility Gadget

Locating and killing ghosts is only half of the job done in Midnight Ghost Hunt. since you've got to vacuum up their shards to be sure they're gone. If you use Vacuum, you can simply clean them up and not have to worry about them again until midnight.

Actually, every team of hunters needs at least one Vacuum player is responsible for collecting ghostly remains. It's a dirty job, and its necessity puts it among the best hunter gear.


  • Type: Offensive Gadget

Grenades are great for hunters who want to play in a full offensive mode, chasing and bombing ghosts as they try to run away.

The best part about grenades is that they stick to ghosts, if struck directly. In that case the explosion can easily insta-kill a ghost, but usually it takes two explosions to fully destroy them.

Grenades can also destroy larger objects possessed by ghosts, which you can't typically damage with normal weapons.

By default, hunters can take up to two grenades, but they can take three with the Extra Gear perk. With or without Extra Gear, when wielded effectively Grenades are some of the best hunter gear.

Medic Kit

  • Type: Support Gadget

This one is completely self explanatory. You can use it to either heal a fellow hunter directly, or drop it on the ground at a certain location, so that your teammates know where to go in case they need to heal.

The best part about Medic Kit is that it holds three heals, which could be used by three different hunters. And, if you have the Extra Gear perk, you can carry two kits with six heals total.


  • Type: Offensive Gadget

The application of plastic explosives is similar to grenades, but C4 can't be thrown. It needs to be applied to a prop by sticking it, and then you need to use a remote control to actually detonate it.

One thing is important to remember when using C4 is that you need to back away before you decide to detonate, as you can get caught in the explosion.

The damage output on C4 is really high, and with just two such explosives you can insta-kill a possessed prop of any size no matter how big it is. This is a harder gadget to use, but it is easily one of the best hunter gear pieces for experienced and aggressive hunter players.

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Published Apr. 25th 2022

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