How to Build the Petting Zoo in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Wondering how to build the Petting Zoo in Dragon Quest Builders 2? It's as easy as building two rooms and putting them together. Here's how.

Like the Playful Park, the Petting Zoo is super easy to build in Dragon Quest Builders 2. In fact, the park is an essential piece of this beastly puzzle. 

As you make your way through the game, you'll eventually be tasked with building the zoo via a Tablet Target. It will say that you need to "put an animal house next to a Playful Park," which, as you'll see, is simple enough. 

If you don't already know how to build the Playful Park, you can open our guide to building one in a new window to see how. 

To build an Animal House, you'll need:  

  • Haystack x1
  • Pet Bedding x1
  • Pet Bowl x1
  • Nameplate x2

Place the items on the ground, and then enclose them in a fence with a gate. Now put the two nameplates on the fence or a wall and put the animals' names on them.

Like with other rooms in the game, the Animal House doesn't need to be too big for this to work. A simple 4x5 or 5x5 space will work just fine. 

Making the Petting Zoo

To complete the Tablet Target, simply build the Playful Park and the Animal House right next to each other.

Although both rooms can share one side of the same fence, the gate cannot be in the middle joining the two spaces. Each room must have its own gate. 

You will be rewarded with at least one Mini Medal for your efforts. 


That's all you need to know about building the Animal House and the Petting Zoo in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

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Published Jul. 26th 2019

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